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Nintendo 3DS: The Chances Of Seeing The Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype Are ‘Extremely Slim’

Christian Svenssonthe Senior Vice President of strategic planning and business development at Capcom, has told fans on the Ask Capcom forums that the chances of Capcom releasing the prototype for Mega Man Legends 3 are ‘extremely slim’.

The “demo” boasted over three hours of high quality content — environments to explore, intractable NPCs, and ten playable missions. For all intents and purposes, this puppy was ready for launch.

“Sorry guys, but I’d bet the chances of the prototype ever materializing are extremely slim. As always, I do appreciate the passion and desire though.”

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28 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: The Chances Of Seeing The Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype Are ‘Extremely Slim’”

    1. Yeah, I wasn’t originally concerned about this game, but the free press of people complaining almost makes me more interested.

  1. Capcom. Please give us Mega Man Legends 3 on 3DS. Look at the Fan support! :O

    PS: And if you don’t made a 3DS version of MML 3. Give us a Wii U version :)

  2. Hmm, I’ve just had a thought. This could be corporate level reverse psychology. I’ve seen a number of comments about the subject on different sites saying. “I didn’t want it before cancellation but now I do”. If it is then capcom has stumbled upon some incredibly effective marketing methods. If not then they are just very silly, or they have a perfectly good reason they choose not to share with the public.

  3. i realy wanted this game, i even start playing the 2 (i already win the firts one so..)
    i hope they release the demo so they could see how much potencial it really have.

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