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Nintendo Says Wii U Was Influenced By Nintendo DS

Nintendo of America’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing Scott Moffitt has told Industry Gamers that Nintendo were inspired by the immensely popular Nintendo DS when the company created Wii U, though Moffit also confessed that the original Wii was another huge inspiration when creating both the console and the games.

“A lot of creativity came out of the DS. I think it’s fair to say the inspiration came from a wide variety of sources. I think the DS is one. The original Wii also inspired us and inspired the developers. They always challenge themselves to come up with something that can make a game better.”

62 thoughts on “Nintendo Says Wii U Was Influenced By Nintendo DS”

    1. Yeah the concept of two screens really works well. You can have the main game on the big screen, while having smaller things like icons/inventory/menus in your hands on the bottom screen. The DS focused a lot more on both screens at once, while the 3DS focuses more on the top screen, with it being a widescreen and in 3D. And the Wii U looks to be using this concept well too. Also, it’s cool when you’re playing multi-player to have a screen to yourself that no one else can see.

      1. What are you talking about!!!???
        Two Secreens?: YES! (TV and Controller)
        One of them is Touch Screen?: YES! (Controller)
        So, it is influenced by the DS!!!

    1. If the screen was bigger, I think it may have been identified more with tablet computers. But you’re right, just thought ‘second screen’, although not so much now :)

        1. The Vitutalboy was Nintendo’s only downright failure, and I think we can all admit that. It was this big lame plastic headset thing that you look into like a pair of binoculars. It had 3D graphics, but it made your eyes hurt really bad and made you see red and all kinds of weird things. It never caught on much at all, and shorty after was discontinued. It was a disaster, but Nintendo admitted to their failure, learned their mistakes, and moved on, which is good.
          Read more about it if you want.

  1. I totally called this, I knew it!! ( I mentioned my theory in previous posts on MyNintendoNews)

    As sad as it is, yes, I’m proud of myself. And this was ingenious on Nintendo’s part. Took the hottest handheld, and turned it into a console, the DS-BFG

      1. Dale Gribble Was Right

        Exactly. If they make a slot for DS games it could make quite an impact. The Game Boy Player was released as a $49.99 peripheral for the GameCube, 2 years too late. If this had been standard in the hardware from day 1, the PS2 domination may not have been as widespread. So, to reveal this feature for Wii U, would be groundbreaking & wouldn’t be something that the company hasn’t experimented with before. Just thinkful wishing. ;)

          1. Maybe both. Open a channel on 3DS to connect it to Wii U, open a channel on Wii U to connect it to 3DS and display what the 3DS is playing.

            1. The Wii U has 3D out, so people with 3D TVs could see the game in 3D and the strength can be controlled either by an in-game option, or still via the connected 3DS’s 3D Strength slider.

              1. Dale Gribble Was Right

                Nintendo hinted at the DS-Wii connection, but it never really reached it’s potential, so here’s a good chance to make these things happen with 3DS-Wii U. And as for 3D TV’s, I was thinking the same thing!

  2. Wii u using a tablet controller with access to an app store.

    Sounds like they were more inspired by apple to me.

    1. DSi and every rendition after had two screens and apps. The WiiU will have two screens and apps.

      When Nintendo announces they will be getting a fuck-ton off 99cents shitty apps, then yes, probably following apples led on that.

  3. I was expecting that one guy to call Nintendo out for unoriginality after this. No, not Pachter. That one guy who keeps yelling on the comments here. Maybe that guy is Pachter.

  4. zant's faithful servant

    Gee, the fact that it has two screens, one of which is touch-sensitive, didn’t tip me off to the fact that it was inspired by the ds

    *End sarcastic voice

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