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Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Needs To Embrace Social Networking And Mobile

Koichi Ogawa, a portfolio manager at Daiwa SB Investments Ltd. in Tokyo has told Bloomberg that Nintendo really needs to embrace the social networking arena along with the mobile space to be relevant. If Nintendo doesn’t intend to address these things at tomorrows press conference then Ogawa predicts stock in the company will tumble.

The creator of the “Super Mario Bros.” franchise should introduce more major titles at today’s 3DS conference or consider developing games for social networks to restore investor confidence in a stock that’s tumbled more than 80 percent since its 2007 high, analysts said. President Satoru Iwata, bracing for the game maker’s lowest profit in 26 years, is seeking to win back users who are content to play games on Apple Inc. (AAPL)’s iPhone and Facebook Inc.’s online service.

“Nintendo should consider embracing social networks, even though it’s going to be a latecomer. Even with the price cut, it’s hard to lure consumers as various platforms including the iPhone and iPad are available now. Those people won’t use 3DS to play cards or mah-jongg.”

“Nintendo should better explain why the company isn’t embracing the surging market for games on social networking services such as Facebook.”

62 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Needs To Embrace Social Networking And Mobile”

    1. Actually, yeah, I can’t believe I agree with this. I’ll defend nintendos gaming philosophy any day, but I actually like this idea

  1. While the 3DS doesn’t have it, the DSi had a button right on it to upload your pictures to Facebook. I’d say that was a great way to embrace social networking. While I wish things were more simple, I don’t mind taking out my SD card to put them in my computer, then put them on facebook. I really don’t think Nintendo is “ignoring” social networking, but personally I don’t see the need for them to in the first place.

    1. if you want your 3ds pictures on facebook go to facebook mobile on the 3ds internet and click photo under the status update box then you can upload via that by clicking chose file

  2. oh god.
    please not ANOTHER company trying to or suggested to jump on the social networking bandwagon.
    i dont want to spam my friends with random shit from games I’m playing.
    neither do they want that.

    as for mobile, there’s a reason why they don’t embrace mobile.
    so why would they produce their quality games for other people’s hardware…?
    nintendo don’t have to lick other brands’ asses, they have enough power of their own, in their own consoles and platforms.

    this ogawa person sounds very ignorant.

  3. Probably because Nintendo has an image of making really good 1st party games and the general opinion on social networking games is that they’re gimmicky or along those lines, not like Nintendo hasn’t made their fair share of gimmicky games themselves.

  4. Oh god, not this statement again… When I saw social, I thought that maybe it was going to be like sending messages to your 3ds friends, but not this stupid thing again. Why would Nintendo start making games for other places, that wouldn’t make it exclusive now, would it? I now, while your telling Nintendo to ship their games to facebook and ipod and ipad, why don’t you start telling Microsoft to send Halo to those same things… “B-b-b-but it would ruin the game…” Exactly. Case Closed.

    1. I was also thinking that this was about better social connections, but it turns out this is just about Facebook. Nintendo wouldn’t go as low as that.

  5. Ah yes, an investor telling a company he has nothing to do with how to run their business.

    Worthless leeches sponging off of other peoples’ success.

  6. This shit is fucking dumb man. I have an iPhone and I hate playing games on this piece of crap it’s not the same as when you play on a handheld it sucks. Even monster hunter dynamic hunting for the iPhone is kinda lame. It was alright for awhile but now I don’t even have it on my phone anymore

  7. I agree that they need to embrace social networking. It’s disappointing that I can’t message my friends on my 3DS friends list. Mobile…I’m not so sure. I don’t think phone games are THAT important. It would probably make them quite a bit of money to put some of the old school games on mobile, though, but is it a necessity? I don’t think so.

  8. I completely agree with this (even though I like to play mah-jongg), and to solve this problem I think that:
    1. Nintendo needs to make their websites mobile-device friendly
    2. …Release an MMO
    3. Give more Nintendo games online multiplayer, such as Super Mario Bros.

