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Sony Says Sorcery Shows Why PlayStation Move Is Better Than Wii

Sony is under the impression that its forthcoming action RPG Sorcery shows precisely why the PlayStation Move is superior to the Wii, citing that its tighter, cleaner and more precise than anything Nintendo’s console has to offer. Does anyone actually think Sorcery could overthrow The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword as the pinnacle of motion controlled games?

‘Oh I can just button mash my way through.’ By actually mastering the system, I can feel like I’m a more powerful gamer. The fact that Move is so precise, it lets us create that very technical focused, skill-based motion control game.

“I think this title does an excellent job of showing what makes Move a better and different system than other motion controls that are out there.”

“It’s tighter, it’s cleaner, it’s more precise – I don’t think you could do a game like this on either Kinect or Wii. I don’t think technically they’d be able to support this kind of gameplay.”



261 thoughts on “Sony Says Sorcery Shows Why PlayStation Move Is Better Than Wii”



                1. Very true, no-one of any religion does that kinda thing- because of their religion. so lets all STFU (Ooooh caps this must have meant I was reli pissed ¬_¬)

                  PS3s are good, but they’ve got nothin’ on Zelda

                    1. hey ‘brah’ you’re a fool if you really think a few idiots represent any religion. All religions should be respected equally, not that it’s reli relevant to this blog. This isn’t a philosophical discussion- it’s news about Nintendo.

                    2. All religion is a lie. They all have years of blood on their hands. They kill thousands of people to accomplish their goals, and once their dominance is established, they start spewing the peace and love bullshit.

    1. nuff said! and sony……. stfu your shit uses a fuckin camera to track a glowing ball at the top of it, does the wii use a camera? no motion plus is like a camera with out being a camera you use a fuckin camera so shutie

      1. EnjoyVideoGamesPlz-Girl

        Lol, and what about the sensor bar that the Wii uses ?
        You’re blaming Sony for having something that tracks movements while Nintendo has it too ? I envy your logics. (:

      1. They actually tried something similar with Alundra in the psone, their so called zelda killer. Oh what’s that? Alundra 2 bombed? Zelda is still around? Whoops! Guess you’d better try harder sony :P

  1. Oh no the Move is better than a dying console oh noooo…

    Seriously though it’s not a big deal, the Move is just MotionPlus+1. The Wii U is on its way anyway

    1. Dying system riiiiight, thats why 500k units were sold on black friday.
      And don’t be stupid people the websites asigns avatars randomly.

  2. and soon sony will copy something from nintendo, PSVita 3D perhaps? or Sony PS U?
    I like sony and I like nintendo, I just dont like sony when they brag about stuff, tch

    1. Me too. I have a wii and ps3 but Sony brags too much. I remember they said the sixaxis controller was going to be awesome. I HATE that controller. The motion sensing for cod 3 sucked big time and would never work. Also lair was built around it and that one bombed. I don’t plan on buying move ever. There aren’t many games that use it and most aren’t really good. My friends brother bought one and hasn’t used it since

      1. Yup uncharted 1 had throwing bombs with that stupid ass 6 axis feature to be never used again.

        Sony I love your ps3 console like my Nintendo wii, but bragging isn’t cool brah. Especially when the move hasnt been a success.

        1. Funny to learn that most people have got a wii and a PS3, don’t know exactly why Move hasn’t been a success, considering that they work around EVERYTHING Nintendo do. They are like professional trolls haha

    2. Well I like Sony and Nintendo but nintendo did admit that they got their ‘inspiration’ from the eyetoy, so if we want to get all technical Nintendo copied Sony who are now copying Nintendo

      1. Yet there’s still a massive difference between inspiration. You can take inspiration from the eye toy and create an entire console based on motion control, but the PS Move was created to do EXACTLY what the Wii did so people bought the PS3 instead.

        1. Yeah I would have to agree with you there. Nintendo are the initotive ones; kinect copied eyetoy, but just made it better

      2. LOL, inspiration doesn’t mean copy (like sony always does by the way) and you should do a research and you’ll find out since when nintendo has been implementing motion controllers on their systems (GBC). Nintendo is an inspiration to all video game consoles and developers. Not to brag about it, but without nintendo, the video game industry wouldn’t be what it is today.

  3. LOL those fuckers just lost a sale, besides, I’m too busy playing the only high quality motion game ever made…. Guess which one I’m talking ’bout?

  4. It won’t be as good as Zelda, but I’ll still buy it, because unlike 90% of the people on this site, I like all 3 consoles.

