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Nintendo: Games Industry Believes Apple Is A Bigger Influence Than Nintendo

Apple has had a bigger impact on video games than Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft according to 1000 people surveyed at the London Games Conference. The top five people who have shaped video games are, Steve Jobs (26 per cent), Gabe Newell (16 per cent), Shigeru Miyamoto (seven per cent), Tim Berners-Lee (four per cent) and Mark Zuckerberg (three per cent).

118 thoughts on “Nintendo: Games Industry Believes Apple Is A Bigger Influence Than Nintendo”

        1. Umm….. apple owns more then the US governments money!

          Apple is the richest company in the world! richer then nintendo so thats why its a bigger influence.

          1. id much rather play Mario than a shitty game like angry birds that takes 3 minutes to beat, i tried it, it bored the fuck out of me Nintendo is the best game manufacturer, there would be no games without Nintendo, Nintendo save the gaming world a few years back from extinction.

              1. heres the thing this is BS because apple dosent make the games EVER!!! ITS ALL 3RD PARTY!!! THIS IS UNFAIR TO JUDGE!!!

    1. Develop Breakout, with Steve Wozniak doing the programming. Of course that begs the question, why not give that spot on the list to someone more significant at Atari like Nolan Bushnell? They made the “quick fix” market Apple currently thrives on.

      Though I assume they’re just talking about the iPhone ever since 2008. Not much substance to that answer beside pricing and ease of access.

      With Steve actually having experience, though, what’s Zuckerburg’s excuse? He only developed an incidental format.

  1. There’s little doubt in my mind that iOS and the iPhone have had a significant impact on modern gaming, but seriously, maybe I’d take this seriously if Jobs had more to do with gaming than swindling Woz out of money during their time at Atari 30+ years ago.

  2. give me a break, steve jobs (R.I.P.) didn’t even believe in the Apple products as a game system. and gabe newell? all he does is bitch about consoles, especially the PS3.

    miyamoto should be #1 as without him, we wouldn’t have more than half of gamings most recognized icons and franchises.

    this is a load of shit.

    1. Because they are making it look like the entire gaming community thinks that, I’m sure if ACTUAL gamers of all sorts took this vote the results would be different. I shouldn’t care, but for some reason I do :P

    2. Sounds to me like they just walked into a group of random people, all with iPhones in hand and asked “Who do you think had the biggest impact on the video game industry?” And all the apple fanboys who can’t remember what life was like before the ipad were like “Duh! Apple!”

      Also there still alot of sentimentality for Steve Jobs with his recent passing. Some deserved and and some overblown, like this.

  3. facebook and apple keep on saying stupid things about gaming…. i think those 1000 people on london doesnt have or played any nintendo sony or microsoft created games or consoles in their lives. the world should seperate SERIOUS VIDEO GAMES from those LAME GAMES.

    1. and ofcourse there are more apple users in the world. i mean its an iphone for everyone’s sake. if they want to know a real survey. please interview those REAL CERTIFIED SERIOUS GAMERS. not those SINGLE TIME GAMERS (those who play only in one platform of gaming [facebook or apple] )

    1. it is also a videogame. so yeah. they are gamers also. :)

      the only thing to do is to categorize these gamers from real hardcore gamers.

      apple and facebook doesnt understand gaming seriously.

  4. I think it’s because of Steve Job’s death. The current thing right now is “oh, Steve Jobs invented so many revolutionary products, he is a hero” and while I do honor the man, I think it influenced people’s decision in this survey

    1. yea i agree. he did not invent mac. woz-his partner did. he just handled how it should be sold. that is to sell it in an unbelievable high price carrying the charismatic apple name which made him a business genius.

  5. same shit different toilet, i honestly dont get the hipocrites on this site, back when the wii was dominating sales with all the shovelware these same ecxact surveys were made by similar people who knew nothing about link, kirby, samus, ect. and sony/microsoft fanboys raged, but now that apples is in the race and its dominating (with .99 cent SHOVELWARE) nintendo fanboys rage?? honestly.. wow

    1. Also dude I think ALL gamers are raging here. It’s not just Nintendo fanboys that got shat on. Xbox, Playstation and pc gamers as well.

      Steve jobs isnt a gaming pioneer, how many decent games run on a Mac? Yup think about it.

      1. I don’t know what you’re talking about, I still never liked to listen to these surveys. I just don’t like it when these people get to vote and actual gamers like us don’t even get a say in the matter.

        1. ^THIS x10! I’m really worried that us gamers are losing our voice to the soccer moms and non-gamers out there because there are more of them, but a many have already said, they don’t know shot about gaming. We really should start some sort of massive counter and get it noticed by the media to tell all of these people that read surveys like this and honestly think that the iPhone is a gaming device what the real deal is. Otherwise, when this gets around to Apple and Facebook, they’re going to beloved it and start trying to make games… *shudders*

    2. Yet they still played games on machines that were designed for that and knew about Mario. The iPhone? It facilitated the delivery of apps, but they have not done a thing to consider them “game changers,” specially when Jobs was into hardware engineering, not game development. See the difference now?

  6. nintendo is a game-builder in the first place. they construct games that are topnotch gameplaywise. apple sure is a big influence but definitly NOT a game-builder. that is what makes the difference.

  7. Well, influence, definitely….
    but GOOD influence? That’s miyamoto! And saying otherwise is kind of strange considering Miyamoto singlehandedly shaped basically any genre other than FPS, RTS, and online gaming.

    1. and on top of that, Steve Jobs only made the hardware. The Devs making the games are completely unrelated to him.

      Steve Jobs is a genius, but honestly people saying this are uninformed and wrong.