  9. I don’t know if you know this but if you give up being exclusive and developing for other platforms will give people less incentive to buy your own product.
    We live in an age where profit reigns over Art, and nintendo games are ignored because other platforms have flashy graphics. In a few years, when nowadays games are old already, people will respect the art by coming over graphical barriers. Like shakespeare was nothing special back in the days and now looking back his works shine despite the unaccessible writing.

    1. You are so right. Why bother buying through the virtual console or finding vintage games if you can get them for (probably cheaper) on a smart phone? People wouldn’t give Nintendo consoles a second look.

      1. You can already do this. For FREE even. I’ve been playing Zelda, Mario, Metorid, etc. on my iPod Touch for over a year now. And since it has BlueTooth compatibility, I can even use my Wii Remote to play the games! Seriously, it’s awesome. You should try it. :D

        The “Virtual Console” is useless to me, since I’ve been able to play all of those old games for years now. I’m still waiting for some good 3DS exclusive games to come out. So far, Ocarina of Time 3D and Devil Survivor: Overclocked are the only games worth owning on the system. And I’ve already beaten them. :|

    1. How well is the Xperia play doing though? I’m not bashing Sony, this is a real question. I don’t really hear many people talking about it. I think Nintendo just needs to provide apps on their existing consoles (such as the 3DS) that give mobile-like functionality. Since Skype belongs to Microsoft, I think Nintendo should possibly link up with the people who developed Oovoo, or perhaps even tiny chat. You could make video calls or calls to your friends through those means. It mocks mobile to some degree and you feel more connected to your friends. Maybe Nintendo and Google could get together and create some type of messaging system since Google is their 3DS browser provider if I’m not mistaken.

  10. People who play games on dedicated handheld gaming devices aren’t just going to give that up because they can now play games on their iPhone. There are tens of millions who already play on DSi and PSP; when it comes time for them to upgrade their system, I highly doubt they will overlook the 3DS or Vita because they can play on their smartphone. Individuals who have spent hundreds in the past on premium handheld gaming machines aren’t going to be satisfied by games with touchscreen buttons and controls. As for Nintendo putting their games on social networking sites, this only detracts from the “casual” games that would be coming to their handhelds exclusively, possibly leading to a loss of sales and profits.

    1. Exactly. I discovered the downloadable rpg “Zenonia” on my Android and downloaded it for free. I saw that this game was also on the Nintendo eShop for 7.99. I loved the game so much that I bought it on the eShop so I could play it with actual buttons and I do not regret my purchase one bit.

  11. While I agree that nintendo needs to be more social, I don’t agree with all this Facebook crap. Sure a few games here or there are fine (only games that come to mind are the assassins creed and resistance 3 FB games) Which actually unlocked things in their console counterparts.

    I was hoping more for a Nintendo network like PSN and 360. This friendcode stuff just doesn’t work. They need an online network and easy access online games.

    Take MAG on ps3. Game is very social, almost everybody knows each other. Clans are up to having hundreds of members (my clan BHD has 300 people in it) even the developers get in the game and play with us. You can play a match against a good team and then after message them up saying “good game man, nice to see you again” and they message you back “thanks man, haven’t played you in a while.”

    That’s what nintendo needs.

    I mean mag has been out for almost 2 years and still has 100 thousand playing a week, which is great numbers for a 2 year old non-COD fps.

  12. the stupidity is amazing! why the hell would i support a rivaling platform? they are there to sell the system so why let people be able to buy it on somethings els? thats like killing yourself!

  13. Can we have Flash for Youtube Nintendo. I want Flash so i can watch Youtube Nintendo! Adobe and Nintendo, Flash Please :( Who agrees we want Youtube on 3DS!

