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Nintendo Wii U: Final Wii U Console To Be Shown At E3, Nintendo Has Learnt ‘Bitter Lessons’

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has confirmed that the final version of the Wii U will be shown at next years E3 event in June. During Nintendo’s semi-annual financial results briefing Iwata confessed that Nintendo had learned a “bitter lesson” with the launch of the Nintendo 3DS, and that they will take “every possible measure” to ensure that the Wii U launch is an overwhelming success.

171 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii U: Final Wii U Console To Be Shown At E3, Nintendo Has Learnt ‘Bitter Lessons’”

      1. They planned to do so with the Wii back when it was called the Revolution. I wish they did, I’m getting tired of systems that are just black or just white.

    1. not until after june as e3 takes place then, personally i hope they spend as long as they need on the wii u and dont rush into it like they did the 3ds and make it the best console ever made. Quality is a lot better than speed for nintendo at the moment

    2. Yep.

      Honestly you thought it would be out before E3? Especially after the piss poor presentations?

      I knew end of summer, fall was going to be the targeted release.

      I know they “hinted at” after April 1st, but I did not believe that for a second. Considering how close that is to E3, there’s no way it’d be out before.

      E3 will show off how awesome the console will be and be perfect for sales to shoot up in Fall leading into the holiday season.

    3. I guess so, yes, and thats a good thing actually. if they rush to quickly the wiiu would probably get a internal problem (RROD) or weak third party support (3ds). taking there time is the way to go.

    1. Not necessarily the handheld, but the whatever functionality that the Vita and the PS3 can apparently share. That’s what will allegedly be competing with the Wii u.

  1. Yeah, sure they have. It isn’t at all like Nintendo to become the #1 player in gaming and then ROYALLY SCREW UP and throw away years of hard work. Oh wait, that’s exactly what Nintendo does. Nintendo did it with N64 after leading the industry with the SNES. Now Nintendo screwed up the 3DS launch after the success of Wii/DS. I would love to believe Nintendo will get things right with the Wii U. But I have serious doubts. I mean, there’s no reason why the 3DS shouldn’t have had Mario 3D Land at launch. I just played it at Best Buy and it’s amazing… It would have sold systems in March. Instead, the 3DS didn’t have any killer, must-own games. Even N64, AKA the “delay and drought console,” had Mario 64 at launch, which was a must-own classic. Sure, we didn’t get another great game till the following August (GoldenEye), and we didn’t get another AAA game after that for another 15 months (Ocarina of Time). But at launch, nobody thought about that. All they cared about was getting Mario 64. I suspect Mario 3D Land could have had a similar (if not as potent) effect on the 3DS.

    But thanks to Nintendo, we’ll never know.

    Let’s hope they don’t botch the Wii U…and actually release some games people care about at launch. (Wii U needs a Mario-sized game, a Wii Sports-sized game, and something completely different and unexpected like the original Wii had…if it has those three, it will do very well. If not, it will be doomed to fail, no question.)

    Bear in mind that all these complaints are coming from a guy who wore a Mario hat to work on the day of the E3 press conference. I’m a huge Nintendo fan. I complain because I care, and because I know Nintendo can do so much more than it has this year.

    1. Lol? You’re saying the N64 screwed up the SNES? The SNES ran for a good 5 years, and that’s a healthy amount for a game console. As did the N64. Plus, in my opinion, the N64 kicked the SNES’s ass.

        1. I think the NES kicked the SNES’s ass.

          I have more and more enjoyable memories on the N64 than the SNES. I didn’t play the SNES games as nearly as much as the NES or the N64. The N64 had Goldeneye, Super Smash brothers, Mariokart 64, Mario 64, and OOT (&and for good measure Majora’s Mask). I’m not alone in saying the first 3 games had hundreds (if not thousands) of hours of time each. What title on the SNES has that extreme? Sure Super Mario World is still one of my favorites, but did not nearly get as much time as Mario 64. The SNES Mariokart was really cool, but I didn’t play it nearly as much as the 64 version.

