Nintendo: Zelda Skyward Sword Sells Nearly 200,000 In Japan, Nintendo 3DS Outsold All Other Systems Combined

According to this weeks Media Create sales figures The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword sold nearly 200,000 units in Japan placing it at the top of the software charts. Wii sales nearly doubled, but it still managed just 20,148 units for the week. The Nintendo 3DS continues to dominate the hardware charts as the console managed to outsell all other formats combined.

  • 1. 3DS: 120,920 (96,219)
  • 2. PS3: 34,031 (40,085)
  • 3. PSP: 33,151 (41,069)
  • 4. Wii: 20,148 (13,613)
  • 5. DSi LL: 2,237 (1,813)
  • 6. X360: 1,678 (1,763)
  • 7. PS2: 1,294 (1,291)
  • 8. DSi: 993 (897)
  • 9. DS Lite: 35 (31)


    1. 3ds had a rocky start so this is good.
      In terms of the Wii it has obviously been on decline lately so even though 20,000 isn’t the highest sales have been it is certainly not a bad week for Nintendo.

  1. Skyward Sword was an awesome game! The graphics were great, the soundtrack was amazing, the controls were nice and smooth, and the wii-mote looked amazing.

    1. lol this is the exact opposite of the comment that one annonymous troll would post in every Zelda thread

      1. hey if u have problems with nintendo haters here call sickr.anyway i didnt finish the game its too intense and hard but its awsome!

        1. you can do it the game gets awesomer and the end boss should not be missed by anyone! you will feel so mighty!

          1. (i wouldnt call this a spoiler because i am not describing the battle or its story, but for you touchy people, youve been warned.) i thought it was especially awesome with the wii motion plus, just made the feeling of the final boss so epic. it was made really good, i just wish there was at least another “stage” or “form” the boss wouldve taken to make it even sweeter. if it wasnt for wii motion plus, this wouldnt be my favorite zelda ending, but its just that great. this may not be the most “traditional” zelda game, but its story and characters/emotions are the best in the series, and the flow from area to area is incredible. BUY IT

        2. The combat was fun, but I found the dungeons themselves to be a little too easy.
          It was a great game but it doesn’t match up to Ocarina of Time or Twilight Princess, to me.

          1. i think it surpasses both games but that my opinion of course. i do hope next Zelda will go back to the open field and epona plus everything good in SS.

            1. i have loved this game even with what very little of it i have played (still only in the first temple sadly). I hope for future games nintendo keeps the motion controls, but adds a secondary control scheme with classic buttons for the other fans who didn’t enjoy it, b ut perhaps for the buttons the combat could be a bit more intricate as I’ve truly enjoyed the added challenge of landing the proper blow instead of button mashing.

    1. 1. That’s cause Nintendo axes old products, DS is getting closer to this
      2. Everybody already has a DS (especially in Japan)

    2. 1. The 3DS can play DS games.
      2. The PS3 cannot play PS2 games.

      People who already have a PS3 will keep on buying the ps2 for their favorite games. People who may not have a DS will just buy the 3DS and play all DS games.

    1. I don’t see what’s so funny D: the DS Lite is the best kind of DS there is, next to the 3DS. It was a nice comfortable size, the buttons were more comfortable than the DSi, the volume is easier to control than with the DSi, and it played GBA games! I’m glad they’re apparently still making them

      1. I agree the DSLite is the best design but I loved the larger screen, and they weren’t too big like the XL/LL which bulked up the system. Had trouble going from a DSi to anything else, even the 3DS I can’t get over how small the bottom screen is.

              1. You’re acting like sickr is super mega boss and all and like he’s 24/7 behind the pc. It rather seems like you’re on the pc alot because you reply ‘4 comments’ to a $ony fanboy…

    1. No, a new system outsold all of the other systems of the current generation and the systems of last generation that are still being made combined.

      Let me put it to you this way if you still don’t get it. Take every PS3, PSP, Wii, XBox360, PS2, DSi, DSi XL, and DS Lite sold this week and put them in one big group. With the amount of 3DS systems sold, there would be one to match every system in that group with over 27 THOUSAND 3DS systems to spare. That’s how many 3DS systems were sold over the course of 7 days

        1. The PS2 constantly outsold the xbox 360 and the PS3 in almost all regions, so this is just irrelevant. Plus, old or not, there were a ton of games released for those other systems. The 3DS has more games but has not received nearly the same amount of games of the same quality.

    2. Ok how about this the xbox360 a 6 year old console is still outselling a 5 year know the ps3….I like ps3 but all you do is talk shit on nintendo.

  2. There goes all the people saying that Nintendo was doomed, including myself for a little bit but I always knew the 3DS would eventually pick up.

    My concerning is Nintendo keeps doing things to piss off their fans/ early adopters (price drop, added colors and limited editions coming out later, circle pad attachment that will most likely be incorporated in the redesign almost forcing people to upgrade). Sure some of these things were expected, except the second circle pad which came out of left field, but it all just happened so quickly.

    1. Actually, the 3DS is constantly fighting for second place and I think it was two weeks ago that it got the top place in worldwide sales. I think it was the week Super Mario 3D Land got released in Japan.

        1. people just ignore him but if he say something that will pisses us of we will kill him!i meen kcik him his butt

  3. I love how the Wii is still 4th in sales for this week after apparently everyone and their grandma who didn’t have a Wii got one on Black Friday. Also, apparently nobody wants to buy XBox 360s anymore. They sold worse than the DSi XL, AKA the worst idea for portable gaming Nintendo’s had (yes, I’m saying it’s worse than their idea to launch a $250 handheld with no good launch games)

      1. porr microdick they stole rare,they steal but not much as sony did.i feeel i litllw sorry for that company.

  4. Or as Michael Pachter would say, “Only No. 1…sounds like a failure to me. The blue ocean just turned purple.”

    1. when sickr comes here he will kick ur butt.noname i am warning u get out of that website u are just kill our atmosphear.

    1. Actually you’re not much better. He’s a troll. He does this on purpose. Just ignore him, he hasn’t even said anything that really pisses us off. And you posting right after him doesn’t make you look any less like a troll.

      1. anyway ur right he is a troll but i know the sony history.anyway much words are poor.(my english suck a litlle)

        1. OMG, what has the history of $ony have to prove that you’re better then a $ony only supporter? Like: ‘You’re saying that the wii sucks? Well uhh, $ony started as a company in 1947 and Nintendo started in 1889 so Nintendo is better.’
          On a side note, i’m getting a bit annoyed by you and your super-duper Nintendo support and all, like we really need your love for Nintendo? And English is the most EASY foreign language, I’m Dutch and I pretty much learned it from on the Internet.

          1. Yet I seem to make a grammar mistake in a sentence where I’m talking about how easy english is as a language xD :P :3

  5. nvm about vita it will misserible fail because it likes a ps3 but with hd standart 720p)but i wonder about super smash bros 4 on 3ds.3d graphics and full hd for wii u.also i heard that the wii us disc will be 25 GB that meens its like a blue ray!:)

    1. If Vita has the games it should do well. Between Katamari and Gravity Rush I’m considering one but I’m waiting for the smaller redesign, or better yet an Xperia Vita for my next phone seeing Sony owns it’s mobile division fully now.

      Can’t wait for SSB4

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