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Nintendo Wii: Pachter Says PlayStation 3 Will Capture The Wii Crowd, But Wii Will Be Top This Holiday Season

Famed industry analyst Michael Pachter has told Industry Gamers that he believes that Wii owners will migrate to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Move this holiday season. However, Pachter predicts that the Wii will be the top-selling console in November and December, then fall back into third place forever after. Do you agree with Pachters predictions?

256 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Pachter Says PlayStation 3 Will Capture The Wii Crowd, But Wii Will Be Top This Holiday Season”

      1. I love how you just assume it’s a Sony fan for saying the Wii blows. Really rude and stereotypical.

        I’m a Nintendo fan. I agree, the Wii blows.

        1. No Wii U blows

          I was sorta disappointing to see that That Wii U is really much of a improvement from the Wii,

          But remeber I love my Wii, But I would probably wait untill nintendo makes a better system

          1. Now that’s just stupid. I know the Wii blows because I own one. You’re either trolling or ignorant enough to judge a system before it’s even launched, let alone what little we know about it.

            1. Now hold on a sec I’m not trolling but I am stating a fact about Wii U I mean name me a things that the WII U has improved on other than HD graphics and a new controller

              1. What else are upgrades supposed to improve on? XD

                New graphics and updated controllers are pretty much what new consoles are for. The Wii had better graphics and a new controller compared to the Gamecube. The 360 had the same compared to the original xBox. Advance graphics and new controllers are pretty much the essence of console upgrades. :v

              2. and better online and more involvement of 3rd party developers and a generally more powerful system and the ability to play some games without needing the tv screen but let’s just ignore all those things.

                yes, better graphics and a new controller are the only differences from the wii

                  1. ok so a console that is more powerful, has an entirely new controller (that can play some games without a television screen), and has better internet capabilities that third party developers actually take interest in is not a new console in your eyes. alright then, i suppose you know more about video games than i do and they do. so what exactly would constitute a “new console” in your eyes?

                    1. maybe he wants a new console that can have sex with him while having a new controller that would f*ck him in the arse….jus

                    2. You don’t get it what Nintendo is making is not a great improvement for the wii, What Wii U has The ps3 and Xbox 360 already has like Better HD and a improvent online, And when the Xbox 720 and Ps4 comes out their probably going to have twice the power of the predecessors and then what, it’s going to be like 2007 where everyone sells the Wii for a ps3(look it up it happened) So can you guess what’s going to happen in 2013 or 2014

                  2. Because it is a new console with new features and graphics. If the new features don’t appeal to you, than good for you, don’t buy it. That still does not mean that it isn’t a new console. I could release a 16 bit SNES ripoff which ends up selling like shit but it is still a new console

              3. WII (next gen) WIIu
                PS2 (next gen) PS3
                Xbox (next gen) Xbox360
                they all took that approach of keeping the old name because the old name was very famous, especially PS2 and WII

          2. Sorry to burst your bubble, but the PS4 isn’t going to have that giant jump of graphical power that the PS3 did. (I had to post to an earlier comment or this entire paragraph would be a vertical line)

            1. Funny because the jump from wii to wiiU is MASSIVE!! I mean huge! Think its has to be AT LEAST 8x more powerful than the wii!!! People CANNOT use the wii to base the wiiU off of, the wii was weak ON PURPOSE! IT MEANS NOTHING NEXT GEN! COME THE FUCK ON IT WAS THE ONLY WEAK HOME CONSOLE NINTENDO HAS EVER MADE!!! I think e3 2012 will shut A LOT of people up.

        1. lol @ all of the people talking about graphical power when my pc runs games better than the next generation consoles will. when i buy a console i go for the one with the best experiences and exclusives. so i’ll probably go with the wii u.

          1. You know what? Let’s just go ahead and make an HD 3D playstation that makes toast for ya and has the ability to give ya a bath while playing.
            I’m gonna laugh when Sony actually copies this idea like they always do.

    1. Why isn’t anyone talking about PC? is it ignored? but then again you’ll have to be rich to be able to afford a good PC, but once you get it, you got the best online experience there is

          1. I have all as well and I’m 31 and stick mainly to pc but still play me snes every now and then. Long live the classics!

    1. The 1% what? I wouldn’t mind, but you are saying that as if it is something noble. Sometimes people cannot afford to own all the systems and have to make a choice based on what they would prefer. That doesn’t automatically make them fanboys either.

      You can own and like one console and not be a fanboy.

    2. I have 2 NES, an N64, 2 Gamecubes, a Wii, a Gameboy Pocked, a Gameboy Color, a Gameboy Advance SP, a DS phat, 3 DS lites, a DSi, a DSi XL, a 3DS, an Xbox, 4 Xbox 360s and obviously; a PC.

