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Nintendo Wii: Reggie Fils-Aime Says Zelda Is Not The Last Great Game On Wii

Whilst it could be taken as pure PR fluff Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has told a Brazilian site that The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword isn’t the last great game on Wii. Do you think Nintendo have any more big titles planned for the system, or do you think they’re saving all they’ve got for the Wii U launch next year?

Q: What’s next for the Wii after Skyward Sword?

“More good games. Many people ask me if ‘Zelda: Skyward Sword’ is the last great game for the Wii and the answer is no. Let’s talk about upcoming games for Wii in late December or early January.”

115 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Reggie Fils-Aime Says Zelda Is Not The Last Great Game On Wii”

      1. God No!!!!! remember the wii launch year and we had tons of games like donkey kong barrel blast that was so supposed to be for the bongos on gamecube! I know Zelda was a good transition but the majority of stuff flopped so so much! I would encourage a continuation of new play control! Imagine okami with the wii U tablet!

      1. why? you have both options on Wii U so i don’t get what you mean. you can play games the Wii way or the Wii U way on Wii U

            1. Because they are probly so far along in development that upscaleing to HD would be little different to actual graphics.

    1. That would involve re-texturing and re-programming to make the games look and play like HD games (which, as history shows, does not work out very well). The Wii U is backwards compatible anyways, so late Wii games will still have a place. Sales of said games will be much better for a console tens of millions of people have, as opposed to sales for a game that works on a console only a few hundred thousand own. This is why new PS2 games were being made years into the PS3’s life (as late as 2009 I believe — and they’re still making PS2 game discs to this day).

    2. I don’t think so, it’s a lot of work redoing the graphics. They should keep those releases to the Wii. As long as they’re good games, I don’t care what system they’re for.

    1. “Everyone’s Rythm Heaven” :) they should leave the dub and just sub it. I wouldn’t want to hear crappy american VOs over the cute and funny jap dub :)

  1. A bluff most likely, wouldn’t doubt there’s good games still to come, but there won’t be any main franchises from Nintendo, they would’ve something announced by now.

    Still, there’s still a year left so let’s hope!

  2. Maybe he’s giving American fans what they want and bringing Xenoblade, etc over. Don’t see what else it could really be. As with Pikmin, I’d say any game that hasn’t been announced yet that was being developed for Wii will now be moved to Wii U.
    Of course what’s to say he’s referring to Nintendo developed titles.

    But they do have at least 7 months between Zelda and the Wii U, if we look at an unlikely post-E3 June release as best case scenario. I just hope he’s not referring to party games or something similar

      1. Pandoras boz, last story and Xenoblades is not coming to North America so i think Reggie will be talking about something else.

  3. meh… You can’t play Skyrim on Wii, or Battlefield 3, or Batman Arkham City, or Dirt 3, or War in The North…

    1. so go buy yourself a god dam pc, or ps3. not hatin on those games or ps3, i love all video games, no need to hate. exactly why u need not hate on nintendo games, for their exclusives top anything else on any console

    2. a dirt game is comming to Wii U with better graphics than other consoles, skyrim developers said they were gonna make a skyrim game for Wii U, batman arkham city is comming to Wii U at launch again with better graphics than actual consoles, battlefield 4 is probably comming to Wii U and finally war in the north is a PC game. just to let you know. BTW all the consoles you have cant play the awessomeness that is skyward sword.

  4. We don’t actually know if he considers the shovelware to be good games, I mean he’s not gonna say otherwise, is he? Unless he’s hinting at some new games for North America regarding Operation Rainfall.

      1. Mario / Wii Party, Mario Super Sluggers, Wii Music, Mario and Sonic at the Olympics, Mario Sports mix, Mario Strikers, Mario Tennis, Fortune Street, Wii Play, Endless Ocean, Big Brain Academy, and Fling Smash and that is just for Wii. Their portable library is usually worse.

        Hell, even Nintendo’s shovelware is still better than most companies AAA games.

  5. Is he referring to Mario Party 9 or Dragon Quest X ? Even though I enjoy both games (Mario Party more than DQ) I wouldn’t count those as triple A releases. Now if he were talking about releasing The Last Story and/or Xenoblade Chronicles in America…

  6. What happened to Mario Party? Not sure when that’s coming out. Rhythm Heaven comes out next year for the UK so there are still Wii games for to look forward to.

  7. Reggie obviously doesn’t realize that there isn’t a single game they could come out for the Wii now that can be better than Skyward Sword. he should of said “Yes there are good games still coming for the Wii after Skyward but Skyward is the best yet and we probably won’t be able to make anything even more spectacular until Wii U.”

  8. A new Wave Race or F-Zero would be fine. They could make cross-platform (from a single disc) games. You can play it on a standard Wii or it’ll be enhanced when played on a Wii U. That would be great for those of us that don’t want to upgrade to a Wii U immediately. I’ve only had my Wii for a year and still want to get more games for it and play through before buying the next system. Need to slow down some.

