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Nintendo Wii: New Pokemon Game For Wii Revealed By Coro Coro

Coro Coro magazine have unveiled a sequel to PokéPark Wii Pikachu’s Adventure. The game will be known as PokéPark 2: Beyond The World in Japan and will be released later this year. The game will feature multiplayer and a host of other new features. Expect to hear more at this weeks Tokyo Game Show which begins on Thursday.

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67 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: New Pokemon Game For Wii Revealed By Coro Coro”

      1. Just because a game is different than other games in a seris doesn`t mean its bad. And don`t swear I bet lots of younger kid go on this

    1. I enjoyed it quite a bit, but I don’t think there was $50 worth of content on that disc. I hope they add more Pokemon (I assume 5th gen is going to be the focus), because that was one of my major gripes with the original. It isn’t unreasonable to expect them to include every Pokémon. In any vein, I’m glad to see a sequel. I was admittedly a bit disappointed, as I was expecting a sequel to Battle Revolution that included Black/White connectivity, but I’m sure that will come eventually, whether on Wii or Wii U.

  1. FlamingKick-ThunderPunch

    I liked Pokepark…I found it rather fun :/ It would have been better if you didn’t have to be Pikachu for the whole thing but I digress.

  2. First they say that the pokemon games are trying to lure in a more mature audience, then this and pokemon typing! Please give the people what they want. All this time wasted on pointless spin offs could go into making better games for the series! Boo! Hiss!

  3. Don’t know why this game is being hated on so F-ing much. That game was awesome, I’ve always wanted to control a Pokemon in a 3D world, so i am super exited :D

    1. It’s being hated on because it’s not the game that people want, and have been asking for, since the Wii’s release. We haven’t had a good, actual FORUMULAIC pokemon game on the Wii at all.

      Battle Revolution was subpar compared to Stadium and Colosseum, and a lot of us just want a good console game to match what we’ve been getting on the portables.

  4. Oh hooray one of the greatest and most hardcore games of all time gets a sequel. The first one, ocarina of time and final fantasy vii are my three favourite games of all time. yay.

    I just realised how horribly sarcasm transfers in an online comment section. Woe is me.

  5. I thought game freak was going to make a major announcement on that pokemon smash show? Is that still going to happen? Or is this the game they were talking about?

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  8. If they’d put as much energy into making a console RPG as they have into making the likes of Poképark then maybe we’d actually be satisfied. What the people want (and have wanted since the series’ inception) is a console RPG which captures the same magic as the handheld games and this has neither occurred nor has been attempted as of yet. Colosseum and Gale of Darkness were grand and all but we’ve never stopped calling out for tall grass on a console and in three dimensions.

  9. PokéPark is an AWESOME game. Seriously, you all sux for saying “this is a bad game hurrr duur” Man…. You don’t know how to enjoy a real pokémon game. What a great new!

    1. You all that a real pokemon game? Real pokemon games are Turn Based RPG’s where you catch pokemon and battle other trainers and collect badges. Good pokemon spin off games are where you are a human that got turned into a pokemon and you need to stop something with your partner. Mediocre spin off games are where you are a ranger. BAD spin off games are where you mess around in a park for hours! I did play the game and i hated it! This sucks, i wanted a new mystery dungeon or Pokemon Grey!

      1. I was hoping it was going to be a great new Pokemon Gray first when i first saw this article pic and title beginning. Then I read it then it was a Trash Pokemon spin off.


  10. I can’t belive this!
    Why they just do f**king spin-off games with awsome franchises!?!?
    I want a remake for Ruby and Sapphire! THIS are GOOD GAMES!!!

    1. I usually hate spin offs. Especially the Pokemon and Mario ones. Why are game consoles spammed with Trash Spinoffs. We’ve had enough! Bring on the originals and keep it that way!

  11. Pokepark? Come on, it was bad! The original Pokemons were the best, And now a sequel for Pokepark, and for Wii? Theres no excuse for Wii U its easier to develop, but why do we want a disappointing game for Wii U, don’t let Coro Coro see this comment :[

  12. Not that it’s a bad game, it just didn’t live up to the expectations of a Pokémon Grey or Snap 2. Kinda disappointed, really.

  13. Although Its not a main stream title, I enjoyed playing the first one with my little brother. Even though I am 17 he is only 6 and its nice to have a game to enjoy together of a franchise we both enjoy. It would be really nice if there was Co-op so we wouldn’t have to trade off every once and a while.

    Oh and just because its not directly made for you and isn’t in your area of interest doesn’t mean its a bad game. The first one was actually well done for what it was.

  14. Not a terrible game per-say. It’s full of naive concepts (story is driven by ultimate goal of making friends) but pokepark was a nice addition for families to play together or for children who love the franchise but don’t enjoy/ can’t understand the traditional rpg’s. As long as this isn’t all we’ll see in the near future I’m pleased… But something else better be up their sleeves.

  15. That’s shocking. I was looking forward to one of the main pokemon games. If this is what we get now, it makes me want to lower my excitement level for the 3DS conference.

  16. Awww…that game sucked it was way to Freakin easy!!! OMG I hope the new game that’s gonna be announced next week will be Battle revolution/Stadium for pokemon black/white

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