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New Mario Party 9 Information In Nintendo Power

The latest edition of American gaming publication Nintendo Power has plenty of new information regarding the forthcoming Mario Party 9 for Wii. Thankfully one of the forum members from the Mario Party forums has typed up all the exclusive details and here they are:

  • Instead of moving around the stage separately, all players ride together in a vehicle
  • Only the player who is taking a turn gets the rewards
  • Collect as many Mini Stars as possible before the end
  • Earn them by landing on special spaces and playing mini-games
  • Purple mini Zstars remove stars from your inventory
  • Variety of dice: high number dice, dice that only roll 0 and 1
  • Board details: Toad Road has a broken bridge that cannot be jumped unless all players roll a sufficiently high number
  • If you fall off the bridge, you enter a Mini Ztar-filled canyon
  • Bob-omb Factory is littered with conveyer belts that change your course
  • Each board has a miniboss and a final boss
  • In Bob-omb Factory, fight against a giant Whomp
  • Each player stands on a rotating platform while attempting to avoid being flattened by the stone creature
  • Mini-games include memory games (quickly count a horde of Goombas as they rush into their homes) to tests of your button-pressing skills (tap the proper buttons to climb a mountain) to more-physical activities (swing the Wii Remote to throw toppings on a pizza)

53 thoughts on “New Mario Party 9 Information In Nintendo Power”

  1. OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! Am… I! Am I realy yeeesss!!!!11!!!!1!!!!one!!!1!!! FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!!!111!!1!!!!one!!!1!!one!!!

    1. I just thought of this, but, isn’t “Vita Life” somewhat redundant, since both words mean essentially the same thing. Although I understand the Vita is a proper noun.

    I’m getting annoyed with how much Mario Party has changed over the years. The first few were simple and straight to the point, you moved around the board individually, bought items to use on yourself, played mini-games and bought stars. Then capsules came out, which I didn’t mind too much, but it was annoying to have to pay to use them on a character instead of a space, especially since people rarely ever landed on the space you put it on. Recently it’s been changed to candy, again I don’t mind too much, but it’s a weird change considering what it was like before. The gimmicks for each board in MP8 got annoying really quickly though, especially that Monopoly-like one. Now we have this, where characters don’t even move independently anymore and have to work together just to play the game. Imo, the only time MP should be co-op is in 2V2 or 3V1 mini games. We also have to get Mini-Stars before Stars now? That’s just even more annoyance for the players, especially when stars can be taken away by these Zstar things. Mario Party should be a series in which the gameplay is crazy and random (within reason), pitting the players against each other in a fun game of luck, but it’s slowly becoming a co-op mess that’s just an annoyance to play because of the difficulty of getting ONE star.
    Now this is my personal opinion, and it could change when the game is released and I get a chance to play it. I’d like to hear other opinions, maybe I’ll see it the other way where the new games are better, but I don’t want a flat-out arguement, I won’t respond to that.

    1. I think that this game will be far better than Mario Party 8 because it shows promise. But still Mario Party 3 was the best of the series because of its fun mini-games etc. That is what I’m looking for, I want to be able to play Mario Party with friends that can understand the game easily and can be within my level. The problem with MP games is that you can’t play the games too much because you’ll then get bored easily.

    2. While I do agree about certain parts of what you’re saying, the gamee NEED to change, unless you want it to go down the drain like Guitar Hero. And to be honest: nostalgia do fuck up our opinions. So yeah, I would also like to see an “oldish” new MP game, but this new generation probably don’t :( (but if they do, be the first to show them games of the good old days!).

        1. Won’t be compatible with 4 Wii U controllers. It will likely be “pass the remote” or one lucky person will get it while others will have Wii controllers. Or perhaps everyone will have a Wii controllers. Should be interesting how they will do the next one.

    3. Yes this. I completely agree with you. In my opinion, Mario party 5 was the last good one. All the board gimmicks are terrible

    4. I agree wit u dude, i mean come one having items used on each other and not as a trap was the best, it was more dangerous but fun and no board game is a board game withoutoving individually, but i did like mp8’s way of getting stars and the stages

  3. ” you enter a Mini Ztar-filled canyon”
    Did anyone else notice the type here? :p
    (It’s the world Ztar, it’s supposed to be Zstar)

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  6. I dislike the whole “ride together” idea. Its everyone for themselves, until that momentary truths during the mimi-games.

    1. Yeah, the moving together thing takes the board game aspect away and from what I can imagine, it’ll also take away a lot of the competitive thing about mario party.

      1. I disagree with the special dice it seems like you can screw over the next player and such. I know the traditional part will be lost, but I think it will be neat to try, that way you don’t feel screwed when you get so close, then someone warps to your spot and takes the star out from you. The computer (or other players) have the opportunity to allow you to grab the star if they fall short on their turn.

  7. It sounds interesting, although I’m a bit worried by how the vehicle mode is implied to be the only option for navigating the board maps. I really preferred how Mario Party used to work in that sense.

    Different dice blocks sound interesting though. Didn’t this type of thing used to exist in the first Mario Party game on Nintendo 64?

    Oh, and Bob-omb Factory sounds like a cool stage from the name alone.

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  9. If the cars are not optional then this will be the worst Mario Party ever. If their just a “mode” of gameplay then this will be the best Mario Party ever!!!

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  13. Ive been following Mario Party since it started and I must say I also don’t dig the hole “moving together” thing. I know they just want to make things move quicker, but since when board games were about that? (this is STILL a board game-style party game right? right?)

    As far as the previous ones. Loved 1 and 2, never played 3, hated 4 and its mini mega business, 5 was ok but orbs anoyed me, I’m indiferent to 6 and 7.. they were okayish, and 8 was ok but could have been so much better. Mario Party DS was good but the format just doesn’t work for a portable. Maybe 9 will be good who knows, but again I’d rather make my own way around the board. I thought that was the whole point.

  14. Um, doesn’t riding around in one vehicle Miidefeat the purpose of Mario Party? I mean, the whole idea of Mario Party is 4 players moving INDEPENDENTLY through a game board, as if you were playing a board game in real life. So doesn’t Mario Party 9 go against everything that Mario Party has always been? I don’t get why Nintendo thought it would be awesome to force all the players into a cramped car, magic carpet, etc and let your friend choose where everybody’s going, oh, and don’t forget, your friend gets to take all the loot because, oops, it’s not your turn yet. Well crap, I lost. Isn’t that just peachy?

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