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Nintendo 3DS: Check Out This Pink Nintendo 3DS

According to Nintendo president Satoru Iwata not enough female gamers own Nintendo 3DS consoles so Nintendo has seen fit to announce a Misty Pink Nintendo 3DS. The Misty Pink Nintendo 3DS will go on sale October 20th in Japan. No word as of yet regarding a Western release but expect to hear something soon.

38 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Check Out This Pink Nintendo 3DS”

    1. yesterda in the conference, they had a graph were the Wii and the DS were aprox 45% women 55% male users. While the 3DS was around 60% male and 40% users. So I think it’s a great move to even those numbers. What do you think?

  1. Half-hearted? The DS was really popular with girls as well as boys, and the fact there was a pink DS probably had something to do with it. The top screen of a 3DS has to be black on the inside, so it wasn’t exactly gonna look any different from this was it? What do you expect them to do? :/

    1. all my friends have the aqua blu 3ds and i am in grade 8 loool btw i agree wit you ill stick wit my aqua blue its the best color there and its better than having nothing right leave a comment if you agree wit me

  2. I have a pink DS and did not like the original launch colors of the 3DS then include the price and lack of games all contributed to me not getting one then. I would LOVE if they had purple come on Nintendo pander more to us girly girls who want to have cute 3DS’s we play games too and you have the best ones for us!

  3. Now, if that had been availble instead of blue at launch, I may have been tempted…

    However, I have the blue one so it’s not really a good idea to buy another one… However my brother may be interested XD He wanted the pink DSiXL when it was announced

  4. I got the blue, my boyfriend got the black. We got them before the price drop was announced, and before these colors were announced. He wanted the red one, and now I want this pink one! I doubt it’s worth trading them in for though, but I’d LOVE to have the pink! Ah well, mine has a Zelda cover over it anyways.

  5. I think this will be great! I remember with the DS lite, we would always have our pink DSs at the sleepovers and messing around in picto chat :)

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