The Kingdom Hearts Anniversary Box-Set Includes Three Kingdom Hearts Games

Square Enix has revealed exactly what you can expect to find in the Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary Box-Set. According to Andriasang the set includes three Kingdom Hearts games: Kingdom Hearts 3D, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded. The special edition box-set also includes a protective cover and a set of twelve post cards, which feature cover art from previous Kingdom Hearts games. Pricing for the box is set at ¥15,000.


      1. Sounds like a good idea to me. Chain of memories was also on the ps2 btw, Captain putdown, and I thought both versions were pretty good.


      2. The original Chain of Memories was on GameBoy Advance, you’re right on that.
        But when they released the Final Mix+ edition of Kingdom Hearts II, it also came bundled with Re: Chain of Memories (which was also released as a stand alone game in North America).

        The new version uses a more familiar Kingdom Hearts engine, however the story remain mostly unchanged, as well as the card battle system.


    1. It includeds Kingdom Hearts 3D (only on the 3DS) and two KH games for the DS. I don’t have much of a brain, but this sounds like a bundle for your 3DS since it can play DS games.


      1. I kind of figured, i thought maybe it would be released on a home console like they did with chains of memories, or the 2 psp God War were released in the Ps3, lets hope they charge less than what the seperate games are worth now (the DS ones of course)


  1. How much is 15,000¥ in US$ ?
    And please make it available in the us square :(
    i was about to get the ds games but this help a lot


  2. So the special box set is going to have the dozens of unsold copies of the earlier games bundled at a premium price?

    Nice move. I’ll pass thanks. Woulda prefered a download card to egt COM GBA from the e-shop or something.


  3. Yeah, this definitely sounds like a 3DS bundle.

    I was looking forward to a rerelease of the first 2 Kingdom Hearts games for the Wii U, if they bring the 3rd instalment of the series to the Wii U.


  4. I feel bad for fans of KH that don’t have a PSP – because Birth By Sleep has my personal favourite battle system in it, and it really is spectacular. It would have been cool if they had brought that into the collection for the 3DS – but I guess there is probably some contract somewhere saying for a certain amount of time it has to stay a playstation exclusive.

    Still a nice idea though – just would have liked to see a collection on the PS3 rather than the DS ones on the 3DS. I might get this depending on the price compared to KH3D when it is released in Europe as I haven’t played re:coded before – but other than the story ending that I already know about, thereisn’t anything in that game that really grabs me. If the increase isn’t so cheap I willl get it, but I won’t be sad if I only get KH3D


  5. It should be Kingdom Hearts 1, 2, Birth By Sleep, and Re: Chain of Memories for PS3 only. I’d accept a WiiU release as well. Remade in HD.


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