Nintendo Wii: Mario Kart Wii Has Sold An Incredible 28 Million Copies

It’s been announced today that Mario Kart Wii has sold a staggering 28 million copies. That’s basically one game for every three Wii consoles. Clearly Nintendo are hoping to replicate the success of the game when it launches Mario Kart 7 on the Nintendo 3DS December 2nd in Europe and December 4th in the United States.


  1. Just shows why nintendo will always be top dog! What’s the last game microsoft or Sony had that sold 28 million copies? I need new Wii U news!

      1. Hey people, looks like we have someone who has nothing better to do rather then try to start an argument over something totally pointless.

    1. Not that I’m a cod fanboy or anything like that, but Black Ops sold 1 billion copies in its first 2 months on store shelves… just sayin’.

      1. Not it didn’t sell 1 billion copies my god. It sold 1 billion dollars worth of product. As in the game sold close to 700 mil week 1 and by 2 months in went over 1 billion.

      1. That reminds me! I need some friend codes for MK7! My FC is 3823 8790 3083… Now add me! (if you waaannnnttt) (I added yoouuu Lorenzo Tazzzz)

  2. Awesome news, this one is my favorite in my eyes. I know people are critical of the bikes, use of Funky/Daisy, hackers, and uncanny amount of luck with disrupting victories with power items BUT I think it is still the most fun to play. Online is fun when hackers aren’t around, and it’s nice to go from last to first in the last stretch of the race from a lucky draw. I don’t see this happen often, but I’ve been on the positive and negative side of it and it doesn’t bother me. You can’t expect to win every race against every opponent on every course. I like the even playing field with luck carrying more weight than previous installments. I’ve been lucky enough to still win by a large margin, by a hair, and also felt the opposite end. I’ve lost races, but I play by “If you ain’t first, your last” and will “crash my kart trying to win”

    1. wow I typically don’t misuse your and “you’re” should be “you’re” in that quote at the end.

    1. I’m sure without the bundle it did quite fine. It was a good reason to get the system, I’d have gotten the bundle if I wasn’t a launch day owner.

    2. True the game is bundled now. But that was only added like a half a year ago. Most of the sales was from before it got bundled.

    1. 2 zeldas,metroid, galaxy 1 and 2, nsmb, dkcr, Mario kart, smash bros, paper Mario….that’s 10 reasons not including the virtual console….let’s see ps3 has blu Ray, 2 good uncharted games and one god of war game so that’s 4.

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