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Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Reveals New Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword Details Including Pumpkin Shooting

Nintendo of America has issued a press release detailing some new features and locations in the forthcoming Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword for Wii. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword launches November 18th in Europe and November 20th in North America.

  • Return to the Eldin Volcano and the Fire Sanctuary: Link travels back to this volcanic area to journey into the Fire Sanctuary, a dungeon that sits on top of the volcano’s summit.
  • New Items: In the Fire Sanctuary, Link receives yet another new item – the Mogma Mitts. Using these, he is able to access underground tunnels by digging through soft patches in the ground to explore the subterranean areas in this dungeon.
  • The Quest Continues: As Link makes his way through this treacherous area and continues on his quest to find and help Zelda, a massive eruption throws him from atop the volcano.
  • More Fun in the Skies: When Link returns to Skyloft he can look forward to a multitude of fun diversions, including Pumpkin Pull, a challenging game of target shooting that involves flying pumpkins.

15 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Reveals New Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword Details Including Pumpkin Shooting”

    1. Don’t, it just spoilt something for me as I glanced over the text while scrolling down. Why, oh why did I click the link?!

        1. i see, it is a pretty looking issue, this months issue has transformers dinos on the cover.. i know its not relevant, just wanted to throw it out there.

  1. Is the Fire Sanctuary different from the so-called “Earth Temple” shown in other reviews or is this a translation change?

    Or are there two Dungeons in Eldin with different bosses? I would love to fight Volvagia alongside the Goron Traveler.

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