Nintendo 3DS: Twenty Two Minutes Of Glorious Super Mario 3D Land Gameplay

1UP has posted twenty two minutes of sublime Super Mario 3D Land footage. They’ve already received their review copy so all the footage is footage from the finished game. It’s basically one long walk-through, so if you don’t want the experience spoiled then try to refrain from watching it!


    1. why would you ever talk about call of duty on a nintendo page? Call of Duty gets a bit different with each title, but with mario it changes every game. Other than the format and the tried and true basic game mechanics what is the same about this game? Even the 2 Galaxy games were different.

    1. it gets so tempting, but there are certain titles that I cant watch videos of until ive played the game like portal and the legend of zelda. This is one of those titles for me

  1. They said there were going to be more power ups the game is realesed in japan already yet no new powerups.

  2. Wait, why are these videos a big deal any more? If you know where to look on Youtube you can find the entirety of the first eight worlds and some of the special levels. I’m almost surprised this site and others haven’t posted the footage of the final Bowser’s Castle level and final boss yet…

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