      I am THE I

  1. Not really. Nintendo users are waiting for WiiU, they won’t join the dark side (Sony) so easily.
    About the sellings predictions, that’s probably true.

    1. Stop generalizing. You’re making Nintendo users look like fanboys. I go on a Sony site and people talk about nintendo consoles, share info and talk about every kind of game. I go on a nintendo site and “Sony is for fags” is everywhere.

      1. Livin Aint Eazy When You Cheezy

        Looking through this blog I didn’t see “Sony is for fags” once
        Sony is for fags.
        Whoops. Nevermind

      2. I never said Sony is for fags. I just said Wii users that didn’t change console until today won’t change (imho) console this xmas holidays because they are all waiting WiiU. That’s a fact.

      3. Waiting for nintendo’s next console doesn’t make nintendo users look like fanboys, seriously, look at the big picture, the Wii U is gonna get most of the third party games the PS3 and the Xbox are getting, so why wuold they get a ps3 now? It’s like the worst time to get one if you are planning to get the Wii U

          1. LOL. You actually think there are no PS3 fanboys who bash anything wthout a SONY logo on it? Please, one forum that doesn’t even have it’s own domain isn’t going to change anything. Don’t try to change it.

                  1. The guy is clearly a PS3 fanboy who hates Nintendo, it’s not only him, but pretty much everyone who follows him keeps spitting out anti-Nintendo slurs. Therefore your ” I go on a Sony site and people talk about nintendo consoles, share info and talk about every kind of game. I go on a nintendo site and “Sony is for fags” is everywhere” statement is not true. All I see there is a bunch of dribble like “Nintendo is for kiddies” or “Zelda and Mario games are always rehashes.” So don’t try to make Sony fanboys superior over Nintendo fanboys.

    2. I wouldn’t call Sony the “darkside”, just the “not-as-good-but-still-pretty-awesome” side. I am actually thinking about getting a PS3 for Christmas, but keeping my Wii. Then I won’t get the Wii U at launch, partly because of the 3DS’s launch, and partly because the Wii U’s price will be through the roof. But I will definitely get one, but not until at least 6 months after launch.

      It is Xbox who are the real darkside, with them just buying their way into the industry instead of working for it… Give back Rare, you evil bastards…

      1. Livin Aint Eazy When You Cheezy

        Nintendo have clearly stated that they messed up the 3DS’s launch and will work hard to make sure the WiiU has a strong first party line up of games at launch.

        1. I know, but I just really want to get to play Uncharted 3, the God of Wars, Little Big Planet 2 and all the other awesome exclusives over there. Plus, I’m not made of money, I’ll be at uni next year :)

          1. Littlebigplanet and killzone are not very good but god of war and uncharted are great and it looks like god of war 4 is coming out next year…I’ve had a wii since launch and a ps3 since 2007 and me personally I would just wait and get the wiiU and then get the new playstation when it comes out.

      2. 1. With Rare in their current condition, who really wants them back?

        2. Sony themselves aren’t a “Dark Side,” but Jack Tretton is the Dark Side of Sony.

      3. What a delightful change in tone James.

        I’m sorry for being an asshole in he other thread. I just don’t take kindly to people putting words in my mouth.


    3. Sorry but Majority of people I know who had a wii first brought 360
      in fact people who started ps3 went to wii and rarely vice vesa. Not ps3 and especially not for no ps move. I haven’t seen that sell ever.

      1. Indeed noone seems to care for PS move. Probably because it’s hardly been advertised at all, not that it’d stand a chance against kinect anyway.

  2. Yeah right, I have more interest in getting a 360 over a PS3 if I were to get another console (If I had the money) I only sorta agree with the nintendo being top holiday seller part.

    1. And what games will you play in the 360 besides Halo and Gears?

      Seems a little foolish to buy a 360 at this point. It has. It has no games in comparison to Nintendo and Sony.

      1. Actually I find it more fanboyish to assume what games people should like.

        The PS3’s exclusives don’t interest me. The only 360 exclusives that interest me are the Fable games and everything else I want is probably multi-platform anyway, so if I were to buy either of them I would be better off buying a 360.

        Logical, not fanboyish, yes?

          1. I was mostly referring to 2 and 3 which supposed to be better than 1 and are 360 exclusives, but either way it is a game I’d rather be playing than any PS3 exclusive. And that is how opinions work; try respecting mine as I would yours and don’t look down on other gamers because their “taste” does not align with yours.

            You are doing a pretty good job at making yourself out to be a way bigger fanboy than most of the Nintendo fans on here are often accused of being. At least I can accept that, while I don’t enjoy them, there are people out there that do enjoy games I don’t and I respect their right to do so.