    1. Alas, I dont think we will get flash. Mainly because for what ever god damned reason, they decided to licence the code under LGPL(Anyone can look at the source code, but altering it is prohibited), seriously, you can find it on NOEs website(dont ask me where). You even have folders saying that this part came from chromium, and this part came from the android browser. Flash(and MP3) would be out of the question as those are proprietary pieces of code.

      1. It’s not fair though PSP has flash 6.0 on it but no newer. That can’t run youtube can it?

        Come on Phones have Flash! Why not 3DS and for people who will not buy a 3DS. GET ADOBE 10.0 ON 3DS AND PSP! come on Adobe!

  14. I remember there was a computer add-on for the Famicom called the Famicom BASIC. It was suggested to be launched stateside, but NoA didn’t want their products to be classified as a computer. Case in point, the big N is doing just fine and they don’t need to jump on the Facebook bandwagon.

  15. You guys are forgetting the 3DS’ crappy selection of games. Personally, I have zero interest in Starfox or Zelda. I bought the 3DS to capitalize on the Ambassador Program. If it hadn’t been for that, I would have waited for a new Pokemon game. I have yet to buy a single 3DS title – not even a downloadable one.

    Some of the biggest games the DS had were games like Nintendogs and BrainAge. I don’t see how it’s hard to believe that those casual gamers could turn down a new handheld console if they already own a smartphone.

    I’m someone who has a 3DS, DS, PSP, every iteration of Game Boy, and now spends more time playing games on iPhone than any of them. The iPhone’s App Store has a continuous flow of inexpensive content, while the racks at Best Buy have the same crappy $40 titles they had at launch.

    I bought the same Asphalt game the 3DS has for a couple bucks. Let’s Golf 3 (same game, minus the 3D) is free on iPhone. Resident Evil 4, NBA Jam, Sonic 1+2, Streets of Rage 1-3, original Dead Space and Mass Effect titles, all for $1-5 a piece. And on top of that, the 3DS doesn’t even offer better looking games. The graphics and resolution can’t touch the iPhone. Even Netflix looks awful, in comparison.

    There’s a niche market of people who are willing to purchase (and carry) handheld consoles for the sake of deeper, more polished games. Nintendo doesn’t have to make iPhone games, but they ought to be aware that that niche market is shrinking steadily.

    1. So then… what are you doing on here? Go return your 3DS and emulate pokemon on your smartphone. Sounds like that’ll satisfy you.

  16. I would like support for use of other programs, say Youtube, Facebook, and Skype apps, but games on social networking are where the line is drawn. The purpose of owning a Nintendo platform is to play Nintendo’s games. Ease of access would increase the amount of time spent on the console, which is always good.

  17. Satoru Iwata hates free-to-play games where you buy upgrades. :/ Unless there’s another source of income for doing such a thing as making a Facebook game, I don’t think it will happen.

  18. Despite the ranter and ferverous loyalty, you have to come to terms with the notion that NINTENDO may not survive unless it adapts and adopts a more socially constructive ethos. Everyone associates Social Network type games with ‘Mediocracy’; now imagine if NINTENDO took thy route and injected ‘QUALITY’ into social network gaming. They would strike gold. Companies MUST change to survive. The ONLY tradition a company should ever carry on is ‘quality’.

  19. Never mind the “develop games for other consoles” comment, which seems to be a standard against Nintendo by now, but Nintendo DOES need to show more games for the 3DS. Aside from the 3 games at launch, which were not system sellers, the only games they’ve released for it have been OoT and Star Fox, which were remakes of past games. Kid Icarus is taking ridiculously long to make. It’s good to make sure a game works, but this is too much for a 3DS game.

  20. Nintendo games on facebook = never gonna happen.

    However, I’m sure in the next couple of upgrades social networking will be integrated deeper on the 3DS (kinda like the picture app on the DSi that let’s you upload directly to Facebook)

    Besides, facebook is starting to go the same path as myspace imo, with the music partnership with iTunes and unwanted updates.

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