Konami Confirms Metal Gear Solid 3D Demo For North America Tomorrow

Konami in the US has finally confirmed that North American gamers will get the chance to download the Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D demo tomorrow on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Konami Europe has already confirmed that Europeans will be able to download the demo of Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D tomorrow.


  1. Nice, though I won’t get the game just yet, and that goes for Tekken as well. I just found out that there’s a shitload of anime series being released in April that I really love like Okami-san and Her Seven Companions, Legend of the Legendary Heroes (split into two parts), a rerelease of Sekirei season 1 DVD/BD combo (which means I can get that and the already released season 2), then there’s a series that came out in January that I couldn’t get, and I still need to get Fairy Tail parts 2, 3, and 4. ALl of that without accounting in Heaven’s Lost Property Forte.

    I guess I’ll take a break from gaming until the Wii U since collecting anime is a expensive hobby as well. I did the same during the fall. That’s over $400! I’ll be working my ass off really hard.

      1. These times are really hard on us. I love gaming, but I love anime, and people who are into either of those end up liking the other. It’s tough, but it’s rewarding.

      2. justs downloads dah pirates versions den its free.u will den hav moor muney too spends on crystal meth.

      3. Its how I read the pokemon,megaman,killer tomatoes and other mangas free is good.

      1. I will get Kid Icarus since it’s a returning series, and I’m interested in that Smash Bros-like multiplayer. Xenoblade has been put off for far too long. I was going to get a Vita, but now I just can’t afford that anymore, so I’ll just wait it out.

    1. As an interesting thought, if you rip said anime you can watch it on your 3ds. You need a special encoding program that batches the anime into 10 min ‘eps’ but it works great ^=^

      -3- *goes back to Lucky Star*

    1. No offense, but I don’t think Sickr is hiring, nor does he have time for a few extra side-kicks.

      I’m sure he’d get back to you if the email warranted it. no offense, I Seriously like reading your comments. I work in the “business world”, and although I can NOT speak for Sickr, my comments above would be my guess…

  2. I bet this demo will be short and suck dick. Konami should cancel Metal Gear Solid for the 3DS and put more effort into the Vita version. Just telling you fanboys the truth, live with it.

    1. Aren’t all demos supposed to be short? Isn’t that the point of of a demo? A small taste of the full game?

      1. nope a trial is a small taste of the full game, its the full game but you have a time to play it before its over. a demo is the game but some things removed and you get to point when the demo is over.

      2. The demos is just a part of the game… small taste so you can see the gameplay and feel how it is.

        I tried out the RevelaITons demo and it was great… it scared the c**p out of me when something fell out of the ceiling in the demo.

      1. How does it suck dick? It’s way more powerful than the 3ds, better graphics, and way better games at launch than the 3ds ever dreamed of. Just because most moms buy their kids the 3ds does not make it a better system. Cause facts are facts, faster processor, better graphics, nicer screen equal better system. :)

      2. The systems power doesn’t matter, if it did the PS3/360 would be the system with 95 million consoles sold, not the Wii. The PSP would have also sold more than the DS, but none of those things happened, did they?

      3. Haha stop touting the system sales. The wii was cheaper to make and had established franchises that geared more towards kids. That why Alvin and the chipmunks can sell fantastic but the movie drive will not see sells like that. So your argument is pointless, the vita is better and faster with tons more games at launch so do not be jelly and understand that analogy. Or here is another one for you. The lion king came back in theaters and sold over 40 million….why? Parents took their kids or for nostalgia. The 360 and ps3 are factually better consoles than the wii. Just let it go. I’m not putting down Nintendo, just the truth.

      4. Soon we will have all the info on the Wii U, let’s see if the PS3/360 will still hold up as the most powerful consoles.

      5. I love how you basically changed the subject. Thank you for admitting you are wrong and that sales do not mean better quality. :). Fantastic online service, great 3rd party games like mass effect, batman, bio shock and first party games like uncharted, forza, god of war and halo. The ur twins are just better. And as for the wii u, well yeah it will be just as powerful and maybe even more. But when the 720 and ps4 come up they will have more features and better looking games. The cycle will continue, but that’s all opinion cause nothing has been released yet. But remember next time and really look at ur wii compared to the ps3 and 360. You will never say that the wii is better. Ha

      6. I never meant sales mean better quality. What I meant is that if power was all people cared about the PS3/360 would be the best selling consoles, not the Wii. I know the Wii is bad in comparison, but I never cared because the games were fun, that’s all that matters.

