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Nintendo 3DS: New Animal Crossing Trailer For Nintendo 3DS

During Nintendo’s 3DS press conference the company decided to show off a brand new trailer for the highly anticipated Animal Crossing on the Nintendo 3DS. Sadly the game still has no firm release date but it’s scheduled to come out sometime next year.

20 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: New Animal Crossing Trailer For Nintendo 3DS”

  1. This looks so cute! I really like what they’re doing with it, I can’t wait! I just hope there’s voice chat! It’d suck to lose that from City Folk! I loved being able to talk instead of type, though it’ll be much easier to type letters on the keyboard on a touch screen. I hated typing on the Wii! I wish they’d announce a time frame of when they are gonna release it though! DYING to play it!

  2. Looks good, although all I see that’s new right now is the swim ability…
    Also, I hope they make it easier to play online.

  3. @fireproof83frank — new things i noticed, just looking at this video and the screen shots on the conference website (not the q&a):

    -Outside lamps/benches (you can decorate outside with furniture)
    -Various flower bushes
    -Nook wears yellow
    -you are the mayor
    -You have an assistant
    -you can put clocks on walls
    – you can customize furniture with patterns
    -you can change the pattern of your pants
    -you can switch between pants and skirts as a female
    -you can sit on stumps
    -you can swim/dive
    -there is a beach on the lowest level of your town
    -houses have chimneys
    -you can pick the placement of a cafe, and possibly other buildings
    -there is a well

    the q&a had concept art with a cave, the train is back, an island, town center of some sort…there are a lot of changes, and they brought back most of the things that made the original game spectacular.

    1. Well… I guess. But I seriously haven’t noticed that much. I really had to read your list and then watch it again to really see those updates. Doesn’t that mean they aren’t that significant? ;)

  4. Finally, the much awaited stalker feature. For those of you who don’t understand Japanese the Raccoon said ‘What, following you around? No. I was ehh.. thought you were someone else.’ Also the dog said ‘Stalking? Is that like planking or what?’ And that boy was just telling the girl how nice she looks when she sleeps.

    I enjoy how the stalker feature also involves characters hiding under water. Nice touch.

  5. I love this franchise, but there’s not a slight chance that I’d get a 3DS. I sold my DS lite because it had limited connectivity and was just another thing to carry around. I have enough with my iPhone for casual gaming.

    I’d wait to see what they do when they port it to Wii U. That might me interesting. And I’ll get that console to replace my current Wii.

  6. kewl like the touches and new featchers what i noticed from the video was
    your a mayor with an asistance
    maybe new places like forests or citys like the wii version
    you can swim
    people follow you around to help you
    maybe you will plan events and dont have to pay morgage phew now i dont have pay for better house finaly i was waiting for that part
    people wont move away so you wont loose friends more humans than before
    maybe a pasword protected for to play as a sertin person

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