    1. Thank you. Though I’m 100% sure that this won’t be as good as Skyward Sword, I’m not gonna assume it’s a bad game.

  5. It won’t be as good as Zelda, obviously, but I’ll still buy it because it looks fun, and unlike 90% of the people on this site, I can like more than one company.

  6. Sorcery was supposed to be a Move LAUNCH title. It was one reason why I got a Move, and pretty much the reason why I haven’t used my Move AT ALL.
    PS Move is a failure to me.

  7. sony is so stupid -_-

    btw i recommend you block zac kurtz on your facebook because literally all he says is bad things about nintendo. i think hes still a fan but he always compares it to sony and the other day he was making fun of french people -_-

    1. Btw i do like sony but they keep on copying nintendo like they got you draw (are something like that) for the move and the tablet, pen and concept looks almost exactly like the wii’s wedraw

    2. EnjoyVideoGamesPlz-Girl

      Yeah. And that’s something you can tell without even having played the game. I envy your skills of knowing things without even knowing them.

    1. ^ this

      As interesting as it seems, this game was supposed to come out at launch, I’m sure it will be good or at least okay, but this game never really pulled me in. Nothing shouts, YOU NEED TO PLAY THIS!

      1. Yeah. Ok. Bought a move on launch day in September of last year with sports champions. Played that for a week and haven’t touched that since. Bought heavy rain move edition in February. Completed that in about ten days. Haven’t touched move since. Have been waiting for sorcery otherwise I’d have traded it in. Maybe this can actually get me beyond three weeks of usage in 15 months.

    1. Yep cause when I a game has magic in it it’s a Harry potter ripoff; Skyrim has swords and strange creatures, oh it ripped off Zelda- ratchet and clank has platforming elements in it, well so does super Mario 64! Wow so many games rip off each other (and yes I am using sarcasm)

  8. EnjoyVideoGamesPlz-Girl

    To be honest, I didn’t like the control of Skyward Sword. It wasn’t as precise as I expected, I’d even call it unprecise and kinda hard to control at times. Maybe it was just me or because I was using the Wii Motion Plus Adapter instead of a controller with Wii Motion Plus included, but I actually doubt so.
    I found Move better than Wii’s motion-control so far, but can’t really tell if it’s the same for this game too since I never played it.

      1. EnjoyVideoGamesPlz-Girl

        Yeah, a few people told me so. As I said, maybe it was just me, maybe I was doing something wrong. I don’t know. I just know that it doesn’t work that good for me.
        But that doesn’t really change my opinion of the game being pretty good, though.

        1. I had some problems too, but I believe that I had something set-up wrong…and I did. The game is pretty damn precise. Thinker around with your Wii and see if you can fix anything.

          But back to the topic, Wii U is coming out and I don’t know if the PS Move is making the jump to PS4 like Wii is doing with Wii U. Soooo I have no idea, game looks alright.

    1. you do know from time to time in game you have to calibration the wii motion plus in the gear menu. If not accurate. or your to close to the tv or your position isn’t straight and accurate from the sensor bar.

  9. First of all, comparing Sorcery to Skyward Sword isn’t fair at all because they use motion to do two separate things. Second, I agree with the people here, saying that your motion is better then a dying console and a controller-free gaming thing (that is a different kind of motion then Move) isn’t saying much. Third, I couldn’t judge the game’s motion by the trailer because what I saw of someone actually playing the game was staged and the rest didn’t appear to really use motion to do very many… motions. And to close, nobody cares if your motion is better because motion gaming pretty much sucks anyway lol

  10. move could be better than wii but still, the simple fact of releasing a motion controller just like that is kinda humilliating [don’t know how to spell it lol] for sony

    1. I have 2 friends that bought the Kinect, each only has 1 game for it (the one that was bundled with it), and the only fun we got out of it was trying to make our onscreen avatars make dirty poses. That lasted about 10 minutes. They’ve yet to touch it again since.

  11. This game looks good. I really love adventure games, but the battle system looks so primitive if compared to SS…

    This video shows that you will have to run like an idiot to avoid the enemy’s fire while you cast spells… it doesn’t show how bad ass the controllers will be.

  12. It would’ve been interesting last year, but with the Wii going out, I don’t think it’s such a big claim. It could work better for more games than Kinnect, but Kinnect works for different types of games, but it’s trash for most other games.

    I was interested in the concept of combining different types of elements in Sorcery, but I wasn’t a fan of the implementation of Move. A lot of people hate Move because of the camera. You need to focus on it, which can limit your movement.