      7. You’re right Mike, sales don’t mean quality, people don’t buy something just because it’s cheap, they buy it for some reason. Wii atracted a lot of public interest in fun games, easier to play, ”family games” and also open minded people who wanted to discovery ”whats like to play with this controllers?” and obviously nintendo’s fans. why people can’t get it? you can’t arg against someone’s taste. who are you to state what’s better for someone else? Mike is just right. and you anonymous should stop worring about others, you can only state whats better for you, you can’t say which game is better for everyone else.

      8. Well that does not make any sense. Every single time Sony or Microsoft comes out with something or sales figures are released nintendo fans ALWAYS tout the sales of the wii. So I do think it is appropriate to break down each system and show these fans the facts. I can say for a fact that the Xbox 360 and PS3 are better systems to buy for the price than the wii. Extremely better online, tons of more triple AAA games and third party support and online arcade games. With move and kinect they not only do what the wii does but they have managed to do it better, and you cannot argue that. So if something offers you a much more richer more versatile experience than would you not define that “better”?

      9. @Anonymous

        You got it wrong again. You are saying things are better on PS3 and X360, but the only thing you can prove is that they are better technicaly. What i’m saying is that power and personal taste are two different things. I have the 3 systems you think I can’t tell the diference between a PS3 and a Wii? What I’m saying is that there’s no way telling people which game or system is better unless tecnically. They have to support what they like better! how can Uncharted be better than Zelda for someone who loves the Zelda franchise or the other way around? gaming has nothing to do with technical specs. gaming is just about playing.

      10. The 3ds is better for 2 reasons and they are 1: the 3ds is a Nintendo system and 2: the 3ds has Nintendo games. ’nuff said

      11. Ignorant Nintendo fanboy. I hope you had fun playing the two good games released on the Wii last year.

      12. Aww, upset you xbox broke and the PS Vita is failing?

        Come here to cry and take it out on nintendo fans… Pathetic.

      13. *Sigh* the reason there are not many Wii games is because the Wii U is coming soon.

        Lot’s of games are coming on Wii U and 3DS.

        BTW: I havn’t touched my Wii for months… it’s dusting… i’ve been on my 3DS and laptop and playing older games on PS3.

        I have a Wii and PS3 and there the best consoles. SCREW MICROSOCKS JUNKBOX 360!

      14. Your an idiot. Both the 3DS and Vita are good gaming systems. Go play Uncharted: Golden Abyss and then come back and tell me the Vita sucks. You know what sucks? The shitty games on the iPhone, those things are complete garbage.

      15. My friend got a I phone 4S yesterday because he had to buy something to keep his contact with a company.

        He baught it because of NOT the games… but the apps and best of all… Seri.

        Seri! Text the trolls that they fail.

        Seri: Texted trolls… sending… complete.




      17. play golden abyss on vita then play ocarina of time 3d= gaming orgasm o_O

    2. The whole point is for them to make money. If the Vita isn’t selling well they’ll cancel that, same goes for the 3DS.

      However, this comment is completely worthless (and the person who wrote it an uninformed fanboy); the 3DS version has already finished development so the only version that could be “cancelled” is the Vita version… hinges on the Vita’s sales. Vita sells well = release game. Keeps selling like it is now = Sianora MGS “HD” Vita!

      1. How dare you call me a fanboy. I’ll have you know I typed that comment from my 3DS. But really, the Vita version of MGS: Snake Eater will be way better. First of all, you don’t need to attach a boat to the Vita to play the game with dual analog control. Second, the Vita has better graphics and sound. Those are the facts, so if any of you blind fanboys rages at me, I’ll just sit back and laugh because I know your wrong.

      2. I never said the 3DS version was superior; you’re getting what you’re paying for with the $10 cheaper 3DS version that plays on an $80 cheaper handheld device. But to say they should cancel it, and deprive millions of 3DS owners of a great game, just because you think one version is worse; that’s just wrong. If that were the case, all games would release on PC, even ones that play better with a controller; you can just connect a controller to the PC and play with better graphics. But that’s just not the case is it? We all play games on inferior hardware, or the PS3, 360, and Wii.