  3. Did he state why he thinks this? I mean…Why would One user “Migrate” To another system to play with controllers that has pretty much no compatible games… at least none worth playing… None of this makes any sense… it’s just hearsay nonsense… until he explains any reason to why he thinks this no one will take it seriously.. People can’t just believe him just because ‘Well you know they will… for no reason’ < Imitation of Mr. Pachters thoughts

  4. Maybe. I know the Wii U will be released soon, buy I think I’ll wait a while before buying it. I’ve only owned Nintendo consoles all my life, but I’ve been thinking about buying a PS3, especially since it’s more cheaper now.

    1. Go with it man, it’s awesome, I got mine last year after only owning nintendo consoles all my life, you won’t regret it.

  5. Michael Pachter really needs to shut the fuck up half of there wii owner’s is nintendofan’s so why the hell would they get a ps3? he dont know shit

    1. So he needs to shut the fuck up when it comes to making predictions? I’m sorry, but I would think that’s his job as an analyst. I can also guarantee he knows alot more about it then you do. Get your head out of your ass.

      1. pachter jacks off to the idea of the wii crowd dropping their wiimotes and flocking to the stores for a ps3. i barely keep up with pachter’s actions and even i know that this isn’t the first time he’s predicted a migration from wii to ps3 and about 90% of wii owners who see this either own both or aren’t budging. pachter doesn’t know as much as you think

  6. I agree with the Wii being on top, with the new cheaper model coming out soon. However, current Wii owners will not switch to the Move. The Wii has Skyward Sword, the Galaxies, the Kirbys, Sports and Sports Resort, Mario Kart and loads more.

    The Move has… uh… Ape Escape and… uh… that’s all I can think of…

    1. There also Killzone, Resistance 4, LittleBigPlanet, inFamous FoB, and a few others that are all compatable with Move. There over 90 games I think. But I agree Wii and the Wiimote is still better for motion gaming.

      1. Yeah, but I heard that the majority of PS3 games with the option with Move just play better with the Dualshock. If I do get a PS3, I will not be getting Move.

        1. Oh I agree with you. They’re are better played with the duel shock. I was just letting you know here are quite a few games that have Move support.

          One game that is better played with Move is Heavy Rain.

  7. Although I agree that PS3 has a lot to offer for Wii gamers, can we all just agree that pachyer is a stupid dumbass and stop posting his shit! Thanks. :)

  8. I don’t understand why we pay attention to his Nintendo predictions; they’re never close to being true.

    Honestly why would the Wii owners migrate to PS move? There’s so many claims that people who own Wiis don’t even play them, so why spend $300ish on basically the same thing? The PS Move doesn’t even have enough games built around to to justify the purchase. Yeah, there’s games that are Move compatible, but the Sony fanbase prefers the dual analog controls for those games.

  9. Livin Aint Eazy When You Cheezy

    Gamer’s who grew up in the 90’s are the fanboys, while the recent gamers are the ones who say “I don’t understand the fanboys wars” Of course they don’t because they weren’t tuned into the 64 vs. Playstation war. :)

    1. I was born in 94 and had a N64, SNES and PS1 but I didn’t know anything about fanboy wars and console wars until I got a Wii honestly. I was enjoying N64, SNES, GC, PS1, PS2, GBC, and GBA until I got a Wii and DS things triggered me.

      1. Consoles wars are stupid I’ve had all of nintendos consoles a ps2 and ps3 a gameboy and 3ds….playstation has good games nintendo has good games period.

    2. No, ask the majority of gamers from the 90’s and they’ll tell you more so then today’s gamers that they love all games. Gamers who just started gaming in the last few years are typically the fanboys. Your logic is backwards smart one.

    3. I’ve been gaming since I got a NES in 1990 and no, I couldn’t care less about fanboy wars, you got it backwards little one

  10. Personally, I think he’s wrong; if the typical Wii user (we’re talking the general market, made up of kids below the age of 13, parents and older people) were to buy another console, they’d go with the cheapest one. Which would be the 360, not the PS3. But if the consensus is that most Wii owners don’t even play their Wiis, then why would they bother buying a different one? You know, if they don’t already have another gaming console.

  11. i just bought the PS3 move and is garbage the contoller looks like crap the soundtrack sucks full of mistakes and the games are just ok, the controls are not responsive at times but the console is just more of the same ….

  12. I don’t see what the big deal about this is. Everyone and their mothers already own a Wii, so if they wanted something new this holiday season, they might as well go with the Playstation. After all, it’s online is free.

  13. i work at an electronics store. and i had to do black friday, it sucked ass. (like pachter) but honestly, i couldn’t tell you how many PS3s were sold, it was alot! but oddly enough, the Wii SOLD OUT! i felt like i was in 2006-07 again! maybe it was zelda…?

    pachter is right, to a degree. if wii owners were to switch to PS3, they would’ve done it by now. so if they haven’t, why start?

    the wii sold VERY WELL black friday. my store, walmart, and gamestop were totally out. i feel it was cuz of zelda, and a $99 pricepoint.