        2. Actually, I was saying Nintendo screwed up itself — and the console business — with a lame console that was filled with delays FOLLOWING the stellar SNES.

    2. DS is not all success. many also were dissapointed about nintendo releasing multiple DS version with minimal differences in performance. they release nintendo DSiXL 1 year before 3DS. that sucks for the people who bought XL.

      1. DS sold a buttload of models before the DSi and all the other minor upgrades were released. DS is one of the biggest game systems of all time. Most people only have one unit, and if you really hate that you bought the DSi only for the XL to come out…well, so what? It’s only slightly larger. That’s the only difference.

    3. Nice story bro.
      Though, I’m loving how this comment is longer than the blog post! xD
      Honestly though, other companies screw up all the time, and be glad that Nintendo is smart enough to pick up the peices and fix it. I am really excited about how the WiiU will be now because of these leasons Nintendo is learning with the 3DS. :)

      1. You have to take Nintendo’s words — and promises of lessons learned — with a grain of salt. Remember, and I cannot stress this enough, after the SNES, Nintendo made a ton of promises for N64. It didn’t keep ANY of them. (The biggest, of course, was Mario 64 2, which never came out.)

        As of late, nintendo has been promising Pikmin 3…which eventually disappeared from Wii and moved to Wii U. Sound familiar?

    4. You’re not going to like the Wii u any more than you say you will even if the Wii u has everything you’re demanding of it. Cuz that’s the kind of person you are at the moment. A hater.

      1. LOL. A “hater.” That’s hilarious. I crack up that whenever I praise Nintendo I’m called a “fanboy” and whenever I bash them I’m called a “hater.” Face the facts, kids: Nintendo is a great company. It has the potential to be the best game developer out there. But when it stumbles, I’m not going to put on my Mario hat and pretend nothing is wrong. I’m going to rant endlessly until I see a change. (FYI: From 1990 to 1996, and from 2004 to 2009, all I did was give the company praise.)

        1. Why can’t you just wait and enjoy the games like the rest of us. I’ve never ranted about any console, (I thought about ranting on the 360, because god knows that needs good a ranting on). Nintendo’s first party content is usually really good and there is no reason to rant over it, and games were made to be fun and if they are then I’m sure happy with it.

          1. “Why can’t you just wait and enjoy the games”? Oh please! This is a game console. An entertainment device we have to pay for. And for crying out loud, if I’m gonna drop $300 on the stupid thing, it had better be worth $300. You may be content to sit around and wait for the good games to arrive. I am not.

            “Nintendo’s first party content is usually really good…”

            Yes, but that is only true when Nintendo feels threatened. Sony kicked Nintendo’s butt so badly in the ’90s and the first five years of the last decade that Nintendo came out swinging with the Wii. Once Nintendo became #1 again, the company got lax again. It’s exactly what I feared would happen. It’s classic Nintendo. I see the same thing in the auto industry (GM sucked at #1, Toyota sucked at #1, etc.).

            1. Sony only sold more consoles. Case and point what games are you playing on the ps1or2?

              We are still getting sequels to golden eye, Mario kart, 3d and 2d Mario. What Sony games are you playing from back in the day?

              Plus good luck on the wait for those great Sony and ms games.

              1. Sony sucks now. MS has pretty much always sucked! Never said they didn’t. I don’t know why you’re jumping to conclusions.

                However, when Nintendo was in “drought mode” and delayed away every good 2007 release except GoldenEye (which, for the record, was still delayed; it was moved from March ’97 to August ’97), I took a second look at my dust-collecting PS3. As a result, I discovered a whole world of great Square Soft RPGs like FFVII (you know, back before the Enix merger — back before Square went downhill and released crap like FFXIII). I played Tekken 3 and Resident Evil. I played the EA Sports games, which were better on PSone (though, admittedly, NFL Blitz was better on N64). And in 1998, there were so many great RPGs — most notably Parasite Eve and Xenogears. Gran Turismo, the greatest racer of its era, debuted. etc. etc. PSone ended up being a stellar console. But it had a great launch in 1995. Its 1996 games weren’t mind-blowing, which gave Nintendo a serious edge (as if they needed it — they had Mario 64!) and still, Nintendo squandered the opportunity.

