Nintendo Wii U: Plenty Of New Dragon Quest X Details Emerge

Andriasang has revealed a few new details about the highly anticipated Dragon Quest X for Wii and Wii U. The game is scheduled to come out next year on Wii and will be available on Wii U shortly after.

  • The game’s story will have lots of volume, with the hope that players can continue to play online for a long time.
  • Outside of story, you’ll find a lot of gameplay content, as each of the game’s five races have their own specific quests.
  • While it’s common for online games to not have an “ending” with a “last boss,” it appears that this will not apply to DQX.
  • The game’s inn facility will now have a concierge. The concierge will give you info about events.
  • While the game will have auto save, you’ll still be able to go to the church to pray in order to save.
  • The game will have a post office through which you can send letters and items to friends without directly meeting.
  • The game world will be many times bigger than Dragon Quest VIII’s massive world.
  • Your player character is actually human, but after some sort of happening, he turns into one of the five announced races.
  • You start the game off in a small village, where you live with either your brother or sister. The game’s character making feature allows you to create this family member as well.


    1. They’re releasing two versions. However, the story for both is the same, and they both share the same world when playing online, meaning people playing the Wii U version can team up with people playing the Wii version.

      The Wii version will probably be the last big title on the system. It comes with a free flash drive to download DLC and updates for the game.

      The Wii U version will not come with the flash drive since the system is already confirmed to have DLC and Updates capability. It will have better polygons and textures, but it’s the same world.

  1. So will it only be playable online? Or can I pick it up and play through the story offline, and then go online if I feel like interacting with other people?

  2. It looks/sounds awesome; the online thing does turn me off. I don’t mind having a game connected to the Internet all the time, but now that I know it’s going to be like that, I just don’t like it. I might get it for the Wii, but it’ll depend on when the Wii U launches. Then again, I may end up picking up the Wii version. The Wii U may launch with multiple ports of games I won’t play this holiday season, so I’d rather play those shorter games one after the other than pick up a long ass game that may prevent me from playing the other games. That way I can play it on my Wii for as long as I want while waiting for the Wii U.

    Btw, I’ll live with my sister (in the game) and I wonder if they’ll have like a relationship meter like in Rune Factory games. I’m not into real life incest, but I do get an interest in fictional stories.

    1. You can play the game online like an MMORPG, or you can play the game offline like any past Dragon Quest main game title.

      Sure, online may be a very noticeable feature, but people should realize it can be played offline.

  3. I most definitely will be getting this game. I just have no idea which system I will get it on. What are the pros and cons to each system?

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