  14. I like Nintendo, but there are only a handful of games on the Wii that I care to play, most of them being first party titles. I’ll wait for the WiiU to come out before buying Super Mario Galaxy 2, Mario Kart Wii, etc.

  15. Oh yea, tell me about ONE PS3 game that will appeal to the Nintendo crowd…

    I cant think of any except some cheap wii branded rippoffs.

    Highly doubt if they are intrested in any of the exclusives.

      1. Yes but not very many of them.

        Look I love Nintendo. They have always been my first choice but this gen they have let us down when it comes to pumping out a ton of top notch games. C’mon! skyward Sword is amazing but it’s been almost 6 years and we have only seem 2 Zelda games, one of which is a GameCube port.

        1. ” it’s been almost 6 years and we have only seem 2 Zelda games, one of which is a GameCube port.” – Jawknee

          Hmm… I wonder how it’s lasted 25 years. Oh right, each instalment takes a long time to make.

          If they made yearly releases of Zelda, Mario, etc, they would’ve been stale along time ago.

  16. Meh there’s like 5 games I’ve ever played on my wii and they were great, amazing….. Don’t get me wrong, but I also have played 30-40 great games on my ps3…..

    The wii appeals to some of my needs, but not all of them. My ps3 and my girlfriend do…..

    1. That is what killed the wii. NO FUCKIN 3RD PARTY SUPPORT! Thats what makes me want the wiiU even more so, the fact that it can actually the titles I want to play! I’ll never limit myself to one system, but nintendo exclusives in hd will molest both sony and MS. I think people are underestimating nintendo too, 1 weak system doesn’t mean JACK SHIT going into next gen. If one gen gauged how the next would be power wise this gen would not look like this AT ALL! Next gen will resmble last gen in terms of closeness. The fact that the ps4 is coming sooner instead of later just proves my point.

    2. Exactly. I love Wii for Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Kirby, Donkey Kong and all the Virtual Console games, I love my PS3 for all its exclusives and the plethora of quality HD multiplat games.

      When Nintendo offers up some good software, it’s usually amazing but their top quality games are few and far between. I own maybe 15 Wii games and over 40 PS3 games. I wish more people in this site understood that oth companies have fantastic games to offer. Instead too many of them want to turn it into a pissing match.

    3. Mario Kart Wii
      Skyward Sword
      Twilight Princess
      Warioware Smooth Moves
      New Super Mario Bros. Wii
      Super Mario Galaxy
      Super Mario Galaxy 2
      Monster Hunter Tri
      Punch – Out
      No More Heroes
      No More Heroes 2
      Zack and Wiki
      Mad World
      Sin and Punishment
      Tatsunoko VS Capcom
      DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3
      Mario Strikers Charged
      Mario Super Sluggers
      Golden Eye 007
      Tetris Deluxe
      Metroid Other M
      Metroid Prime Trilogy
      Wii Sports and Resort
      Megaman 9 and 10
      Castlevania Rebirth
      Castle of Shikigami III
      Animal Crossing
      Red Steel 2

      That’s every Wii game that I’ve played and enjoyed on the Wii, so for me at least, the Wii has had something to offer to me.

  17. OK, there’s SOME merit to Pachter’s words, but with one slight difference. Nintendo’s Wii will be the best for this holiday season as usual, but afterward, it will drop down to FOURTH place.

    This is mainly because Skyward Sword is like the last good Wii game to come out and next year is the year of Wii U, which will take first instead of Wii. Your doubt of the Wii isn’t gonna get to me this time, Pachter :D

  18. I Am The Yeti. You Are Scum

    PS3 has great games for sure, but they’re piled under the boring FPS genre title mainstream games. Wii has shovelware but you can easily avoid those.

  19. This is rather dumb.If anything, people would migrate over to the 360 and Kinnect not Move. The Move has been a flop for Sony and there are hardly any games for it. The Kinnect has the potential to get some of those “casual” people, but it seems to be slowing down now.

    Btw, I bought both a Wii and a PS3. My PS3 has died already while my Wii is still doing fine, and my play time sessions are around 5 hours. I’m not getting another PS3 because there are 3DS games and anime series that I want to get this season, but more importantly, I’m getting a Wii U, so there’s not use for me to get another PS3. Goodbye Dead Space 2’s “bang bang” “pew pew pew”

  20. I don’t care about predictions; this isn’t even news. You do a horrible job at writing articles. You need to give assuring opinions about this statement and say what you think about it. Otherwise it’s just another long and annoying fanboy war about Wii vs. PS3 waiting to happen.

