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Nintendo 3DS: Playable Demo’s Coming To The Nintendo 3DS eShop And Other Improvements

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has explained to investors that the company is going to revamp the Nintendo 3DS eShop, with demos, sleep mode downloads, and a browser version of the store for PCs and smartphones. Nintendo will also be providing support for DLC and micro-transactions.

“We are aiming to accelerate our digital business, the importance of which is expected to become even higher in the future. Several new functions will be added to the Nintendo eShop.”

“In terms of usability, we know that there are still several issues with the eShop. We are now preparing for the Nintendo eShop to be available on the web so that you can access it via PCs or smartphones too.”

– Nintendo president Satoru Iwata

62 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Playable Demo’s Coming To The Nintendo 3DS eShop And Other Improvements”

      1. They can still release a demo for people who are not sure if they should get it, though I’m pretty sure most 3DS owners will get those games no matter what. I know I am and I’m not a big Mario fan. I’m more like the Luigi guy

        wee geee!

  1. FIRST!

    Nah, seriously, glad finally Nintendo’s finally changing their damn strategy instead of going bankrupt by being stubborn.

      1. They lost money one quarter that doesn’t mean they are even close to going bankrupt. The 3ds is selling well and they keep improving it which is good. There are things that need improvement and they have been working on them.

  2. It’s still not enough in my opinion.
    The new features such as the sleep mode downloads and demos are a nice addition, but the pricing is still to high. People want to be able to buy old titles for a quick play, thus they should be priced accordingly. Five dollars a pop is demanding too much.

    1. $5 too much?! $5 was a lot when I was 4. Your are comparing the eShop with the App Store (iTunes). You are paying for classics and many other much longer games than you can ever get in the App Store

      1. i completely agree these games are easy ports
        way over priced hec it cost more money to make angry birds than to port these “classics” yet angry birds sells for $0.99 on phones.
        @jrod yes we are comparing it to the app store their is nothing wrong with that hec nintendo knows that their eshop is competing with the app store now if he was comparing the “actual” 3DS games like mario kart 7 kid iccarus KH3D than yes thats absurd but its two dowloadable markets that should be compared.

        1. Just because they are both download based markets does not make the anywhere near the same. The app store is just that, a store for applets and productive little things like microsoft office go. I would much rather pay $5 for Kirbyland than $5 on app store mini-games, if you can show me one of the 99¢ app games that can keep my attention as long as a classic title I will concede to you argument. I do not mean based on legth of the games i mean based purely on enjoyment that could keep my attention for hours.

      2. Yes too much by today’s standard, relatively.

        I want to download PvZ in eshop but is priced ridiculously at 7.20 gbp whereas in appstore only 0.69. Wtf? I honestly don’t know who to blame, Nintendo or PopCap.

    2. Then I’d suggest buying phone games? In all seriousness, it’s like that just about everywhere. CoD map packs cost $15 and they only offer a few crappy maps. I do agree they should lower the price on original GB games, especially the ones that don’t seem to have a strong impact. I’m a little scare of having a Pokemon game appear on it and then pay $6 for it when they could just release a GBA and charge the same price (that would be more fair).

      1. I was worried that the 3DS games were going Mobile. What you said makes perfect sense though, and I hope that’s the route they go.

  3. DLC!! I hope Mariokart 7 gets it first. Let’s get all the courses into Mariokart 7!

    Games like Mariokart and Smash definitely need DLC over games like Galaxy or Mario 3D Land. Although some new ‘tougher’ levels would always be appreciated.

    1. I think Nintendo stated they will have no DLC for their games, but third parties will be eager. Imagine Resident Evil: Revelations DLC!

      1. Nintendo said that they would not have paid DLC for their games if it meant just different skins and stuff; in other words, they would offer free add-ons. They did said that they would have paid DLC if it meant expanding the game’s life spam. They want to do DLC, but they want to do it more meaningful than what it is being used like at the moment.

  4. I thought Mr. Iwata once said that he would never consider expanding to the Apple or Smartphone market, What ever could make him change his mind?
    Nevertheless, if he feels that’s the way to save Nintendo, then that’s up to him.