  13. First of all, the game looks like crap. Second, while most of the game was the gameplay, when you WERE able to see the kid and game at the same time, it really didn’t look like it was following his motions. Also, all the spells just auto-lock enemies, you cant miss. Looks horrible. Good job being try-hards again, Sony.

  14. Former Best Buy and Gamestop Manager

    Since I own all 3, I can really say they all have their perks. The Wii has the most games, and great motion controll games like Skyward sword (love my gold Wii motion plus) but most of the Wii motion games are absolute CRAP. The kinect allows for full body motion controll. Something the Wii and Move can’t come close to producing. But it’s very clunky, much less accurate than the Wii. The Move has the most accurate system, but requires calibration everytime you play a game. Shooting games do really well because of it’s accuracy. They all have their perks, but the Move is the most accurate of all 3.

    1. Actuall PS3 started motion control with a camera before connect… On pS2 with eye candy… Kinect just iped it with a better and smoother system but they both have a long way to go.

      1. Former Best Buy and Gamestop Manager

        The Eye Toy didn’t allow for the same thing that the Kinect does. Have you ever played both? The eye toy merely uses the captured image of your body to interact with things. It may be hard to understand, but the kinect senses your body, then creates an in game model baised on your body’s movements. As opposed to using the image of you to hit balls on screen (playstation eye) the kinect creates a 3D model of you that you use in the game and controll with your body. Initial idea is the same, but Microsoft actually did it. That’s like saying Sony created motion controll when they released their golf game that has gloves attatched to strings attatched to a device that would let you really swing and controll the game…

  15. Just because Sorcery may or may not be superior to the Wii doesn’t mean I’m going to rush out and buy it, or the Move, or even a PS3. Sorry Sony but you just haven’t impressed me enough to invest in your system.

  16. They have one game with motion controls that may be decent. Wow i am so sold rhat Move is so much better rhsn Wii. Losers. Btw how long was that game in production. A year I’m not convinced. Any way I find it funny that they had to wait until Zelda was released so they could mimic even more of it’s style.

  17. The real fact of the matter is, Sony is just jealous because Nintendo got the technology first, and perfected it first. made it better than they could ever hope to. So those jealous fucks are making that claim to get Nintendo fans to switch. However, they’ll NEVER do that because they know that Nintendo is better.

    1. I don’t understand why Nintendo fans hate Sony. Sony loves Nintendo! Haven’t you heard the saying “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”??

      By that saying, I’d assume that if Nintendo and Sony were people, Sony would have proposed 10 times over by now!

      1. sony copys from nintendo because nintendo does the best games and consoles and sony steals their ideas to make their own.thats why wii hate sony.

  18. OMG they did nit just say that they’re better than the competiton. Seriously OMG are companies even allowed to do that? I can’t believe this. I really can’t believevthis.

    1. Uh… yeah it’s called free market for a reason.
      Remember “sega does what nintendon’t” from the nineties you tend to see it in companies a lot.

    2. Uh… yeah its called free market.

      Remember “sega does what nintendon’t” from the nineties you see this a lot from companies actually it usually just PR hot air.

      1. I’d normally clear up this misunderstanding but I’m in the mood for a change so meh.

        Playing Along: Aww man but it’s still not right. I mean I know it’s a free country and all but.

  19. The move is a copy of the Wii, this game looks like a copy of Harry Potter..not interested besides I only support Microsoft and Nintendo, Sony only tries to rip-off Nintendo nowadays and frankly its annoying.

    1. ur right i hate copy cats.and something more.THE NINTENDO DS ISNT COPY OF IPHONE FROM APPLE BECAUSE the touchscreen was made by by E.A. Johnson at the Royal Radar Establishment, Malvern, UK.

  20. If a gaming company is saying their product is “better” than a rival company, you know they’re TRYING to get attention.

  21. Everyone is always so rude about these things. I hate what the world has come to.

    For one, this is nothing like Harry Potter. I love Harry Potter, but just because something has magic and a wand does NOT make it a HP rip-off. There were tons of wizard and sorcery stories before HP.

    Second, it’s NOTHING like Legend of Zelda at all. There are plainly NO similarities.

    The Move IS more advanced than the Wii remote, even with Motion Plus. The motion tracking and camera sensing does surpass the Wii Motion Plus technology. Of course, it was developed after the Wii, so it is obvious it’s more advanced. Unfortunately, Nintendo isn’t really working on new technology for motion gaming for Wii U, it’s using the same Wii remotes.