  8. There is a difference between influence and sales numbers. If Apple announced an exclusive game, no one would care, if a major interesting game is announced for the WiiU or a next gen console, that is one more ship in which console will sell.

  9. What it is that these 1000 people don’t know is that the games made for the iPhone and iPad are only there for short-term profits and not those in the long-term. Plus, the games are not an evolution in gaming because they are cheaply-made flash games that cost less money than those made on handhelds and consoles. Short-term profits are there so that these companies like Rovio make money very quickly, but they cannot avoid earnings losses in the long run. That is why I respect Satoru Iwata for not going into smartphone gaming because he wants to make profit with Nintendo products in the long run where Nintendo could try to avoid many earnings losses in the future. This year may have been a wake-up call for Nintendo, but we’ll have to see where that future holds. Besides, I think Shigeru Miyamoto was the bigger influence than everybody placed on that list.

  10. Miyamoto is by far the most influential person in gaming… They should do this poll with developers then I’ll take it serious.

  11. I have nothing against Apple or iPhones but I’m fucking fed up of hearing about how superlative their goddamn products are. No, iPhones aren’t gaming consoles. No, iPhones don’t have superior games. No, iPhones aren’t influencing the gaming industry. Just shut the fuck up already.

  12. Bullshit. These people were most likely asked on the spot and most know nothing about video games. Plus, these are only people, not companies. The day that people consider Super Mario Bros more influential than angry birds, I will eat my own shit.

  13. Relax people, Steve Jobs’ name has more street credit. If you pick 1000 random strangers, I’m sure they would at least know Steve Jobs over Shigeru Miyamoto. Now if the study was done in Japan, I’m sure the results would be flip-flopped.

    I don’t see a source so I can only assume this was done in America and also we don’t know if the company was assigned to the person. Did the survey people identify Miyamoto with Nintendo? Or was it just a on-name basis?

    1. Yes…. the London Games Conference was held in America…
      Come on seriously dude if your going to try and add to the flame rage don’t make yourself look like an idiot.

  14. What!? What games has Apple made? The iPhone apps and such are little more than “activities,” hardly games. Nintendo is much more influential.
    Aside from marketing over priced devices that are half as useful as other devices on the market, the only thing Steve Jobs did was provide Pixar with enough money and computers to get started (no one seems to recognize that). That is awesome, but I still think Nintendo is more influential as a game provider.

  15. Yeah, right. Did they also ask those people if they themselves had played any other games besides phone games? I think the answer would be quite interesting. Also, Apple/Steve Jobs did not shape the gaming industry in any way. They created a store system to deliver cheap apps. The ones with the games are those developed them. If anything, Apple created the biggest flop and gaming history, the Pippin. It was worse than the Virtual Boy since Nintendo had its own gaming studios and that at least sold later on. The Pippin was dead on arrival.

  16. …Are you fuckin kidding me?

    I mean, even if Shigeru Miyamoto was going to place below Steve Jobs, why in the world is he placed even below GABE NEWELL? Granted Gabe Newell is more of a bonafide contributor to gaming than Steve Jobs was, but seriously, Miyamoto below even him?! Well, I’ll say this: they need to hire better pollsters. They picked the wrong damn time to conduct the survey, the wrong people to conduct the survey on, and the wrong information to give the survey subjects apparently. This is horseshit.

  17. 1: Steve Jobs = BULL!!!
    2: Gaben = He’s too fat for this list
    3: Miyamoto = MIYAMOTO, Y U NO HIGHER ON LIST!
    4: Tim Berners-Lee = Who?
    5: Mark Zuckerberg = Lol, U Mad, bro?


      1. That’s still saying something like the creator of Steam is the best video game developer because he created a platform for games, but no actual games

  18. I agree with this article. Apple IS a bigger influence on gaming. Nobody can make mindlessly easy and short “micro-games” like they can. To beat them, you need no intelligence, only your ability to slide a finger over a 4-6 hundred dollar screen, giving people the knowledge that the “player” is either a hipster, or someone who thinks that price is equal to quality. Oh wait… don’t the games cost 99 cents? Hmmm… curious.

    I mean, who wants to play an innovative, fun game that will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time playing, which may be anywhere from 4-10 hours, or even more. Who wants to play a game that develops the most loyal fan base, that no matter what, they keep purchasing the games, despite there being “free/hacked” versions. Certainly not me, Sir. Instead of Legend of Zelda, Super Mario, or Star Fox, I’d much rather play the newest itteration of Fruit Ninja, or Doodle Jump.


    Screw Apple and their short, easy, and rediculously basic games. I’d take a LoZ or Mario game over those ANY day. Bring on Skyward Sword!

  19. Apple < PC/Steam < Xbox/Playstation < Nintendo
    This is how I see gaming influences(all except apple almost at a tie). Apple has only indie/homebrew-ish games for the IPhone and limited games for mac computers.

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  21. Steve Jobs certainly left his mark, but god damn it I wish they would stop comparing Nintendo and Apple. Nintendo is a gaming company that produces quality titles. Apple is a computer company that should stick to putting led screens into overpriced little boxes of tin foil

  22. what people dont get is that some may say that is had a bigger influnce but waht does it mater cause because an influce is what influces you not some else. you diced waht influences you not someone else

  23. Apple was the biggest influence in reshaping the game industy. It is now as overflowing with quickly disposable games, just as landfills are full of waste generated by the company that forces the cycling of their hardware via Firmware that makes the prior Gen hardware obsolete.

  24. Sorry to say this, but balls to Apple. Any real gamer would know that Apple’s “games” aren’t…games. Those “games” are just there for casuals and people too bored to call Mom.

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