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Nintendo: Nintendo Completely Dominates This Years Software Sales Charts

A whopping ten out of this years top twenty games in Europe were on Nintendo formats. Six consecutive games on a Nintendo platform were placed between number two and number seven. Wii Sports Resort, Pokémon Black and White, Wii Party, Wii Fit Plus, Mario Kart Wii, and New Super Mario Bros were all in the top ten best-selling games for the first nine months of 2011.

68 thoughts on “Nintendo: Nintendo Completely Dominates This Years Software Sales Charts”

      1. okay first off i’m a girl. secondly, pokemon is a classic and thats not how you spell it idiot. and third, cunt is probably something you will never get. typical “gamer” not appreciating classics and not knowing how to speak to females. =P

      2. Funny that you would find a Nintendo fanboy on a website called MY NINTENDO NEWS. It’s just ironic. Who would have thought that?

    1. This has to be resolved first:

      Really, don’t be blaming Nintendo for this. Blame the associated parties who are super protective of their copyrighted material that’s in Earthbound. Of course you could ask, “Why not just take it all out?” Trust me, would this really be the same game if Mr. T, the Sgt. Pepper Reprise remix and the Runaway 5 weren’t in it?

  1. It’s pretty ha5rd to get a fix on just how doomed Nintendo is at any given point with such schizophrenic coverage as Nintendo both simultaneously not being an influence on the games industry vs, them taking half the Top Ten list.

    1. It’s because they are not “doomed” yet, just getting negative publicity. Lots of news look at the negative news rather than the positive, so it’s only natural that Nintendo is getting hit. The 3DS price drop seemed to cause this disaster of negativity.

        1. Might’ve been more effective if your statement was shorter, though. Just some advice for future comments like that.

  2. to bad over the next 2 weeks all those games are gonna be lucky to be in the top 30. with MW3 which is going to take most bought again, then Skyrim, the Assassins Creed, then Saints Row 3, then UVMC3, so on and so forth.

      1. Considering that MW2 or Black Ops or whatever sold some 17mil already and a solid 8mili the first week. (or some insane amount) MW3, with record breaking preorders or whatever. will obliterate that chart and create a huge ass gap between 1st and second. I’m guessing Skyward sword will cap off around 9-12mil.

    1. We’ve had plenty of high profile games selling left and right. If these games have survived that, then there is no reason why some of those Nintendo games shouldn’t be on top.

    2. skyward sword mario kart 7 and super mario 3D land will obliverate those games of yours. also modernwarfare 3 is on Wii aswell so…

    3. Saints row isn’t even going to make it on the top 10…umvc3 umm not even close i’m pretty sure mvc3 didn’t even sell over 3 million

    4. These games are have recieved a lot of hype, but you should still realize that there is a good portion of the market that doesn’t know a when a game comes out until they get they’re local ads.

    1. I’m 25 and I still play Pokemon. They don’t have an age limit for that. If anything, I’m in college trying to get my degree in computer animation and one day I hope to create something more influential than Pokemon. It inspires me.

    2. Pokemon has a well thought out RPG scheme. It also has some dedicated multiplayer fans out there, too. And it really doesn’t matter who buys the game, when revenue is what keeps studios alive.

  3. i do find this to be funny news, when all you hear in general news is how Nintendo is a failing company, yet the own on average half of the software market. leaving about 1/4 to Sony and 1/4 Microsoft. everyone pays so much attention to hardware and less to innovation, yet when “their” company copies the tech, its awesome. Nintendo has brought us innovation with every system and when i look to the future its Nintendo i’ll be facing.
    i’m not saying the other companies are bad/poor just lack the same kinda of innovation. selling you a slightly better version of what you already have. of course it should also be mentioned that people always resist change and this at time negatively effects a company that carves out new frontiers. also i would like to mention that the only company that gave Nintendo a run for its money when it came to innovation was Sega.
    written by a video game adviser since 1998. (i play games and tell you what you should be playing)

  4. pretty typical games, the ones that are on the top wii charts for sales. and of course pokemon. it sucks that more people dont buy good games like sin and punishment 2, i prefer that game than most of the games listed (except pokemon of course)

    1. (Repeat of a response to CptMcMuffin)

      This has to be resolved first:

      Really, don’t be blaming Nintendo for this. Blame the associated parties who are super protective of their copyrighted material that’s in Earthbound. Of course you could ask, “Why not just take it all out?” Trust me, would this really be the same game if Mr. T, the Sgt. Pepper Reprise remix and the Runaway 5 weren’t in it?

  5. So why has Nintendo lost so much money when they dominate the sales.

    Early this year was bad for all format due to lack of games. Portal 2 was the main game

    1. The strong Yen has made many Japanese companies lose a lot of money. 80% of Nintendo’s income is from outside Japan. The weak dollar and the bad economy in the US is not helping at all. On top of that, a lot of that loss comes from research and development from the Wii U, including hardware, games, and partnerships. It’s the first year in 30 years that they warn for a year loss. The media just doesn’t do a good job explaining that and report on the bad things to get more views.

      In comparison, Sony, as whole, is reporting its 7th consecutive year loss and their value as a overall company has dropped about 43% just this year alone. People would argue that Sony has other divisions. Well, that only works when you release something at a loss, but if the entire company is being affected, then it’s really bad. In fact, if you take these numbers into account, Sony is in a much worse situation than Nintendo since Nintendo has to worry only about their couple of hardware and their games. Sony has man divisions throughout the world, with many more employees, and bigger losses to face.

      People like to trash-talk Nintendo all the time and only look at their worst moments for more views, but they are in fact in a better position than when the gamecube was going out and the Wii was about to hit store shelves. If you look at the numbers, Nintendo made more profits than the competition with the gamecube and their profits had increase from the N64. Why is that? It’s because of the way they do business.

      Of course, many people just prefer to ignore this fact. I mean, it’s Nintendo after all, and they’re “doomed” no matter what they do, right?

  6. Ninty done well. But here is an FPS’s reaction. Maybe.

    oMG wHy? u know tha cod and battlefield and halO is better. fps f0r teh winz! nIntenD0 is n0 funz.

    I do like nintendo, but that was just if a 360 fanboy was there. Maybe.

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