      1. no they haven’t! they said just because they showed the game in TP style doesn’t mean it will look like that in the end!

      2. spriggax, you are dead wrong. Nintendo has stated quite the contrary. That TP-looking demo from E3 for WiiU was merely a tech demo. They’ve said that the new Zelda will probably look much different and support it’s own artstyle that best fits the system, as any Zelda games does.

  9. About the BIG POKEMON Games they are referring to, does it mean that there might be 3 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Games on the WiiWare service in NA, EU, and AUS?

  10. The only game that comes to mind is Dragon Quest X, and even that might have trouble selling on Wii since it’s also coming for Wii U. Let’s not forget Regie’s PR talk record. For every company, anything that they make is great regardless of how it is received. If for some crazy reason they are working on the localization of Xenoblade, The Last Story, and Pandora’s Tower, then I would prefer those on the Wii U. Maybe they could not redo the textures, but they would work on the resolution and have the games run at 60fps with better load times and stuff.

    Let’s wait and see. They’re supposed to talk about those games in December or January, so by then games like Mario Party 9 would have come out already, so this means they have other games in the way.

      1. They could still improve that, and the game is locked to 25fps in Europe if I’m not mistaken. That’s the equivalent of 30fps here in the US. If the game ran at 60fps here, then that would be awesome.

  11. Lets hope he is talking about Xenoblade. the Wii still has potential to be great for its last few months if they bring over the 3 Operation Rainfall games

  12. All I can really think of as a big game still yet to come out for Wii (besides SS) is Mario Party 9, which still won’t bring in much people.
    Screw the Wii, Nintendo! I’d be fine waiting half a year for the Wii U replaying all my Wii games just for Nintendo to focus entirely on the Wii U’s launch! There better be atleast 1 AAA first party game and, say, 5 AAA 3rd party games at Wii U’s launch for it to be succesful.

  13. He can’t be talking about the already announce game for Wii. There is games that they are holding back like for 3DS.

      1. wouldnt you guys like the 3 rainfall games exclusively on Wii U at launch with hyper realistic graphics and constant 60fps 1080p HD i mean probably the reason for those games not comming to north america is because they have been working to make those games for Wii U all along it would really make sense

        1. This makes next to no sense, actually. Those 3 games not being released in North America was not an NOA decision, it was a Nintendo of Japan decision. Reggie doesn’t make choices like that. Nintendo didn’t want to just break even or come close to a profit with these games, they wanted to make money. That’s the underlying goal of every business.

          NOJ didn’t want to allocate the resources necessary to localize the games, put a marketing campaign behind them, and deal with the distributors and retailers. A lot more goes into localizing games than changing the shipping address.

          As for some sort of graphical and programming overhaul, all three games were third party. Why would these much smaller companies fork over more money to remaster games that weren’t released in North America in the first place? It would make no sense for them to do so.

  14. Glad to hear this, since I probably won’t buy the Wii U :(

    The Wii U looks great, but it’s coming out just before I go to college, and I’ll be saving my money for that.

  15. Zelda is the last game on Wii, unless they localize the games PXO ( has been fighting for since day one: Pandora’s Tower, Xenoblade, and The Last Story. These games would give the Wii one last breath of life before the Wii U comes out. PXO is behind support for RPGs and localization and these games are Nintendo’s best bet besides Zelda.

  16. F-zero? mother 4? new donkey kong game that plays like dk64? star fox wii? if we not getting any of the games i just said then fuck what games are coming nya!

    1. That would really piss some people off. It would seem like shovelware at that point.

      “We have this great new system with really beautiful, fast graphics and a new redesigned online features. I know people have been begging us for a new Star Fox and F-Zero game, that is why were are going to rush it out to put it on a system that has neither great HD graphics or good online features! And remember kids, if it doesn’t sell well and get great reviews then we will probably abandon these franchises for a long time.”

  17. There are still some Nintendo franchises that haven’t appreared on the Wii – Star Fox and F-Zero come to my mind. Also, Pokémon BW hasn’t had its 3D fighting game (I mean Stadium/Colosseum/Battle Revolution), and that’s always a must, so they will definitely release a 3D Pokémon game at least.

  18. Mario Party 9? or maybe that announced Pokemon game :) just don’t let it be a PokePark pleeeassee… My little brother loves that but a real Pokemon game is what I was looking for.

    1. Hopefully those will be saved for Wii U. Star Fox and F-Zero games just crave beautiful HD graphics and sensible online features.

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  20. After the botched 3DS launch, I hope they learned their lesson that GAMES SELL SYSTEMS. Without a few great launch titles (Nintendogs and tech demos disguised as games don’t count) the Wii U will just be a (more expensive) repeat of the 3DS. They better have some good games launch or they won’t get my money until they do.

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