Online gaming publication TSSZNews is reporting that Sega are preparing two Sonic games for Wii U. The first game is Sonic Generations, which will be making its debut on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this Christmas. The second game is an entirely new Sonic title developed for Wii U. Maybe we will hear more about these games at this weeks Tokyo Game Show.

Regarding the prospects of a Wii U Generations port, our source indicates Sega could prepare it for the system’s launch sometime next year, but only if sales of existing versions far exceed Sega’s internal expectations.  Even if that doesn’t pan out, the source says there indeed is a Sonic in the works for the system, and it is likely another secondary title.  If that holds, it would continue Sega’s strategy of keeping primary fare on XBOX 360 and PS3, while Nintendo consoles get their own unique games.



  1. I really hope that thursday will be showing some Wii U games. All of these high hopes and Wii U game reports are making me super excited, and it’ll be a huge let down when they don’t show any.


  2. Whoooo Sega!!! They wasn’t bringing it to Wii so they decided Wii U instead as for another sonic title I say bring it and be very innovative like Sonic Colors. That was a good Sonic in a long time.


  3. I didn’t like Sonic Colours much, I thought it got really boring, really fast.
    I played the demo for Sonic Generations on PS3, and it was close, but still a bit off compared to the Mega Drive games.
    I am not sure why it is so hard for them to simply emulate the old physics and come up with some nice level designs..
    As for the 3D levels, well, they are not really what I am looking for in a Sonic game.


    • YES!! we NEED another sonic game such as Sonic adventure 1 and 2! Those were (in my thoughts) the last great sonic titles! Hopefully Sonic generations will end the long garbage Sega has given to its fans of Sonic!
      And for these new sonic titles, I hope Sega doesn’t screw this up as well, being it may be the first sonic games for Wii U.


  4. hell yeah i knew they were going to port generations to Wii U and since Wii U graphics are better than PS3 and Xbox360 graphics the game is probably going to look a lot better.


  5. I hope it’s either the third sonic in the book trilogy or Sonic Adventure 3. (No, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic Unleashed, and Sonic the Hedgehog don’t count to me.)


  6. You have no clue how pumped I am now! I am so excited!!!! Sonic is my favorite character ever in gaming. And sonic generations looks like the best sonic game ever, I am a fan of both cassic and modern sonic…not so much gamecube gen sonic if u know what I mean.


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  8. I have both the PC and 3DS versions of Sonic “G”, and I must say. The lag on the PC version may be annoying to others, but I use it to my advantage to time my moves right, and the 3DS version’s 3D actually made me feel like I was in the game. I just hope the Wii U isn’t TOO expensive, because a Sonic title for it is my kind of fun.

    For the new adventure, I guess we’ll have to see what’s in store for us. I’m a big Sonic fan, so don’t let us down, SEGA.


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