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Nintendo 3DS Was The Best-Selling Console In France In 2011

Nintendo France has announced that the Nintendo 3DS was the best-selling console of 2011 selling an impressive 761,000 units. The Wii and the Nintendo DS also performed well in France although Nintendo would only give a combined figure for both platforms.

  • Nintendo 3DS: 761K
  • PlayStation 3: 656K
  • Xbox 360: 409K
  • Wii + DS: >1250K


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      1. *Sigh*

        Firstly, Vita was not mentioned in this post, nor was it even released during a single day in Frabce last year.

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    1. The weirdest moment for me is i know lot’s of people who own a 3DS. but they all own Mario Kart 7 or Mario 3D Land…. I don’t have it but i Have DOAD and Star Fox which are awsome!!!!

      Got to admit i’m not a Nintendo fan for mario really. It’s mainly F-Zero, Metroid and Starfox


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