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Jeff Grubb reconfirms Final Fantasy IX Remake in development at Square Enix

final fantasy 9 artwork showcasing main characters

Square Enix’s next Final Fantasy remake hasn’t been the best kept secret as rumours have been swirling for a few months now that the magical Final Fantasy IX is the next Final Fantasy game on the cards for the remake treatment at the Japanese developer. Gaming journalist and insider Jeff Grubb has reiterated claims that Final Fantasy IX Remake is in active development though he said that the remake of Final Fantasy IX can’t compare to the scale of Final Fantasy VII: Remake and says that a better analogy would be the difference between Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core and Final Fantasy VII: Remake. Grubb went on to say that it will use the ATB turn-based system and that the classic game won’t change drastically, but it will still feel good and isn’t a simple HD remaster.


14 thoughts on “Jeff Grubb reconfirms Final Fantasy IX Remake in development at Square Enix”

  1. This dont end good :( every small change ruin this game :(
    Best Nobuo Uematsu soundtrack dont need changes, maibe orchestral version only. Ff9 dont need “new” “creative” (stupid) character, original characters party is perfect! Original story and world is perfect! But..
    Someone “creative” from management ruin remake :(

    1. I agree in a lot of ways but you should look at the Memoria Project and the Moguri Mod for FFIX. Nobou Uematsu himself already rearranged many of the tracks for his Distant Worlds recordings and tours (I had the privilege to go to one and wow).

      What matters to me is that they understand that FFIX lives in its medium more than most games do. It’s a theatre play. The Memoria Project won me over when Vivi went inside to a fixed perspective, because they showed an understanding that much of the game takes part on an effective stage, with characters moving and emoting very much in that style.

      It matters to me that they understand their characters, and the juxtaposition of the art style, and general superficial characterisation, with the deep, complex journeys everyone is going through. FFIX does not shy away from the tonal shifts necessary to display the entirety of life.

      It’s very easy to get wrong, but I’m not convinced that it’s that hard to get right. You just have to understand the game well.

  2. Another day, another remake don’t they have any original ideas besides Vivi jumping rope in 4k at 60fps.

    1. They’ve been doing nothing but original ideas for 20 years and most of them suck. How many more Final Fantasy 13’s do you want? Also, they JUST came out with FF16. Does that not count? Any reason why they can’t do both?

  3. This will be better than tales 16 that the recently released. Final fantasy 9 remake and final fantasy 6 remake on the Switch is all we ask for. It will be nice playing a real final fantasy again. Hinrobu Sakaguchi San’s last final fantasy at square enix. Game on video game 🎮 players.


  4. What’s this got to do with Nintendo? It won’t be on the Switch. But if Nintendo would ever hurry up and release the successor, then maybe it could happen.

    1. Rumors claim that Kotick talked with Nintendo about Call of Duty and there next console and they say the next Nintendo will be on the same level as PS4 so it will be even less powerfull than the switch was when it released. Even mobile phones are better than a Nintendo console.

  5. They really should take this opportunity to make Beatrix playable. If the mods can make it work… can Square <3

  6. Looking forward to this… semi-remaster, semi-remake of Final Fantasy IX, I guess? I hope the minigames will be less painful. That is all I ask for.

  7. Wtf does not like FF7R but closer to Crisis Core to FF7R mean? So it’s not going to be a hidden sequel disguised as a remake, it’s going to be a completely different game only loosely connected to the source though a minor character?

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