Nintendo Wii: Five New Coloured Wii Bundles Coming To Europe For Christmas?

French gaming site P-Nintendo are reporting that Nintendo plans to offer five different Wii bundles to consumers this Christmas. The plans were reportedly discussed at a reseller meeting that took place in Disneyland Paris. You’ll notice one bundle is priced higher than the others, could this be The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Wii bundle?

– Each pack will come with the new version of the Wii console
– may include different colors
– Pack F: 80
– Pack F : 250
– Pack V : 60
– Pack C : 70


    1. Me to. I’m i reading it wrong. I hope it’s not the Skyward sword bundle. Why should i matter? I’m not buying this Wii i’ve got one and getting the U next year. But does that mean that the SS bundle will cost alot? :|

  1. Why so late, though? These would have sold like hot cakes in the beginning. No matter though, the Wii sold extremely well anyway lol.

    1. Yeah, I agree. I don’t understand why they would wait so long, after so many people have bought already anyway… what, to get the rest to buy it who are still on the edge or to get others to buy a brand new one because it looks stylish? I dunno, I don’t like it. Because of this, I never buy their stuff the moment it comes out.

    2. The Wii U needs to sell like hot cakes to hardcore gamers when its released. Nintendo we need to stop on the Wii now, your not helping for people who want the Wii U. Nintendo can you make it Game Over for Wii! Please :\

  2. Didn’t they do something similar with the N64 and release a variety of colors near the end of its lifespan? I’d so trade in my white Wii for that green one pictured up top, only I’d need a North American console.

  3. Nintendo! Wii U is coming out soon and now you are making people buy the Wii and you are not putting full focus on Wii u. Make more then 1 color for wii u launch. X mas time is just to late, and why Europe :|

  4. I would trade in my black wii for a special edition Zelda one. Maybe that’s what Nintendo is hoping for? Then again, I plan on getting a Wii U at launch and there are about ten games coming out in the next 4-5 months that I’ll be buying so…maybe I wouldn’t trade lol Plus I live in the US so it’s kinda silly for me to say anything xD

  5. Looks odd really! I believe they should have made the entire casing customizable and nintendo could sell casings for like 20 bucks and they could just be a so easy to replace it I mean the case could crack easily they should have made it a click and pull kind of thing. Well…of course they can’t make money easier with the new colours.

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