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Nintendo 3DS: Capcom Show Off First High Quality Images Of Monster Hunter Tri G On Nintendo 3DS

Capcom has unveiled the very first high quality images of Monster Hunter Tri G on the Nintendo 3DS. The images aren’t the biggest but that’s to be expected as they’re from the Nintendo 3DS. Let’s hope Nintendo once again partners up with Capcom to bring this game to the West. Enjoy!

18 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Capcom Show Off First High Quality Images Of Monster Hunter Tri G On Nintendo 3DS”

  1. Why G? I missed the announcement, but calling it Tri G is gonna confuse people with 3G, which the 3DS isn’t capable of… :/

    1. Its because of a monster hunter tradition all the expanded monster hunter games in japan have the letter G added to their names (this is changed for the US/EUR when they are localised) so for example Monster Hunter Portable 2 (known as Monster Hunter Freedom in the Us/EUR) got an expansion called Monster Hunter Portable 2G (known as Monster Hunter Freedom Unite in the US/EUR).
      Only a retard would confuse Tri G and thinking the 3DS has 3G capabilities.

  2. I am pretty sure they will, since the translation wont take too long because MH is not a text heavy series. The other thing is that de 3DS needs software titles and a title like this one will boost the sales even more. HEck I at least know of one person who would solely buy a 3DS for this game.

  3. Capcom seems to be the only developers that are making beautiful high quality games on 3DS. I still have loyalty to them. Monster hunter 3G looks amazing as always

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  5. Has anyone seen this news on a website. Capcom has made another bad mistake, almost as bad as no megaman. CAPCOM IS NOT PLANNING MONSTER HUNTER TRI G RELEASE IN AMERICA OR EUROPE :(

    Check what i found

    This is not right. I hate region locking also, now its another good game i miss out on.
    I was anticipating this and yaying because of this and now its not going to be released out of Japan.

    For americans; Pandoras tower, xenoblades, and now this. Come on game developers Think about the International fans D:! We need to do something to get this for America and Europe come on who’s going to make the game developers make Monster hunter 3DS come out in America and Europe!

      1. There are no plans. Usually when there are no plans they are due not to release it. Same happened with Xenoblade for America. Cap com is becoming Nintendo with releasing games.

        Nintendo forgot Earthbound for the European Nintendo fans!

        1. As I said in the last comment Nintendo published the last Monster Hunter game in the US and Europe. I’m sure they will do the same for this game :-)

          1. I hope so. with no plans to release in a region, Same happened with Xenoblade, I hope America gets a release date soon.

            They never said no plans to release out of Japan with any monster hunter game however so its a concern.

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