    The fact of the matter on both parts is… Move doesn’t have enough games for it, Sorcery is the ONE game most people were excited for on the Move, and it’s been delayed. The Wii is littered with terrible shovelware that makes the system look bad. Most of the people bashing it are just overly obsessed with Nintendo to give other systems a chance. All three systems have their pros and cons, and honestly, I love all three major consoles.

    The sad truth, Nintendo fans are the worst type of people, Playstation and XBOX fans don’t bash each other NEARLY as much as the Nintendo fans bash PS and XBOX fans. Ugh!

    1. Did you seriously just say nintendo fans are worse than ps3 and Xbox fans? This is a Nintendo site so of course people are pissed over this, post something about Nintendo being better than Sony and see how much more ridiculous replies you get

      1. They’re all the same, thus the label “fanboys”. Just by looking at the majority of the comments here in this article the Nintendo fanboys are no different from the PS3/360 fanboys.

      2. If this site is any indication of tha type of fanbase that makes up Nintendo’s fans, they deserve much better that you troll, douchebag waste of skin fankids.

        Nintendo is a great company. To bad their following is littered with idiots.

    2. First:

      Ok, so how about the game not looking exciting in any way AT ALL? Maybe the game isn’t bad, but it’s been in development for god knows how long and all they have to show is some wand waggling in a more then overused and unappealing fantasy setting. And yet Sony boldly claims it to be the greatest achievement in motion gaming history. If the game doesn’t deserve the hate, sony sure isn’t doing much to change that.

      And most important, second:

      Cut that “you low life fanboys, me apreciator of all consoles” bullshit that seems to be turning into a trend around here. While some mindlessly bash sony for trying to outdo the competition, I believe most wii owners have very little to be impressed about in this especific matter, thus adding to the ridiculousness of the aforementioned claim. That being said, you commit the stupid and nearly unexcusably mistake of generalizing an entire group of people based on a few examples retarded fanboyness.

      The sad truth, I don’t give a single fuck about how many consoles you love, but think twice before offending people you don’t know shit about.

      1. Lack of move support in games adds to its shitiness, sharp shooter sucking adds to its shitiness, the fact that theres not a move dedicated game that doesnt suck penis a year after its release ADDS TO ITS SHITINESS! Im no fanboy, but move can fuck off!

      2. Well said, if I decided to judge a rather large group of people based on a select few, then a visit to N4G would leave me convinced that Sony fans are crazy homicidal maniacs, but clearly those nutjobs are a very, very select few.

  22. Sing a new tune Sony, Nintendo are sorta over Motion Controls at this point. They’ve been there, done that mastered it and now they’re onto a new console, the Wii U, touch screen tablet. Yeah Sony sure, six years later you finally got something ahead of the Wii, congratulations…

    1. The funny thing is that It’s not even ‘ahead’ of Nintendo. :D

      I’ve used Move before and half the time I didn’t know what was going on…

      Sony has some nice games but Move just doesn’t cut the cake for me.

    2. Nintendo aren’t even done with motion controls though. The Wii U has backwards capabilities with the Wii Remote and therefore still uses motion controls.

  23. I expect that the controlls are going to get completely panned. I mean, your going to be flailing around alot trying to cast the right spell. I like skyward swords motion controlls better, because you only have the motion controlls having one option, say an analog stick, or a single button, and what that option is, is determined by what item you have out. This, it seems as if they are trying to cram aiming and 3 or 4 different buttons onto one motion thingy. Not good.

  24. Oh god another fanboy/girl war starting post -_- I love sony but I cant be botherd to get move seeing how I have a Wii.

    I just drained $400+ in Nintendo today. I got me my Zelda 3DS, super mario land 3D, Mariokart 7 (2 of them, one for me and one for my lil bro who is getting a red 3DS at xmas) and then Zelda skywardsword. Now I cant figure out what game I want to play first xD what should I play first place peopl?

      1. Yeah Ive had this planed since March. I knew I was going to buy a 3DS at xmas but I had enough birthday money today to get one today :D

    1. I ended up playing Mario kart first. I love that game! the 3D effects in it were great till my eyes started hurting lol.

    2. Skyward Sword you need to be able to relax in immerse yourself into the world. Mario Kart 7 you need to practice up a little bit, and is great when you feel the need for online play. Super Mario 3D Land is just awesome and can be picked up and played whenever.