  21. I got Wii, Xbox 360 & PS3 (and both Sony and Nintendo handhelds), but there is no way I’ll waste any of my hard earned cash on PS Move, or Kinect for that matter. It’s just Sony’s and Microsoft’s somewhat feeble attempts to copy the Wii. So moving from Wii to PS Move is, in my case, highly unlikely. I feel it’ll be a waste of my money.
    If I didn’t have the Wii though, I would probably pick PS Move over Kinect though, if any at all.

    And for the record, I grew up in the 80’s and now work hard to earn the money to buy my own consoles and games, so don’t think I’m some spoiled brat.

  22. Already on my second system for both Wii and PS3 so no eed too. But who the hell dosent havent have a Wii yet honestly. Cant wait to get that sexy Zelda 3DS!

    1. Oh and im not spoiled either. Im lucky to have my bday a week before xmas so im loaded with gift cash at that time of the year. Other then that im pretty well broke all year long. I wait ever so paitently for the holiday season to buy my next game system.

          1. Woo yersh sony r gaeyy! *insert “why nintendo iz moar bettur” line here.* Sony troll from vita blog: nu-uh! Nintendo r 4 babays, gaey babaies! Sony maks maturest gamez 4 big bois lik meh! *insert how sony r moar bettur/mature den babbie nintendo! Line here.” Now tell me how there different. (This is what trolls look like to me from both sides.)

        1. Not necessarily. Pachter pretty much hates nintendo, that’s a fact. He has done nothing but put them down, and while I do believe you’re right about people on this site, it hardly comes down on just loving nintendo. The fact is, the statistics do not support his predictions.

          The PS Move, is the wii. It has the same games and the same ideas as the wii and is promoting motion control. However, it is not being utilized to any extent. Whereas the wii’s entire market is based around the “concept” of motion control, so there would be much more software available. Making a shift to the move, will not only be unnecessary, since if you wanted great motion control, you’ve got it here on the wii, it would also be unrewarding considering there is no software on it you can’t find on the wii already.

      1. at this point, it’s no secret that pachter loves to claim that some event will cause wii players to migrate to ps3 but i have yet to see that happen with anyone. the claim that he is an idiot is kinda valid

      2. You do know who Pachter is, don’t you? He’s the one who called Batman Arkham City dog shit before it was released. He also predicted that Borderlands would flop hard. I used non-Nintendo related example so that you can educate yourself without calling others fanboys and stuff.

  23. Nope. I got me an Xbox 360 with Kinect, and I still <3 the Wii for its originality, the Galaxies, Mario Kart and the mood in general it sets when playing Wii games. But I would any day of the week choose Kinect instead of Move, as playing Move on PS3 would be like playing Wii, but phoney. Kinect is a completely different road. I respect Microsoft for not as blatantly copying Nintys success with the Wiimote, as others have done.

    1. Funny thing is that real life activities make all motion controlls irevalent. Plus PS2 had the eye toy which is just like Kinect.

      1. I wouldn’t say “irrelevant” more like …..well, definitely more than pointless. I always thought it gave you a new feeling of connecting to the character you’re playing as. (When playing an FPS for example.) Sports games with motion controls, yea, now that’s irrelevant. But than again, I don’t like sports games altogether.

      1. And what contribution have you made other than childish rants about how much you hate Sony and love sucking Nintendos cock?

    1. People generally hating Pachter, not Sony, although I definitely wouldn’t blame anyone for not trusting the latter after that debacle regarding account details earlier this year. Anyone denying that that isn’t a decent reason not to trust Sony truly is a fanboy.

      Regardless, people can criticise a system without being a fanboy, you know?

  24. Why do we even listen to this guy anymore? All he talks about is how Nintendo’s present and future is all gloom and doom.

    I’ll never get a PS3 because 1) Still too expensive for me. 2)There aren’t many games on it that wow me at all. 3) Honestly, I can never respect Sony for always blantantly copying whatever Nintendo does. At least Microsoft tried to add their own spin with the Kinect. Sony just copies and pastes.

    1. so $250 is too expensive, you dont like the list of great exclusive sony has, you respect microsoft more only because they have a 3d camera, yet they still charge dumb-asses for free online services, something that Steam and PSN members dont have to do. and the only thing that you got to back you up is “copying whatever Nintendo does”. get off nintendo’s dick and grow up.

      1. Apparently Pachter is entitled to his opinion, but Sentinel isn’t entittled to his own in vito16’s world. Why don’t you try growing up and stop White Knighting for Pachter and the “Unbiased” Rich Boy’s club? Some people have to work for a living, and thus can’t afford everything ever, so if the PS3’s library doesn’t appeal to him, he’s not going to Throw out $250 to get one just so he can pretend to be a part of an “unbiased” master race like you.

