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Wii U Will Be At CES 2012 In January

Popular technology blog CNET has spectacularly revealed that the Wii U will be at this years CES event which starts January 10th. There’s no information regarding which games will be shown off at the event, or whether we will be shown the same demos which we saw revealed at E3. Anyway, it’s certainly exciting news.

Nintendo is bringing the Wii U to CES and I’ll be getting more hands-on with the tablet-console hybrid to build on my impressions from E3 2011. Nintendo has historically skipped over CES, but it’s great to hear the company will have a presence there in 2012.

61 thoughts on “Wii U Will Be At CES 2012 In January”

    1. Means new information for fanboys to look up in a biased and wrong way and try to find 1 site stating badly about said info and try to use that site as A weapon to nintendo fans

      1. People like discussing stuff, and of course there will be some shit. But its the nature of this business, most of it is Sony’s fault, they will always be bitter towards Nintendo. That notion passes on to the fans too. But as always, w e w i l l s e e o n c e W i i U i s g i v e n r e l e a s e – _ –

    2. Okay, the Wii was 1st, PlayStation Move was 2nd, Xbox Kinnect is different. The Xbox Kinnect is a system were your the controler, it knows exactly what your doing. The Wii and Move don’t sense you, they sense the controler and guess what the rest of your body is doing.

  1. hopefully they’ll show off new games or announce some. what games are on it will tell me if i’ll buy it or not. though i’ll buy it regardless for HD smash bros and HD mario kart.

      1. And this makes me think Zelda won’t come out til 2016 due to making it even better than skyward sword. My question is, what it will be about though. Can’t wait til Jan 10 and E3 in June >.<

      2. this is true. fucking sakurai, but mario kart may be annonced sooner, like for a 2013 release. hopefully it won’t be called “Mario Kart 8”

        1. I doubt they would announce the next MK. If they do it’s a name drop and not a launch or year after launch title. It would steal MK7’s thunder. I expect 2014 at the earliest for MK “8”.

          1. Riot?

            It should be Super Smash Bros Ultra

            Or even better Super Smash Bros Universe

            I want it to be Universe the Universe should have the Wii U’s U in it on the Box Art.

  2. I really want to go now but it’s all the way To Las Vegas.

    I’ll go to the release date annoucing in EU like the 3DS one….. wait…. I maybe working.

    I used the 3DS about 2 weeks before it was released in my local store maybe the Wii U will be in my local store a few weeks before release.

  3. Can someone say price and launch date please?! They said they’d reveal “early next year” so it’s definitely a good chance of that happening!

  4. Glad Nintendo will be CES! Not to be negative, but I think they are doing this to generate EARLY buzz, considering how bad the 3ds launch was…

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  6. I knew it! I was watching Tekken on G4 yesterday, and saw the commercial for CES and thought to myself, “It would be a good idea for Nintendo to bring the Wii U there.” And now, voila.

    I’m so looking forward to this.

    1. “Consumer Electronics Show”.

      Nintendo usually attends it, but they haven’t shown anything off in over 10 years. This is pretty good news.

  7. Trying to hype the wii u up so that way it doesn’t LOLFAIL like the 3DS did at launch.

    Good move Nintendo, good move.

  8. I Am The Yeti. You Are Scum

    Here’s hoping we see a new game in development and see what changes the WiiU has gone through since it’s E3 unveilment. Anyone else wondering what kinda “strong” first party launch titles they promised they’d have?

      1. If its not pikmin I will die of a rage attack! And Plllleeeaassse let them show off darksiders II! Fingers crossed and hyped to the moon!! XD

        Fully expecting next to nothing at the same time… But I need new info on ANYTHING wiiU related from the console color to the interal components.
        Ooo new xbox, kinect 2.0(which the must be making) better not suck like kinect does.

        Sony better step it up, because right now they’re looking like the odd man out.

  9. This is pretty exciting news, especiallly considering we haven’t seen or heard a peep about the Wii U since E3. I don’t expect them to reveal any new software, but I’m certain some new information will be gained from there.

  10. Nintendo themselves have not confirmed this. The article also states that the next Xbox will be reveal there. Even if both are true, I doubt they will show any meaningful gameplay for AAA titles until E3.

    1. I’ve seen youtube videos of what the new Xbox could look like.


      Really i want to see how bad it’s going to be.

  11. I have a feeling they’re not going to be showing off much more than what they did at E3 this year, maybe just a couple new tech demo’s, but I’m not expecting much in the way of actual games.

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