    1. Its not expanding, it just allows you to view a video or maybe a real ‘review’ so that when you go on your 3DS you know what you are paying for. I don’t think you will see 3DS games on mobile devices, just you will be able to view the store and browse and not waste your 3DS battery life.

    2. You’re misunderstanding the point. They will let you purchase games from the eShop through PCs and smartphones, not that you will be able to play them on PCs and smartphones. It’s like how you can buy PSP games using your pc. If you have a data plan on your phone in the future, then you will be able to download your purchase to your 3DS on the go or using a PC somewhere where wifi is not available like a computer cafe or something.

  5. The simultaneous downloads and demos is what I’m excited about. Browsing the eShop/buying games on thr web sounds nice, but I doubt I’ll use it much until I can download games off my PC (when my PC can connect but 3DS can’t, or for faster speeds) and sync to 3DS.

    1. Micro-transactions refers to purchasing in-game commodities (such as armor or new weapons) with real world money. A lot of times this means that devs can sell you the game for less because they’re making profit from the micro-transactions. It’s a big thing for MMO’s, especially the free-to-play ones. Usually the purchases are done in the game’s own shop, as opposed to the console’s.

        1. Possibly, but also possibly not. These are “free” coins, so basically you’d get this additional content for free. Some stuff might use it, but I believe the stuff regarding micro-transactions might be with real cash.

        2. not really. Microtransactions refer to the use of real money to buy in-game items. The play coins on the 3DS are used by some games to unlock certain items such as figurines for Dead or Alive Dimensions or something like that. Microtransactions use real money (like buying a 3DS card to purchase something on the eShop) to buy items that are either not on the game or that are helpful for the player such as armor and stuff. That’s how free-to-play MMOs pay for their servers and that’s how devs get a profit from facebook games.

          I would assume Monster Hunter will become a huge deal with this. Also, if they’re supporting DLC, then online for MH is not a stretch.

  6. That’d be pretty sweet if the micro-transactions would take the “coins”. Doubtful as stuff would be free, but maybe a discount if you emptied out like 100 or 200 of them along with real cash. Then people would really take their 3DS around town and everyone would get more street passes.

  7. DLC?! First thing that pops in my head is extra race tracks for Mario Kart 7. I always believed they take the easy way out by making up the tracks 50% new 50% classic tracks. I would love to see a game with just brand new tracks. If DLC would be implemented in Mario Kart, this would be fantastic for us gamers!

    1. I enjoy the classic tracks.

      I’m sure it’s easier for them to ‘port’ them, and make the updates needed then create 16 additional brand new tracks.

      I think with DLC, they can have more new tracks, and make classics as DLC.

  8. Oh thank god. The eShop was hopelessly clunky, and I hope that as well as adding Sleep Mode Downloads they let you stack downloads as well, as individually downloading the ten NES Ambassador Games was crushingly dull and very time-consuming.


    1. The new update allows you to queue downloads for when your 3DS goes into sleep mode, so you could leave it in the charger dock and leave it for a while whilst it downloads the whole queue, I think 1 at a time.

  9. Demos arent new. A notification said this earlier. Yet we never got them. I hope SM3DL gets a demo on there or atleast mario kart 7. Not sure If I should buy either one. Control scheme is buggin me.

  10. Didn’t they say we would get our other 10 free GBA games by December?

    Anyways, super excited about this news. The eShop is horrendous and very unorganized. Simble categories such as 3DSWare, DSiWare, Videos, Demos, Coming Soon, and Virtual Console would be perfect in my opinion. It’s nice to see that these updates really ARE updates.

    1. other free gba games? We never got any free gba games. Unless your talking about AP which is said to finish it’s releases by the end of the month.

      1. Where the hell did you get that idea? Demos don’t cost anything, they’re always free. It’s supposed to be a part of the game to give people a taste of the game to try to persuade them to buy it. They wouldn’t make you buy them.

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  12. They still need to change their image and stop being so iffy about region free games if sony and microsoft what’s wrong with nintendo being like everyone else that way they appeal to a wider audience

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