  25. Oh Yes I feel really manly using a magic queer wand instead of weilding a sword sent by the gods, although with a franchise of 15 years olds with thousands of fans

  26. Skyward sword will still be the best and everyone’s favorite but sorcery will be the better game, apart from the story. And don’t start attacking me just because I said this, as I know that most of you are Nintendo fan boys (I both like Nintendo and Sony btw, but I’m not a fanboy)

    1. What I don’t understand is how you just state that some random game can be better than a game that utilized motion controls to the limits of it aged console and still managed motion control game of the year by EVERY company. It was even Edge’s game of the year. You can’t just say that Sorcery will be the better game when you’ve never even played it.

      1. Hey it’s Dazza ( I changed my name) what I meant by that was that from what I’ve seen ( the trailer and the tech demo at e3 2010) the game play seems more appealing and don’t get me wrong, sorcery may turn out crap but from what I’ve seen sorcery seems more fun as skyward sword is a bit slow paced- this is all my personal opinion so I would respect that you don’t start attacking me, especially that Muslim or Jewish kid that was trollIng before :P

        1. I’m not attacking, I’m just saying that you can’t really say how good a game is without playing the entire thing (like most people do). I’m not saying that the game will be bad or anything, just not to judge a book by the cover.

          1. Well when i daid attacking i was talking to anyone in eneral who diagreed, not you personally :) But anyway you make a valid point

  27. Finally right? They’re a little late to the party. Like what? Four or five years after the Wii came out? In terms of technology, that’s ancient. Tech gets outdated every three months. That figure was in 2007 and it’s been dwindling since.

    While Sony and Microsoft are focusing on the casual this time around, Nintendo is bringing back the hardcore. Using the Blue Ocean strategy, Nintendo’s making competition irrelevent. They’re bragging five years after? Nintendo’s eating your lunch.

    1. Nope, it states that the game will be better than anything the Wii and Kinect have to offer, and therefore it involves Nintendo.

  28. Another Troll bait article for sickr’s legion of trolls. Have a good feast you basement dwelling trolls?

    In all seriousness, Skyward Swore is my personal favorite game of all time but Socery looks fun and the Move is also a nice piece of tech. Grow up fanboys.

      1. Is that all you can say? He made a perfectly good point and that’s how you counter it? I thought they were joking when they said that the fanboys here are worse than the PS3/360 fanboys.

        Clearly I was wrong.

      1. Not in terms of what is fun gameplay wise.

        I would much rather swing my sword in zelda than fire guns in call of duty or halo.

        However if we are talking guns, arm cannons are way cooler than guns.

        Metroid prime will always be my favorite first person shooter because of this fact.

      2. No, a gun symbolizes that you’re too afraid to get upclose and personal unlike a sword, which requires close encounters with the enemy (or if you’re accurate you could throw it :b).

  29. It will probably be another one of sony’s 5 hour campaigns. Lets see sony make a game that takes even 20 hours to beet. Let alone 60.

  30. eh so it is better yet the only thing they are doing is shoot but instead of a gun with a stick? is there even a need to swing in the right direction to kill something? well the trailed doesn’t show it. until they have a better game than SSs Motion they can stick that stick up their asses and shut up!!

  31. Hahahahaha… I love PlayStation and all… but the Move was just a bad move. It’s nowhere near as good as the Wii. Especially with the Wii Motion Plus, the Wii just wins on every level.

  32. OMG u PPLs…
    jus go on wif ur lives already….
    gaming is one thing in ur life and u all spend tim e arguing over sumthin ridiculos?
    sure, sony maybe brag of thier somewhat “success” and made a big issue of it…
    it does not stop us from playing what games on which consoles….
    it’s almost time for christmas for pete sake…..!!

    1. Lol, if you have a life stop bothering all of us people on here who don’t.

      We are not impressed with your nagging.

      Like this one post of yours is going to stop everyone from arguing about what game is better.

      IMO arguing about what game is the best is almost as fun as the games themselves. That is unless the game we are talking about is said to be better than skyward sword. Cause any game that tries to say that just sucks on principal. Especially some game where the only weapon is some fruity magic wand. Zelda already did that with the wand of gamelon, and that game sucked.

  33. Ok for one the motions in that game seem gratuitous based on the footage. Motion controls should offer an experience unique that can’t be mimicked in the same way by playing with classic buttons. I mean it just seemed like he flicked his controller, and it automatically homed in on the enemies. It would be slightly justifiable if your input changed the dirction of the shot, but that looked like you could just waggle and you just killed you enemy. Sure it seems like a nice integration of motion controls, kind of like how Mario does the spin attack in Galaxy, but it a very long stretch to claim that this is proof of better motion controls. Even here the gameplay seems bare-bones and doesn’t look like it would require any inicial thinking to take out enemies.