                I’m sure your response will include something along the lines of, “Nintendo games are better, bah, blah, blah…” And yeah, 20 years from now I will still play Mario 64. I will also still play Final Fantasy VII and Resident Evil. I cannot, however, find many third-party games that I still play on GameCube, Wii or N64 (Resident Evil 4 is the grand exception — what a classic). And aside from Mario 64 and Banjo-Kazooie, I never touch my N64. But I still play my DS — and own more games that I love for the DS than any other system — all the time.

                If the 3DS can’t be as good as the DS, and if Wii U can’t be as good as Wii, then they might as well not even exist.

                1. Idk about sales (many of those who bought the wii were one-timers), but I can guarentee you that Wii U will be better than Wii in every other way including 3rd party support, graphics and power, online, first party games, and controls-wise, since it supports not only classic xbox/ps3 buttons (except for analog triggers, which could still change before release), but also a 6 inch touchscreen and motion controls, so you can make just about any kind of game for it. And although the 3DS is still not-so-hot with consumers, I bet that it’s current sales will be atleast trippled by the 2012 Holiday Season, since there will be many stellar first and 3rd party releases between then. (And then Smash Bros will show up a few years from now and single handedly take out the competition!) (hopefully)

  2. It looked almost ready last June. This is an interesting turn I wonder what changes Nintendo has made to the Wii U in order to have a successful launch.

          1. They didn’t do enough testing. There were some papers that stated that the console needed more testing and MS decided to ignore it and release the system to get a head start over the Wii and PS3. Even if MS and Sony try to rush thieir systems this time, it seems Nintendo has been building the machine for a while and are allowing for more games to be finished.

      1. Don’t ever believe that. EVERY game company uses that as an excuse for not releasing something on time. “We need to give developers more time to develop good games.” In the history of console launches, how many third-party games have you loved? How many of those third-party games do you still play?

    1. -GUI interface
      -controller changes (analog triggers)
      -third party support
      -fixing/testing hardware components so the mobo doesn’t melt like steve said lol.

      1. My bet is they’ll spend most of the time fine-tuning the controller, since it got very mixed reactions at E3. They’ll probably want to add some sort of grips, do whatever they can to make it ever lighter (even though testers have already said it’s very light, people can be very stubborn) and maybe change some button combinations, such as right analog stick with the abyx buttons, and possibly add button triggers too. (Maybe even add multi-touch? Doubt it, it’d make it even more costly, but it would be nice)

      1. No mario for a change.

        This would be the perfect first party line up.
        A true console open world MMO Pokemon game
        Star Fox U
        F-Zero UX
        Pikmin 3

        I know this is only a dream line up but if we had this combined with the third party games, it would with out a doubt be the best console launch epic wise and selling wise in gaming history!!!

        1. For you maybe, if they want to move consoles, Mario or Zelda is the way to go. F-Zero is somewhat dead, and if a launch title, it might not shift consoles. Star Fox wouldn’t as likely either. Pokemon certainly would shift many consoles, but Nintendo likes those games on the handhelds. Pikmin is probably the only one that might make it. Not even Metroid could make this list.

          Also, the Mario game would need to be like NSMB, not a galaxy like game unfortunately.

          1. wouldn’t exactly say zelda is on the same level as mario for a system seller.

            F-zero and starfox would easily be system sellers especially for the “hardcore” (lol) gamers, reason? Eye candy, especially for F-zero and not only this, its what nintendo fans want and if the games look great with good reviews, they will sell.

            “Pokemon certainly would shift many consoles, but Nintendo likes those games on the handhelds.”
            Don’t see how thats relevant plus there are pokemon games on consoles, just not like the one I described.

            Also, you criticise these games as not system sellers but think pikmin 3 (which is a launch title) could do remotely better?

            Lastly a new mario game will be for launch and is called NSMB mii

            1. I read that NSMB Mii was cancelled. It was an obscure comment I read today within recent posts today.

              I listed Pikmin having a chance since that is already confirmed.