        1. I’m not with patcher, don’t put words in my mouth. ” Some people have to work for a living” i do too, but its bin more than 5 years since console launches, thats more than enough time in between for a gamer to get alteast 2 consoles. in no way im telling him to buy a ps3 im just telling him how i feel like about his comment, simple. but now i’m part of a master race, besides the fact i play zelda: SS all day then some BF3 afterwards still makes me part of a clan of closed-minded dickheads. you call me a fanboy and yet your going against me because i like different console, you sir are a fine hypocrite.

          1. I never called you a fanboy, but it’s nice to know the word is so ingrained into your head that it somehow slips out in every single post of yours. That’s textbook projection, buddy,

            Also… you work? Lulz. You’re barely in high school, because if you were in college or in a professional job you wouldn’t care so badly about who people who you label “fanboys” think on the comment section of a Nintendo fansite. Seriously there are plenty of other websites around for you to hang out in, but apparently what you really want to do is sit in a comment section of a site by a Nintendo fanboy for Nintendo fanboys and point out all the Nintendo fanboys you see. Good job, Holmes. Make sure you put this in your master’s thesis in 7 years.

            The economy’s been in pretty bad shape for a while, but its nice to know we have condescending rich asshats like you who dictate others how to be The One True Gamer. Fuck off.

            1. master race= to think your race is better than others
              fanboy= to think your console is better than others…same shit.

              so thats your defense huh? say “well if you got a job than you should ignore the trolls”. well one, i am in high school and i do have a part-time jobs so fuck-off. what if i come to for INFORMATION, or news updates, new game details, etc. unlike you who come to talk about how nintendo rules over sony and microsoft. and listen here, im not telling anyone how to be a gamer or what so ever, im just going against these generalistic ideas that people make up to up there fanboy confidence, not just nintendo.

              1. Well, apparently you do seem to care a lot about fanboys. You throw in “nice” Nintendo comments once in a while just so you can ease the crow and then you bash them and their game while trying to justify Sony’s doings. That is called trolling since you’re “obviously” not a fanboy.

                As for the person you replied to, he/she had a valid point; if none of the games on the PS3/Sony appeal to that person, then there is no reason to even get that system, is there? Just because it’s cheaper doesn’t mean it appeals to everyone. If you really cared about “INFORMATION,” then you could just go to google and type “Nintendo” or something like that. They have an option for more recent news of whatever you type, so there’s no reason to associate yourself with the fanboys you hate. Or is it easier for you to come here since you can’t get banned? I mean, you don’t need a user name here like you do for other sites like IGN, gametrailers, etc. I’m pretty sure there are other places where PS3/Sony fanboys treat Sony as a god, so why not go there and either have a party with them or lecture them on how to be a gamer, huh?

                1. sigh… i thought we went over the fact that everyone has their own opininon. if i don’t like something that nintendo did recently or whatever, than fine, its just my opinion right. again, i wasn’t telling NOBODY to buy a god damn ps3. i was responding to sentinel about how generic his comment sounded like. yes i did it a bit in rage, and i probably shouldn’t of said somethings. but now i see that there is no hope in talking to other gamers about something new with out him/her telling you how much other companies suck and how much your wrong because your not in there side, you get me?

      2. @vito16 shut the fuck up it’s called a opinion if he don’t like sony games then he don’t like them and whats with the online shit? you my friend need to get off sony’s dick and off the site last time i checked this is called SO…….GET THE FUCK OUT AND DON’T LET THE DOORKNOB HIT YOU ON THE WAY OUT!

        1. calm down there buddy. the online comment was just to tell how stupid some ppl are saying microsoft is a “good company” offering something that is free in other consoles for a fee. i own a wii, ps3 and PC and i mostly game on PC so being a PS3 fanboy is a no-no. and if he’s intitled to an opininon, than i am too. the right to opinionate doesnt only go to nintendo fanboys, like you.

          1. who the fuck said i was a nintendo fanboy i just letting you know that he has a opinion i have you know i own a wii ps3 and xbox 360 so..yeah

            1. You hide behind the Internet to treat people like crap you coward. Please talk to people in your personal life this way, I beg so you so that one day you mouth off to the wrong person and he feeds you your teeth.

    2. i enjoy this comment, but there’s at least one case of copy and paste i can think of from microsoft. have you ever seen a sega dreamcast controller?

      xbox controllers look a lot like it, minus the screen and add more shoulder buttons and another joystick. the A-B-X-Y buttons are the exact same “reverse SNES” order and even have the same colors, just rearranged!

      this may have almost nothing to do with this argument or this article but it makes me laugh

      1. and it has the analog sticks and the D pad in the same position as the gamecube controller also the A and B button’s have the same color of the gamecube’s controller A and B buttons

  25. ok patcher sid that because he thinks it will happen again like n64 players left and went to ps2 so all the fanboys calm down its patchers opinions and wat if it does happen the wii u will come out and kick ass

  26. first everyone calm doen.second sony sucks as always.third EA loves the wii u that meens better network,games and community if they release a thing like wii the main problem is THE WII FUCKING FRIEND CODE!IT PISSES ME OF!fourth:i want rare and its founders back to kick micro ashes.and final:i thing there will be a litlle change for the wii u in the future near the ps4 or between.

