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Dragon Quest X Beta Expected Around Valentine’s Day, Wii U Version Is ‘Beautiful’

Square Enix announced at a Q&A session at Jump Festa that Dragon Quest X will have a playable beta which will take place around Valentine’s Day in Japan. Producer Yosuke Saito was asked about the differences between the Wii and the Wii U versions, Saito said, “The Wii version is totally fun! The Wii U version is totally fun! And it’s also extremely beautiful.” He added that if you have two systems, you and a friend can play together.

78 thoughts on “Dragon Quest X Beta Expected Around Valentine’s Day, Wii U Version Is ‘Beautiful’”

  1. “He added that if you have two systems, you and a friend can play together.”

    Wait, wait, wait… does this mean that people on the Wii can play with people on the Wii U, or simply that the Wii U version supports online co-op or something?

    1. It’s already confirmed that people playing on Wii can play with people on Wii U…

      I think besides having an Offline and Online MMO feature, there’s also 2-player Co-Op.

    2. I understood it as “if you have two of the same systems, you can play together” because he said “two systems” in a general way, and not in a “if you have THE two systems” specifying that they are the different systems.

      But if it’s already confirmed, then never mind.

    3. Well, if Steam makes it on to the Wii U, you could most likely play with someone on a PC or PS3 on Steam games. but that’s only if Steam is added.

    1. running two separate mmos together form one system would spell L A G, (unless we are looking at something like boulders gate or FF Crystal chronicle series, then i see fail.

      1. Former Best Buy and Gamestop Manager

        Why does everyone forget that the Wii U tablet controller is not the only or the main controller used with the system. It uses Wii remotes and accesories.

    1. That means the vita is nothing more than a baby ps3!! because every game you can play on 2different systems is just a clone of a previous system. Its some fucklogic to say that.

                1. fuck you fake peteriuss u and ur friends are 100% trolls and you dont admit it.peteriuss or peter tells the truth because i read the nintendo history and i know exactly what will happen with the company.fuck u all trollers this is a nintendo fan website go and fuck urselves on to another website.

                  1. lucky peter i think u have a litlle friendly company here but nvm,also they are right and ur right the 90% of peoples here are trolls and u are the 100% person that u are telling things that exist i read the nintendo history to but i hate sony like peter does.

    1. 1. There are already a few MMO console games.
      2. Nintendo already had the first: Phantasy Star Online I & II for the Gamecube(although the game didn’t do too well.)

      1. Uh, you made a typo when you said “Nintendo Gamecube” instead of “Sega Dreamcast” – sorry dude, I was jamming PSO on DC (and online) years before it graced a Nintendo console.

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    1. My mouth has been watering since E3 2011.

      I can’t wait for Controller interactation to Wii U.

      I can’t wait for Online

      I can’t wait for better graphics

      I can’t wait for Star Fox

      1. I can’t wait for e3 2012! Nintedo will blow our minds and shut the hater up in one go! Im going to have a stroke from all the EPICNESS! 6months away!!!!

        1. Oh man, I can’t wait for E3 2012. Why can’t it be April 2012 right now? Who cares about all this christmas shit, bring on E3!

            1. I can’t wait for that rumored “Wii U Press Conference” that’s supposed to take place in January! Supposedly, that’s when Nintendo will be announcing launch games, showing off official specs, giving an official launch date, showcasing online, new 1st party exclusives, etc.

            2. I wasn’t sure what month E3 was in, lol. I picked April because it’s when daylight savings time ends and my birthday is in the month after.

        1. I think nintendo is going for a simultaneous multi-plat launch, like twilight princess. Would make more sense if to help building a user base, at least in japan.

          1. No, it will be on wii first, it was confirmed. It will only be a few months difference. Plus this article talks about a wiiU version being demoed in Feb. When the wii version was shown 2months ago.

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