              I don’t think F-Zero or Star Fox has the fan base to be contributed to be system sellers.

              Actually the Pokemon comment is relevant. While that game would work best on the home console, Nintendo doesn’t seem interested to put ANY pokemon game on the home console. I know there were stadium games and snap in the past, but there isn’t exactly anything recently.

              1. “I read that NSMB Mii was cancelled. It was an obscure comment I read today within recent posts today.”

                I can’t find anything confirming this. I will need an official link…

                “I listed Pikmin having a chance since that is already confirmed.”

                But this is much less of a console seller than F-zero and stafox so this is already going against your logic.

                “I don’t think F-Zero or Star Fox has the fan base to be contributed to be system sellers.”

                Like I said before, these two Ips are ones that have the potential to really show off the systems capabilities (especially F-zero), which is what is needed in order to bring back old customers AND bring in new ones. Metroid could do this but its not as flashy as F-zero and star fox. Its games like these which combined with nostalgia, will create enough hype in the “*hardcore*” market to sell enough, plus franchisees like these would now be in the spot light that only a mario game could distract.

                “Actually the Pokemon comment is relevant. While that game would work best on the home console, Nintendo doesn’t seem interested to put ANY pokemon game on the home console. I know there were stadium games and snap in the past, but there isn’t exactly anything recently.”

                pokepark, released 2009 – 2010……

                see what I mean?

          2. how bout something not mario and zelda and let those 2 franchise breathe for a bit. how bout some first party game we havent seen in a while + great third party games?

            1. You have to realize that, via delays and development cycles, there will always be phases where a product “breathes.” There were, what, six years between Mario 64 and Mario Sunshine? That’s ludicrous.

              Also, please remember guys, that just because you all love F-Zero or some other obscure game does not mean everyone else does. Check the sales figures. Ask people other than Nintendo loyalists. After doing so, you will see that these games cannot do for a system what Mario can. Mario is the Mickey Mouse of video games, and he needs to be there at the Wii U’s launch in some fresh and revolutionary form. If he is, Wii U will soar. If he’s not, Wii U will need some unexpected killer app (think Wii Sports but entirely new) to succeed.

              1. yea because Nintendo cant live without mario ,can it? it can, what im saying is that the wiiu mario and zelda should wait until after launch. sure sales wont go as up as a mario game would. but nintendo has many other first-party to show off, plus third party. another thing, not every one likes mario you now…

                1. No, Nintendo can’t live without SOMETHING HUGE at launch. Do you not realize that if Nintendo squanders the Wii U launch, it will struggle for the next five years, and the chances of you getting those obscure Nintendo games that you want to play so badly will greatly diminish? Again, look at the sales. The better Wii U does at launch, the better it will do overall, and the more great games we’ll get from Nintendo and third-parties.

                  It doesn’t have to be Mario… but what other Nintendo game is likely to move mountains? I’d love nothing more than for Nintendo to introduce a killer new franchise that makes us all rush out to buy a Wii U. That would be the best for everyone. But why can’t there be that killer game AND Mario? Nintendo is in danger here. The company needs to make a huge showing in 2012. During the N64 era, Nintendo had Game Boy and Pokemon to rely on. Well, the 3DS still hasn’t recovered. So if Wii U flops, it’ll be the first time in history that both of Nintendo’s machines — console and handheld — failed at the same time. That would not be good for anyone who likes video games.

                  To be clear I want Nintendo to prosper, but I want them to prosper through greatness.

              2. Exactly, if F-Zero was a high quality system seller, then I’d think there would have been a new game on Wii or the DS/3DS. Sales of the GC and N64 one probably did not meet expectations, which is why the series is considered dead.

        2. I’d like to order some Metroid!! (what’s going on Retro)
          Gimme some CAPTAIN RAINBOW on the side!
          Let’s have lots of 3rd-party goodies and a large launch we will have!
          (i’m hungry)

        3. No mario for a “change”? umm, have we all forgotten about the painfully dull launch of GameCube? How about the Mario-less launch of the 3DS? Wii had Zelda and a ton of great games in the pipeline, but without Zelda at launch, would consumers have been happy? NO. The reality is that Mario games — great Mario games — make great launches. I love Nintendo and a wide variety of their games. But Pikmin can’t sell systems, F-Zero is dead, and Star Fox won’t do anything for Wii U. You have to think of Nintendo’s future. If it doesn’t have a killer Mario at launch (one that’s far more innovative than that Mario Mii crap), then Nintendo is doomed.

