Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Announce Resident Evil Revelations And Circle Pad Pro Bundles

Nintendo UK has announced that Resident Evil: Revelations will be available to players across Europe as a stand alone game and as a special limited edition bundle which also includes the new Circle Pad Pro accessory. Resident Evil: Revelations and the CirclePad Pro launch exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS across Europe on 27th January 2012 and in the United States February 7th.


  1. Don’t want the Circle pad unless it has a built in extended battery…. cause my Nyko battery will likely not fit in it…..

  2. Do you know if this will attach properly to your 3DS is you have a battery extender on it (like the Nyko Power Pak+)?

    1. I highly doubt it. It looks like it has to be flush with the system. That was my first thought when they announced it. I think they should have built an extended battery into it and killed two birds with one stone. One that didn’t require unscrewing the back like the Nyko Power Pack+, but one that charged it through the charging port they’re already using for the Circle Pad. Oh well. Maybe Nyko will come up with a solution.

      1. @This is me. Very bad idea. Then you couldn’t ever take the thing off to take it places. It would make it too bulky and would no longer be an “optional” setup. Bad idea…

    2. I wish it was that you unscrew the cover take out the old battery and attach the circle pad pro and it is a extended battery, even thou they should of done this it would only give you about an hour more game time because it uses energy for that thing to run too but it would os still be nice if this was the case. anyone else agree?

  3. RE: revelation will cost you 49.99$ coz its 4GB Cartridge, & let say the circle pad will cost you 14.99$, so the bundle about 64.99$ or 59.99$. Totally worth it if its a RE game :)

  4. It sucks for people who have a battery pack. I only play about 4 hours max when I’m out, so I never really needed the battery pack. As for the circle pad, the game doesn’t require you to use it, but I’m a sucker for limited editions, so if it comes to the US, then I’ll get it.

  5. No crystal case if you use circle pad and I thought you couldn’t run and shot in re just like metal gear.

  6. that Circle pad looks like shit nintendo just fucked up the 3DS its fucking trash they should have put a two Circle pad in the first place fucking fail

  7. So I remember that Monster Hunter and RE will use the pad, but what other games were mentioned previously?

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