  27. Hmm I’m not sure if the fans will migrate. Although I have been tempted to get a PS3, that doesn’t mean I will stop playing the Wii and 360 I have. Just as long as they have games that can keep me hooked.

  28. Hasn’t Pachter been saying stuff like this for years? Never the less, I really doubt any Wii players will be moving to PS3 any time soon, they certainly didn’t when the Playstation Move came ouf a few years back, and heck, even the Kinect didn’t do much there either.

    And the Wii being top this holiday season I’d debate, it’s only got one great game coming out for it (Skyward Sword,which came out recently).

  29. Being a Nintendo fan I bought the Wii on the first day. Played it for about 2 months before it started to bore me. (Unfortunatly)
    The idea was great, but i am convinced that all the “body controller” (wii, ps move, kinect) related games are more the type for playing with friends.
    The Wii just hasn’t have enough single player games. Only now with Zelda – Skyward Sword I have noticed that my Wii has vanished. Bought the game with forgetting that I had actually lent my Wii to somebody.
    What I am trying to say is. It’s not the console that decides if it is good, but the games that appear.

  30. If the community on this site is any indication of the quality of people that makes up the majority of Nintendo’s fanbase, I’d rather they NOT buy a PS3 in order to spare the PSN and the rest of us Sony fans who like Sony and Nintendo from being dragged through the gutter with the rest of you trashy people.

    Sony AND Nintenso deserve better fans than you people.

    1. Way to group us together…

      I haven’t really seen any trashy people here. Just people that disagree with you. If that somehow makes us trash, then why do you even read these comments?

      1. Why do you read comments that make you seem like trash?
        You make statements but nothing to back it up. Its sad (and amusing).


        1. Why do I read comments that make me seem like trash? That question doesn’t even make any sense. I was saying that people here aren’t trash, and if he thinks we are, why does he even bother to read what we post? If you couldn’t understand that, then that’s just sad (and amusing).

          1. FireTroll is a faggot, hes the last person who should call somebody out in a post. With his drive by trollin ass. Forreal fuck that guy. t(>.<t) I hope he reads this shit too idaf anymore.

  31. I work at Walmart and we had great deals on all three consoles. The PlayStation 3 sold out in about 10 minutes. The XBOX sold out within 20 minutes. The Wii sold out in about 2 hours when one of the floor associates walked around asking who wanted the last two we had. Obviously this isn’t a majority of people throughout the U.S. but it seems like the demand for Wii is pretty low…. Especially since so many people already have one.

    1. Well in PHX the blue wii was GONE, I mean people were there at 9a.m. CAMPING! Idk what your store is doing but my mom is an assistant manager at store #5331 and the wii was sold out in like 5min FLAT. I guess its because it was so full! Something like $743,000 in under 3hrs.!!

  32. Wow look at all of these stupid nintendo fanboys! Wii got shit all on Playstation for games! Its online is something worthy to laugh at as well! Eh so what PSN got hacked but we got free shit out of it! All my Wii is good for is collecting dust! Playstation for life, Nintendo can suck it.

    1. Nice to try to defend the PSN thing right off the bat. Sony’s way of making up for their PSN having the security of a plate of cookies with a note saying “don’t touch!” wasn’t even worth it, even though it was free. Nintendo made a much smaller mistake in overpricing the 3DS and upon dropping the price, they made up for it by giving the owners of the $250 3DS systems 10 free NES games and soon 10 free GBA games, which are supposedly not even going to become available to the general public. That plus many higher-ups at Nintendo took 20-30% pay cuts, with the president taking a 50% pay cut.

      tl;dr? ok these metaphors should cover this:

      Sony basically trenched your front yard, denied it for a month, then gave you a $5 gift card for Home Depot to help you buy $50 of sod and spent half a day saying how sorry they are.

      Nintendo accidentally runs over your mailbox, then buys you a new one, concretes it into the ground, and gives you $20 just to help you feel better.

      1. yea the psn security was a fucking joke and to make matters worse poeple lost there ids, money, and online game play for liek what 6 weeks. then what does sony do give them 2 free shitty ass games & in there terms of service blocks psn users from suing sony for there fuck ups. sony u serious lol! no wonder u in 3rd place!