        4. In a way, those games you listed could be a breath of fresh air. At least people would feel relieved at seeing something that’s not completely Mario or Zelda related.

    1. Something tells me the launch titles will be most of the third party “ports” we’ve been hearing about as of late.

      1. Yeah I kind of disagreed with Nintendo’s strategy for the the 3DS launch where they pushed the 3rd party games more than their own. I mean, their launch games weren’t great, (I only got Ghost Recon Shadow Wars at launch) but what I mean is that Nintendo should focus on selling their consoles with THEIR 1st-party games because they are the star players on their consoles. However, they should continue to make their consoles more open to 3rd-party developers to give us the games that Nintendo cannot, like FPS, sports sims, MMO, RPG, etc. I think the balance right now is shifted more to the 3rd party when it Should be shifted more to the 1st party, maybe like 60/40 1st to 3rd.

        1. They were trying something new. The issue at hand is 3rd party titles don’t sell nearly as well as first party titles.

          Now taking launch into consideration. Imagine the top notch 3rd party games ever. No one goes to pick up the console and brings home more than 2 titles (I would think). Since everybody buys up the Mario games, there is no room for third party titles to sell, especially at launch. Isolating the 3rd party titles to sell better was a reasonable idea, but unfortunately they were not top notch games. So with smaller first party titles and close to zero quality 3rd party titles, it’s no wonder the 3DS launch was quiet. Then combined with the perceived high price, that made sales be slow. I bought the 3DS and 0 games. I have 0 launch games, and 1 3DS retail game. My second one will be here in like 2 weeks.

          1. The way I see it is that Nintendo was solely dependent on the “3D” portability factor/niche to sell the system at launch, thus releasing casual games at launch, which proved unfruitful to say the least.

            1. The reason many 3rd parties are always wary to get their games on Nintendo consoles is because they know that their games will always be overshadowed by Nintendo’s own stars. That’s why they often go to Msoft/Sony instead, they have less competition with first party games. With 3DS, Nintendo actually had to promise the 3rd parties that they wouldn’t release any big-name first party games at launch, just so the other games would have a chance. That turned out to be a huge failure, so that’s why Nintendo is taking this holiday season into their own hands. 3rd parties love to flourish, but they hate being constantly overshadowed. With Wii U, I’ve heard reports saying Nintendo had to make the same “no big 1st party games” promise with some other big 3rd party names over the 2012 holiday season, but those could be wrong. i dont know.

    1. Not likely with Mariokart 7 on the horizon. I had hopes for this when they announced the system, but then they revealed Mariokart for the 3DS.

  3. “every possible measure”

    Considering that Nintendo don’t have a single first party game announced for launch for the Wii U, I’m gonna go ahead and say that they’re going to release New Super Mario Bros Mii as a launch title cus they know it’ll sell like hot cakes (somehow) and requires VERY little work to make (in all seriousness, probably about 3 or 4 months development time) or they’re going to delay Wii U to December 2012 or sometime 2013.

        1. If Nintendo delays Wii U at all, then they’re committing corporal suicide. They have to release it before 2012 so they’ll have a whole year’s worth of being the only next-gen console on the market, something that could really decide the winner of the next-gen console wars between wii u, xbox 720 (yes that’s what it’s called, go see the movie Real Steel), and the PS4. If Nintendo does get the 3rd party games and a very good online mode, and have a whole year without hardly any real competition, then that’ll hugely influence gamers who don’t want to wait a whole year for the xbox 720, or 2 (rumored) years for the ps4, and they’ll just get a Wii U instead. But if it did release right around the 720 did, then that would be very bad not just for Microsoft then but also Nintendo.