  34. sony sucks balls psp died in 2009 psvita is gonna bomb and the only thing keeping ps3 alive is third party games like c.o.d lets not forget the reason sony and microsoft made motion sensors was because of nintendo who are the trend setters of gaming all other companies are copy cats trying to steal and modify patents. when the wii-u comes out all i have to say is sony r.i.p

  35. i own a ps3, and the playstation move. and i will not be buying this game. do you know why? because it looks like it sucks. the level design is flat and boring, the graphics are too sub par for the tech that its running on and the gameplay just doesnt look like it will work. i mean come on. if your going to make a trailer for your game wouldnt you at least try and make it look interesting?

  36. Sony…..I have a suggestion for you. Shut your fucking mouth and make games. Why is it that Sony cares about nothing but being better than Nintendo? They have done nothing but try to one up them ever since the very beginning when they stepped into the war. And the sad thing that they can’t seem to understand is that Nintendo’s not even putting up a FIGHT. They’re too busy doing their own thing and always thinking about what they can come up with next. Why can’t they understand that Nintendo has their methods, and Sony should just keep theirs? Microsoft understands. Microsoft TRIED to be original with kinect. But all Sony does, all sony EVER does is want to compete with nintendo. I’m sure you’ve all seen this before?

    “[Microsoft and Nintendo] are starting to run out of steam now in terms of continuing to be relevant in 2011 and beyond. I mean, you’ve gotta be kidding me. Why would I buy a gaming system without a hard drive in it? How does this thing scale? Motion gaming is cute, but if I can only wave my arms six inches, how does this really feel like I’m doing true accurate motion gaming? Our view of the ‘Game Boy experience’ is that it’s a great babysitting tool, (but) no self-respecting 20-something is going to be sitting on an airplane with one of those. He’s too old for that.” – Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Jack Tretton

    All Sony can do is talk shit, copy nintendo, and shove cutting edge technology into a box. Has nintendo ever talked shit about ANY of it’s competitors? Remember the “Genesis does what nintenDON’T thing? Or the Sega CD commercial? Have you ever seen nintendo retaliate? No, because they’re not one for competition. They make games for their fans. Not to be better than their competitors.

    1. Former Best Buy and Gamestop Manager

      Wow…do some research before you make a huge long post…Nintendo shoved Sony into the console war. If you don’t believe me then look up the SNES-CD. It was a good move by nintendo to scrap the deal, but it is directly responsible for the super shity CDi and the birth of the PSone.

      1. You’re right about the fact that it was Nintendo who got Sony into gaming in the first place. But other than that Magi is right. Nintendo is not really concerned with putting down their competitors, they are concerned with bringing new and exciting gameplay experiences to gaming community.

        1. “Nintendo who got Sony into gaming in the first place”

          That’s true, but that was almost 15 years ago, i’m impress that Sony wants to beat Nintendo so bad, they don’t even check out their consoles quality or the costumers problems.
          Sony needs to understand you can’t always win, Nintendo learned that te hard way.

      2. ……you missed the point. I know exactly how sony stepped into the war, I simply didn’t mention it. Sony was pissed at nintendo, still holds a grudge from 10 years ago, and it seems like the only reason entered the war to beat them at their own game, not to be a great company that makes great games.

  37. They think Move is superior to Wii? Hell no. The controls were glitchy & crappy the times I’ve played it, the controls on the Wii are much better. Sony needs to stop being cocky & stop being totally un-original with anything that isn’t graphics & need to start getting a face on reality. They’ll never knock Nintendo out as a console maker or game developer, if anyone even has even the slightest chance of doing that in the future it would be Microsoft or Sega (if they got back in the console biz)

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  39. Yeah yeah whatever Sony. The Move is just a Wii-mote rip off, only difference is that it has a fricking light bulb sticking out on one end. And seriously, who even buys the Move for their PS3?

  40. This pathetic little gimmic from Sony just show how much they want to be as awesome as Nintendo… Sorry Sony, will never happen. Nintendo Wii’s sucess isn’t spelled Wii-mote, it’s spelled Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Pokémon, Kirby etc. Things you guys at Sony never can beat.

  41. These people lost the audience they aim for, Games are made for children not for adults. You start gaming when you are a child and with the system you grow up with, you likely stay with. and you wont bring in new gamers with only 18+ games.

    Like the saying goes: You’re too old to play video games!

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