        1. Hey InFamous is sick. I unfortunetly had most of the games they were offering but PSN+ was nice. Besisdes PS3 is really making momentum in sales worldwide so they aint gonna be 3rd for long wether you like it or not ;) I wont comment on how terrible Nintendos online is and how they are censoring the shift out of anything. Pokemon for example, you cant evensee your pokemon nick names on random battles… and using the pre made phrases is annoying! hell you cant even name your pokemon a swear anymore..

      2. I actually enjoy reading long comments. That was me the whole time and just was a fanboy/troll bait comment. I myself was not really effected by the PSN outage because I was not stupid enough to use credit cards online (IMO credit cards arent good enough for anything but racking up jigh intrest bills and crashing the economy). I infacrt enjoued the down time and played a lot of single player, mainly red dead redemption. Yes im aware of the ambassador program but I dont have a 3DS currently so I love the fact of paying $80 less more then those free games that I really dont care about and as for the GBA games it wont have multiplayer conectivity.

        1. To continue now (typing a comment on this website with a phone isnt easy) YesI do know the company took pay cuts due to poor sales but honestly the 3DS should of had better games at launch and been at the price it is now to begin with. Now look at how much they are selling because of that. Now they know what not to do at launches. Same can be said with sony about the PSN outage, they learned theyre lesson. Sometimes people need a swift kick in the ass to get things done. Now dont say anything about motion gaming because real life makes it useless.

    2. why fuck are you here can you not fucking read the site is called ok now get the fuck out and get you shit hacked

  33. the only reason why microsoft and sony still sell consoles is that the Wii has limited graphics!!! Most of the Games today can not be ported to the Wii becouse of that!!!

    But this will change with the WiiU!!! When the WiiU is out every Game that is on XBOX360 and Playstation 3 from 3rd Party Developers will be also released for the Nintendo WiiU and with Metroid, Zelda and Mario Sony and Microsoft will have a hard time trust me!!!

    Sony will learn one day that copying Nintendos innovations will not make a Console successful,
    even not a Playstation 4!!!

  34. Its sad how this site has become a flamewar site as stikr ignores all the comments that he couldn’t care less about letting trolls be trolls fanboys be fanboys spammers be spammers and morons be morons. What a big waste of my time reading comments that fight for the top. Ignore the comments all you want stikr and try to act like a nice guy, but your so called “news” site is just a place for common annoying people to post crap, you sir need to get real with times.

    Good day.

  35. the only problems the wii has is no hd graphics and lack of some key third party games. looks like this will be resolved when the wii u comes out. i for one cant wait.

  36. Hello, this is Firesplitter and this is my story.

    This x-mas I was thinking about buying myself a X-box 360 or PS3. To be able to play skyrim and other goodies for thoose systems. I studied a week about thoose companies and after that I decided not to buy any of them. Why you ask? Because of this!

    1. They’re not innovative, they’re both pretty much the same console with a few exclusives.
    2. To many FPS. I’m not really into FPS and about 75% of the top games are FPS and is only fun if you play online, and that’s where reason number 3 kicks in
    3. Most online players are *censur*. All they care about is their freaking points and social interactions. I’m not really into their semi-gamer attitude. Gaming is about growing skills as a individual. That acomplishment can never be measured by points and can never be aquired in a group.
    4. Not for everyone. The games for X-box 360 and PS3 is mostly for teenagers who think that the gorier something is the more mature it is. That’s a philosophy I don’t agrre with. I think that the most mature games ever released is released by Nintendo. For example the Mario games. Not going more into those when this list is about why I’m not buying PS3 and X-box 360.
    5. (the biggest one that made me not buying any of them) PS4 and 720 is around the corner. Yes, I’m going to buy them. Was not able to buy 360 and PS3 because I was to young and poor then, and now it feels worthless to buy them.

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  38. What a fucking dumbass does he know that the move sucks and wii has been kicking the ps3s ass for sometime now! come on Wii 88 million compare to ps3 50 million lol! what a joke and he was right about the month but the move was dead on arrival lol. jerk off!

  39. Funny, really funny, especially when you consider that for the past 3 years I have only had a PS3 and now I have a Wii too. So I did the opposite of what this person suggests. Problem with Move and one of many with Kinect is the very limited availability of quality games for the either Sony or Microsoft’s motion control systems. My rule of thumb is there has to be 3 great, unique, games for a system before I buy, and that includes major upgrades like Move.

  40. I’d agree. The Wii has a lot going for it now, but in 2012, great games are coming to PS3 and 360 from third party developers that Nintendo doesn’t have. Plus, Wii will sell great with Kirby and Zelda for the holiday but no good games come in 2012 for the Wii.

  41. No, I can understand them maybe just not playing their wii, but why would they then be drawn to PS Move?
    Highly doubt that…

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