    1. i dont want to sound like an ass but i doubt that :(
      we can get pikmin 3 :D and new super mario wii as first party games
      for third party i think there will be a lot of games, especially ports like batman assassins creed revelations darksiders 2 which i think they are pretty awesome and can keep us fans entertained for a while. but wee need really exclusive games to attract casual players and maybe 1 or to xbox and PS player

  4. It needs games at lauch. Good ones. We all know that. And it needs to support at LEAST 2 of those fancy new controllers at the same time, full-functionality. It also needs to be less than $450, and even $399 is almost kind of pushing it.

    Games at launch? I’d love a Mario, of course; something better than Sunshine was (I still shudder when I think about it). I think a Metroid game would absolutely kill it, though. But a GOOD Metroid game (i.e. not Other M). I want the 2.5d next-chapter to the SNES Super Metroid; 3d characters, side view perspective, occasional 3d switch over. I’d be so happy, I’d buy 2 consoles. Yeah, I just said that.

    1. >And it needs to support at LEAST 2 of those fancy new controllers at the same time

      Already confirmed. Up to 4 if I remembered correctly.

    2. well WB said batman arkham city would be a launch title, thats already a AAA title. if capcom would add street fighter x tekken, and square enix with FFXIII-2. thats some good shit.

    3. Sunshine really wasn’t that bad… It was better than NSMBWii… In addition it introduced previously unseen characters to the series. Bowser Jr. has become quite prominent, and Petey Pirahna’s pretty cool. My cat’s named after him at least. Though he’s more of a Purrahna.

    4. I think the console will be $349.
      (Nintendo must like to add 49s or 99s to their 100s.)
      NES – $199 at launch
      SNES – $199 at launch
      N64 – $199 at launch
      Gamecube – $199 at launch
      Nintendo DS – $149 at launch (2004)
      Nintendo Wii – $249 at launch
      Nintendo 3DS – $249 at launch

  5. so there IS a chance for a controller revision! GOOD! all i want is it to look more like the classic controller with a screen over a tablet. and if its being shown at E3, they must be planning a launch in september or something.

    this also gives developers more time to make games for a successful launch. this is all good!

  6. Epic wants Unreal Engine 4 ready for next gen consoles, but i don’t think the Wii U will be powerful enough to use it.

    1. That’s a pretty bold statement considering we don’t know the specs of the machine as of now. Rumors don’t count since they are unconfirmed.

        1. Why not? Even if they choose to go with that, they’re only using the variation of that card for whatever reason. They liked something in there, so they may choose it and modify it according to what they want. It’s not like they choose a card and decide to use it as as is. Console makers don’t work that way. Plus, that card can display some pretty serious visuals. Either way, consoles will have outdated hardware the first day they go on sale, so I don’t see why they should compete for the most powerful console every time.

      1. If you guys want to pay a good $700+ for a next gen system, be my guest. Otherwise, be happy for what you got with $450 or less. (the maximum price the Wii U could possibly be, but probably not even that much)

  7. I’d feel better if Iwata had told us what lessons he and Nintendo learned from the 3DS launch. It’s just that I keep thinking they’ve learned their lesson, and then nothing really happens. Especially because in the linked article, he goes on to talk about how he couldn’t effectively advertise the 3DS because magazines and TVs can’t display 3D (I think he’s talking regular TVs, folks, not the fancy 3D ones that almost nobody owns).

    Yes, Iwata, THAT was the problem. *sarcasm*

    1. Of course nothing happened because we aren’t even close to E3 2012. Hell, we aren’t even at 2012 yet. As for the magazines and TV’s, Iwata wasn’t saying that the problem was that they were unable to display 3D; he was talking about the problems of MARKETING the 3DS’s main feature.

    2. He has stated multiple times in other investor meetings what went wrong with the 3DS. In particular, he addressed the issue of “software output” and he assured there would be more Nintendo games for Wii U at launch or near launch. They seem to be addressing the issues with the 3DS right now with lots of games, demos, add-ons, etc., so I can only imagine what they have planned for Wii U.