      1. That Anonymous guy is right it does have better features then the 3DS and way more powerful

      2. I want to play the game on my 3DS, I don’t care if the grass is greener on the other side. Also, it will have 3D features on the 3DS, like it or not the experience will be unique you won’t have the same on vita. and I got the HD collection for PS3, so I REALLY don’t care about Vita.

    3. Oh my gosh, why you keep battling for something you won’t win? -.-‘ You aren’t getting those fans on your side! Neither Sony or Nintendo. Just enjoy the consoles they are selling. I wish I had both Vita and 3DS, to play FIFA 12 on Vita and Zelda on 3DS.

    1. *Claps* Bravo a smart person who knows how to shop and compare. Just like free roms on vita vs. paying and risking the 3ds bricking you if you try putting roms into it.

    1. Yeah.

      It”s most likely an M. refer to the ESRB website to find out fully what the ratings will be.

      It’s rated 16 in the UK but the age ratings in the UK suck… they over rate the games.

      1. bummer. though i can lie about my age to get the demo still i do it on nintendo vids all the time :3

  3. Yes finally, a demo for a game that’s how many years old haha. Fucking Nintendo, never ceases to put a smile my face.

      1. Um no I he the point but……..it is stupid to get doo amped for a game that has come out numerous times already. This will not be the definitive version, if you want that then play the console version. I’m starting to think people are waiting for this cause there tired of playing Mario already :)

      2. I don’t care how many times it’s come out. I’ve never played it, and I’m going to get to play it on my 3DS.

        I’m excited to play a great Metal Gear game I’VE NEVER PLAYED BEFORE. Sorry you have, but that just sucks for you,

      3. dat anonymous waists all of our time,vell dont da think er is a noobish kid?

      4. I am guessing English is not the subject you studied most. I am not waisting time, just putting factual information. I do not mean to put Nintendo down, but if fanboys are going to talk shit about another system which in most ways is better than 3ds well that will not fly. You guys seem to forget the downright pathetic launch of the 3ds. So please leave the shit talking out cause Nintendo fans have no reason to talk.

      5. You seem to be forgetting the even shittier launch of the “Better” hardware. I.E. PS Vita.

        You want to talk facts? Don’t be so selective and post bias facts. PS Vita is doing shitty, so your better hardware can look pretty taking up space on the shelves.

      6. S o you have one? people, peteriuss just said he got a sony product oh my god this is unbelievable!

      7. dude the launch was almost A YEAR AGO! have you seen recent sales! they’re through the roof! get with the times man!

      8. ….You do realize the vita is LAUNCHING and NOT a year into its life cycle. So why even compare. I am being being realistic and comparing the LAUNCHES cause that is FAIR. And the VITA has way more to offer….plain and fucking simple.

      9. OK…. ya know the vita is having a bad launch to…. I mean you know theres a problem when your system is being given away at Taco Bell. oh and “being being” really? LOL

      10. Why is it so hard for you to admit that it is way more powerful, with a better OLED screen, tons more games. Just give it credit. What did the 3ds launch have again…………………………………………………………….I love how you simply can not argue that the 3ds is better than the vita.

      11. I understand some people mostly sony people dont like Nintendo but most gamers dont care about how powerful a system is period and if wii did dont you think wii will be on that system.Its not like wii dont know what the vita can do wii just dont care wii game for fun and go get your nail done or something

      12. What i was saying is where not blind wii just dont care for the vita got it now

      13. That was even worse than what you were trying to say before. I am sorry, but I just do not understand.

      14. no that’s not why. and BTW have you seen the remastered graphics and sound,3d graphics,and camera camouflage thing? plus its portable

      15. Um what ppl dont care about how powerful a console is?… Thats why ya rushing to get the wii u. sorry but power is everything just look at the wii that shit was underpowered equeling full of shovelware and game restrictions like meatboy. As 4 the tacobell you do know gameboy was advertise in as a reward for kool aid the nigger drink and mc donalds.

      16. fuck you faggot ass honkey.It’s gon be a race war up in here now!BLACK POWER!BLACK POWER!

  4. 3DS is the way to go. It has real innovation (being 1st 3D gamesystem w/o glasses) it is graphically more capable than the Wii, and great games out and coming soon. Besides Vita, will be d/c by the end of the year for flopping so hard and Sony lacking funds to revive it! So why bother with a dead or dying system. I’d save my money for a next gen system the Wii U!!!

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