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Here’s Five Minutes Of Resident Evil Revelations Story Mode

Capcom has uploaded five minutes of Resident Evil: Revelations footage from the company’s Premier Party event earlier today. The footage contains plenty of spoilers from the game’s story mode, so for those of you who don’t wish to tarnish the experience you may want to avoid watching it. Resident Evil: Revelations launches January 27th in Europe and February 7th in North America.



  1. WazSupChad
    Did anyone unlock hell mode I got killed by that fish people with the spike coming out of its arm when you turn around the corner of the hall I shot 3-5 times but he was still alive.


    1. Save your Grenades and use all 3 (3 includes the secret two you can find) on him, then one hit from your shot-gun will kill him.


  2. I will be avoiding this as I want to keep the spoilers to a minimum. Loved the demo by the way. Played it with headphones turned all the way up! Jill <3


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