      1. That WAS one of the problems. Every single person in my family would always tell me “There’s no way that’s 3D without glasses! That’s impossible. It’ll just give you a headache and hurt your eyesight!” every time I told them about how much I wanted one. Yet, when I did get one and finally showed it to them, they were amazed. See what I mean? Some people just have to see it to believe it. And if there is no demo 3DS at a local retailer, which there aren’t many right now, then just saying “3D without the glasses” without any way to actually prove it won’t satisfy many people.

  8. No F Zero for a whole console generation. Wii U would be perfect for F Zero and F Zero would be the perfect launch game to show exactly what the graphics of Wii U can really do.

    30 racers at 60fps
    1080 HD
    Fully dynamic backgrounds and intricate race track models.

    Not sure if WiiU fully capable of that, but as close as possible would be amazing.

    F Zero GX still probably one of the best looking games for Gamecube. Get Sega back onto the F Zero franchise and see what they can do.

    1. I know this is a stretch but imagine 30 player online plus track editor plus X cup return!!?? And yes it can do 1080HD and f-zero isn’t f-zero if it isn’t 60fps

    2. Wii U should be able to do 30 racers at 60FPS but the only worry would next be peoples internet connections because you would need a very good one.

  9. I’m already thinking how mk on wii u with a map on controllers screen and changing it to first person and also using the controller as a steering wheel (i hope 3rd party companies don’t make useless plastic crap) and bikes will be back. But being Nintendo maybe it will be surprises

    1. Just a guess, but I’m thinking the bikes might be gone.

      Just like Double Dash had 2 characters, then that was gone.

      DS had “Snaking”, then that was gone (thankfully)

      Wii had bikes, likely will not be back

      3DS has hang gliders and propeller…. those might not be back either.

      This keeps the series fresh and original, and not carrying over all the good ideas forward.

    2. What I really want is a track editor and a rainbow cup like this

      Rainbow Cup:
      Rainbow 5
      Rainbow 4
      Rainbow 1
      Rainbow 6

        1. I’d want 2 bonus cups that could be unlockable once all others were unlocked: Boswer Cup (all past Bowser Castle stages in one cup) and Rainbow Road Cup (all past rainbow road stages in one cup).
          Who wouldn’t want that?

  10. I really hope they re-think their whole marketing approach on this one.

    First, make it look much more different than the wii or people might think it is just one more Wii Add-on or a new Wii version, just as lot of people think the 3DS is a new DS version – just like the DSi and DS-XL.

    Second, let the 3rd party developpers come and give out their inputs on the system. Don’t be stupid, don’t ruin the experience of a new console by not thinking about the 3rd party developpers. Make them happy – a bit – and don’t think only about yourself, Nintendo. 1st party Nintendo games are great, but 3rd party games could be just as great.

  11. K…. so Im like super psyched for Wii U! :D And I really dont see why people doubt it so much! Nintendo is bringing gaming to the next level… AGAIN!!! And they wont fail no matter what… because even if it doesnt sell right away… people will buy Wii U JUST for Smash Bros 4 :)

  12. wow i hope it comes out in september cause i cant wait to start playing dat wii u…. bad thing is nintendo hasnt mention no 1st party well pikmin 3 but they didnt say it was a launch title i hope it is tho… and as new super mario mii dat shit sucks is going to be the same shit from wii which i already got tired of playing it… if anything im getting wii u on first day with darksiders 2 oh yeah lol

  13. If it’s a summer launch, then I’m guessing:
    Pikmin 3
    and maybe Eternal Darkness (hey, Luigi’s Mansion is back, baby!)

    Then for the holiday:
    some sort of Mario game or a platformer for the more casual player or a bridge title.
    Plus third party games.

    If it’s a holiday launch, then all of the above in a constant time frame. Of course, this is plus all the games they might have for the casual players such as a sports game, maybe a dance game using the camera on the controller, etc.

    Personally, I want a healthy number of games, but I don’t want there to be a ridiculous number of AAA games because it would be way to crowded. First adopters would not be able to buy all of them and this would affect Nintendo’s own games and third party games. People just ask for more, but they don’t think of the consequences. They won’t be able to buy all of the AAA games if there are a lot of them.

