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Nintendo 3DS: Luigi’s Mansion 2 Sadly Won’t Feature A Two Player Mode

Reports filtered through yesterday that Luigi’s Mansion 2 would include a two player cooperative mode but it turns out this isn’t the case. Nintendo has confirmed that this was simply an error and that the game is single-player only. Disappointing news as the game would be even better paired up with a buddy online.

57 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Luigi’s Mansion 2 Sadly Won’t Feature A Two Player Mode”

    1. Yeah, Luigi’s Mansion with two-players wouldn’t make sense anyway. :b At least they said it was an error before the game comes out so we wouldn’t have to spend hours (minutes) looking for the two player option. :D

  1. I don’t think it’s a great loss. Though i would probably play alone anyway, it would be nice to have the option to play coop, but didn’t even need to be online. Or maybe a Vs. game with who catches more ghosts, even with teams. that’d be cool!

        1. You know wrothless! He, she, we wrothless. Wrothlessing, wrothlessed. Wrothlessology, the study of wrothless! C’mon guys, it first grade!

  2. It would more likely piss people off as connecting and stuff takes too long to make it worthwhile, never mind the very likely wifi connection errors and whatnot. it might seem fun, but it’s too much of a hassle in my opinion.

      1. thats right.i heardd that electronic arrts will improve the network of nintendo for the wii u but maybe and for the 3ds.

        1. well for every other game system, connecting online and using the multiplayer function of the game was a pain in the butt and completely not worth even having in the game imo.

          1. they must improve the network and also if u know rareware they must RETURN with their founders of course so nintendo can be the best as it was from n64.

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  4. I agree a multi-player would ruin the atmosphere, its not as scary being with a buddy than being alone in a mansion full of ghosts IMO.

      1. I’m ever so sorry Hein. I’m not sure why I’m being called a ignorant cunt, but i thought i should let you know; my phone loves to auto-correct when i write messages from it. Didn’t notice my huge grammatical error. My deepest apologies go out to you in the event of the misspelling of one word offending you. Also if your going to go attacking me learn to properly right a sentence and use punctuation. I would be ever so delighted to help you fix your sentence.

        Excuse me good sir, but the spelling of the word you were meant to use is “hear”. Also you are a ignorant cunt. Good day.

  5. This isnt a surprise. Nintendo always disappoints when it comes to what we want. They’re too simple minded when it comes to games.

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