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Call Of Duty Black Ops Is The Most Searched For Video Game On Google In 2011

Google has released its annual report for the most popular video game search terms for 2011 and Call of Duty: Black Ops came out top. Black Ops was closely followed by Call of Duty, Halo Reach and Super Mario. Surprisingly Modern Warfare 3 didn’t even make the list. Here’s the full top ten game searches of 2011:

1. Black Ops
2. Call of Duty
3. Halo Reach
4. Super Mario
5. Mortal Kombat
6. Skyrim
7. Battlefield 3
8. Dragon Age 2
9. Diablo 3
10. Mass Effect 3

57 thoughts on “Call Of Duty Black Ops Is The Most Searched For Video Game On Google In 2011”

      1. Exactly! We already know that all Zelda games will be awesome! (As long as they’re not made by Philips…) Most other games, you don’t know what to expect.

  1. On the bright side, a lot of quality games came up here. I know Mass Effect 3 isn’t out yet and Super Mario is more of a general term than an actual game, however there’s lots of great RPGs on the list.

    And guys, don’t pay attention to the Call of Duty Fad, in a couple years time it will have disintegrated.

    1. Its a fad bro, itll all fade away, its like how justin beibrr is the most popular pop artist and wayne is the most popular rap artist, their popular like titts, ut that doesnt change the fact they suck ass and are over rated for the simple shit they do.

  2. Too vague to be relevant. Also, search terms don’t mean much. Too many ways to search for something for it to be useful unless these terms include related terms in their numbers.

    Pretty sure people meant Modern Warfare 3 when searched Call of Duty.

      1. No hope was lost from looking at this anyway. It just showed that people are searching to see the insignificant changes to the “new” Call of Duty game.

        1. Woah woah woah woah woah slow down here! They made Changes? What the heck can you change? The amount of blood spurting out of the dead guy?

  3. This is incredibly pointless. CoD games were only on the list because they’re WAY overhyped. Then they’re just a massive letdown.

  4. Well the little twelve-year-olds that play CoD need a walkthrough, while we Zelda fans are mature enough not to use walkthroughs.

      1. I hope not and it really shouldn’t since the only objective is: shoot gun at enemy, then win virtual trophy. (Hehehe I rhymed!)

          1. I’ve actually used a walkthrough for zelda. And ppl like to look up certain unlockable for CoD. I really dont see why everyone is so against cod. Its obviously an enjoyable game or millions of ppl wouldnt be playing it.

            1. The millions of people are either 30 year olds who just play it cause they think other games are childish, or kids/teens who think it’s cool to play. The game is repetitive and after playing one, you don’t need to buy any others.

    1. Mine would be Skyward Sword or Skyrim. The former was to look at new information every time, and the latter was because downloading PC games is far too easy.

  5. It would make sense since black ops was the highest seller of 2010 at the end of the year leaving all of 2011 to search for things on google. It isn’t always about hype.

  6. only idiots google info on video games instead of going to a videogame news site. hence why the top 2 searches are call of duty

  7. I Am The Yeti. You Are Scum

    Dammit I’m one of the people who searched Black Ops. Just because my cousin wanted videos. SMH lol

      1. It’s relevant to the jerking off community, of which we are all members.If you say you aren’t then your’re either god-damned liar, haven’t hit puberty yet or you’re a woman.

  8. Sickr, can you post a blog topic specifically for MNN followers to post and pick up friend codes with each other, one we can return to and reference?

    I know there are other sites that do this, but this is the only site I check on a daily basis.

    Thought I’d ask! :)

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