    1. They alredy confirmed the games their releasing last E3.

      F-Zero & eternal darkness is not launch, but Pikmin 3 was confirmed and maybe coming. look at the link of the games that are being released. We know Batman & darksiders 2 are launches, but the rest are unknown until feburary. Teeken is not a launch.

      1. I know about those games, but they never said those were the only games. The only solid confirmation we have at the moment is that Pikmin 3 was next to being done when they decided to move it to Wii U. Batman was confirmed for the system, but they never said it was a launch title. F-Zero and Eternal Darkness were two speculations I put up since they said they were trying to go for the hardcore crowd.

    1. if the game wasnt originally 1080p/720p than theirs really no point. now if they make HD remakes like sony then thats another story.

        1. well HD remakes are really dont have much improvements over orignals. resident ever 4 for example, just better framerate, color, and more definition. nothing big.

      1. Not to disagree with you, but those “HD remakes” are not really remakes. They’re more like smoother ports. They claimed the GoW collection was in HD, yet it was still the same. The only thing they did was increase the framerate and up the res of the pre-rendered movies.

  14. so after a bunch of fanboys said the “3ds is ok, dont know what you guys are talking about” or “3ds gonna kill over other handhelds” now you guys are saying that “its true what Iwata is saying, the 3ds didnt had a good launch”….bunch of kiss ass.

    1. It depends how you see it. I’ve been using my 3DS constantly and I’ve had it since launch. Do I want more games for it? Hell yes, but I don’t think the software drought was as severe as some people described it considering the DS one was much worse and lasted longer and the 360 had a terrible launch line up.

      Also, having too many games released so close to each other will cause a problem for the system. Look at all the high profile games being released this year like Batman, Uncharted, Rage, etc. Some of those games will suffer big time due to other big games. Apparently Resistance 3 and Rage will be among the ones that will get overshadowed by the rest of the big games.

  15. its good for nintendo to get a head start on the next gen but a head start too early is bad so i think this is only good news. nintendo will hopefully take the time to make it the perfect console and then release it :D

  16. So that means wii u will be released after June? That sucks but I hope they perfected the Wii U really well and add bluray support

      1. Generic Internet User

        It doesn’t need blu-ray

        I remember seeing somewhere that they left that out so it could be cheaper, and that almost everyone has a blu-ray player

      2. That is, if you use BD. You see, the PS1 became popular because of the CD player. The PS2 had a DVD player, so it got a hold on the market. As a consequence, most people used it as a DVD player only and did not buy games for it. The ps3 had the cheapest BD as one of its selling points, yet it didn’t quite take off and Sony is still recovering from their losses.

        For the next gen, does it matter if they have a new video format for the systems? People seem to lean towards streaming movies now, so it is not likely that the same tactic will work again.Personally, I love BD because it has better quality than when you stream movies (and my Internet connection is pretty crappy), but the industry is moving away from that.

        I think the selling point for the next gen will be the games and how you play them. Also, Nintendo seems to be getting a lot of support from a number of companies. Capcom is giving a lot of support to Nintendo with the 3DS (regarless of what you think of them), Square Enix is also on the same boat.All of those exclusive franchises Sony had are being shifted around and Nintendo seems to be the target of that. Sony has more exclusives while the 360 has next to nothing in comparison, yet that is selling more. The problem is that the 360 is not popular in Japan. If Nintendo can make the Wii U a wolrd wide success, then it’ll house most of the games due to popularity and flexibility since I doubt the ps4 and 720 will be “vastly” more powerful than the Wii U.

    1. I think it would be a little earlier. They may want to launch the system around summer and (maybe) before that. That way, they have room to release more games if they have them during the holiday season since a crowded launch may impact game sales.

  17. Lots of bickering here. Guys nintendo has learned from thier mistakes thats why wii u will be better then 3ds when it comes to game,price,online,controller,etc. and trolls need to realize that they can not always ram first party games at launch because they would have a bad holiday. Rember n64? Due to mario 64 it launched with 2 games!

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