Nintendo Will Present At Game Developers Conference 2012

Nintendo has revealed that it will be participating in two presentations at this years Game Developers Conference, which takes place on March 5 through 9 in San Francisco’s Moscone Centre. Nintendo’s first session will be “Thinking in 3D: The Development of Super Mario 3D Land” and the second session which Nintendo will be participating in is titled “Existential Crisis: Do We Really Need AI?.”


      1. NPCs will act more like real players ….imagine COD enemies acting like real life humans players…they would need advanced AI to be able to do that.

      2. But, unfortunately, developers/programmers don’t seem to use AI to it’s fullest potential. AI doesn’t normally have the ability to plan ahead or have randomized behaviors.

  1. Great :) I hope they AT LEAST give us release dates for Luigi’s Mansion 2, Paper Mario, Animal Crossing etc.

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      2. I might get Animal Crossing 3DS, I was bored with City Folk cause I had no friends to play with.

      3. City folk was actually my fav. (i really hated the ds version). But I had the same problem so I was forced to use animal crossing community to play with others, that site really sucks though. hopefully visiting others will be easier now, if it connects with others as easily as mk7 and sm3dl and street pass then ill be super happy. I have a feeling this ac will be the best one yet.

      4. Got it, ill send you a swap note when I get a chance to add you. I pre ordered ac….in like july of last year? I dont remember but ill be playing day one. I might ask off of work (which ive never done) but im too excited for this game.

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  2. Do we need AI? WHAT!!! Yes we do!!! Games better not go only online multiplayer, I would be so mad!

  3. So Nintendo will be at the Gamr Developers Confernce. How is this news? The sky is blue, the grass is green….

    1. ………anonymous is a troll, and so are you. The news is what they’re presenting while they’re there.

      1. It will be nothing Wii U related. And it’s the Game DEVELOPERS Conference. This shouldn’t even be newsworhty because it’s not surprising in the least. Its lile saying “Nintendo will be at E3.”

      2. You’re right. Unless i have something absolutely positive to say, I shouldn’t say anything at all? (Sarcasm). It’s a forum. I believe if i want to point pit the uselessmess of this news story which recieved by email, i can do so. So, uh, thanks for commenting. I believe i will comtinue to do ao also.

      3. Its funny how you call him a troll for not agreeing with you, your the worst kind of troll, the ones that thinks that they and only they can have and opinion on topics and be considered right, but as soon a some one dissagrees, you yell troll. Hell I get the feeling that if nintendo had a penis, you would grasp it and never let it go.

      4. PS: We comment on the article and each other. We do not try to micromanage this Blog, which is what you are doing.

      5. You should troll some other Nintendo sites. You think THIS isn’t related to gaming? There are some “Nintendo sites” that post random advertising for Amazon TV sales…

        Go bitch to a website that really has news issues. For God’s sake, start you’re own fucking blog and leave us the fuck alone. WE are perfectly happy with what Sickr Posts.

        Unless you are Sickr’s lost twin brother, and this really is ALL you have to do with your life, then chill out. You don’t HAVE to read or respond to Sickr’s posts if you don’t want.

      6. How is saying that this article states yhe obvious trolling? It’s stating the obvious about Nintendo News stating the obvious. I noticed you said something to anyone that saud “duh” or just the “zzzzzz”. Maybe you should respect the fact i cam comment as much as i respect the fact you can comment. Or you can continue saying I am trolling for contributing. So as stated before, thanks for your contribution. I believe I will also continue to comment on any news article I subsctiber to. If I want to point out it relevance or irrelevance, why do you care?

  4. Am I the only one that sees “AI” and read it as “AL?”

    “Existential Crisis: Do We Really Need AI?.” No, screw that guy.

  5. Am I the only one that sees “AI” and read it as “AL?”

    “Existential Crisis: Do We Really Need AI?.” No. Screw that guy.

  6. I don’t like the sound of that second presentation… I’m studying AI at the moment. Still, it will be interesting to see

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