Monster Hunter Tri G Coming To The West?

Capcom has yet to confirm whether Monster Hunter Tri G for the Nintendo 3DS will be coming to the West, but Nintendo magazine Nintendo Gamer has hinted that it will. An extract of their recent review for Monster Hunter Tri G suggests that Europe will get the game sometime later this year, though they don’t specify when.

Tri G is a great reworking of what was already a wonderful game, and probably has more content than any other 3DS title available – so it’s just a pity we won’t get to play it until later this year. What is this, the ’90s?

Tri G has everything that makes Monster Hunter great, but in the absence of online it’s probably better to wait until a bit later in the year for the European release.


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    1. Why is Europe getting everything good? They don’t even make as many sales as the US or even Australia and South America combined, is the Reginator getting his dicklatapus sucked by everyone in Hogwarts?

  1. You call that a hint? He’s literally saying it’ll come later this year!

    Personally I’m OK with no online; for now. Give me a couple months and I’ll be a sad freshman in college with no friends with 3DS’s, crying for some Monster Hunter online.

    1. He is saying later this year… it’s been released in Japan a while ago. Come on everyone :D


      1. The cover is weird:
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        and the right side creture looks like nightmare from soul calibur

      2. Few things I beg for.. cookies and Monster Hunter.. :D so hey capcom should know what to do..

      1. I can’t thank you enough for that link. Yu-Gi-Oh! FTW!!!

        Btw, the Yu-Gi-Oh! series woulfd be perfect on the Wii U. They can make it so the dueling field is displayed on the controller screen. And all of the battle animations use the TV. Konami should be working on this already.

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  2. I hope this is true,
    adding online is an important factor considering the western market.
    Really looking forward to playing this one online without complicated usb-to-psp and xlink kai like I had to set up for portable 3rd due to not owning a ps3

    1. Nintendo To stupid with thd Family kid freandly environment smh. Theres alot of games that could have added multiplayer online functions as a cheap easy way to add replay value. They should take notes from cod or halo.

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    1. Is anyone else struggling with the box art? It’s the monster, they should have developed the form better. It’s hard to make out the rest of it other than the face.

      1. NoA decides what is released in the US though. That’s what I’m talking about. And I know the US is the only market NoA works on, but they wont release key games stateside, like The Last Story and such.

      2. You have to understand that the North American Nintendo fans who want those RPG’s are basically a minority. NoA knows which games would sell (Mario, Zelda etc.) and which games would probably struggle to sell (Xenoblade, Last Story, Pandora’s Tower). Yes, they might sell pretty well, maybe even 1 million copies, but that doesn’t compare to 10 million+ copies sold of New Super Mario Bros. in America alone. They only bring over here what they know will sell.

      3. Sooo your basically saying that the Wii u will also lack games because Nintendo are greedy pricks or as reggie say from a business perspective. oh well what do you expect from a shitty fucking company that openly caters to kids,who region lock,never deliver what the fans want, lie about earthbound on wii and have a track record of excluding tons of titles even though the know the system has shovelware.

      4. I’m a fan and I couldn’t give less of a fuck about RPG’s or Earthbound, not all of us are the same. As long as I get my Mario, Zelda and Metroid i’m fine, also a few third party games like Aliens and whatever else catches my interest.

      5. It’s because the US is moving towards a militaristic nation, and other games besides the ones that allow you to kill foreign enemies just aren’t going to cut it. Because, you know, we apparently can afford to fight multiple wars cuz we’re that stupid, yeah.

      6. Where the fuck did that come from? Last time I checked not every American game developer makes war games.

      7. That’s why Just Dance sold millions in the US right? Because you kill foreign enemies in that game.

        Plus a lot of other games I’m too lazy to mention (like Mario and Dirt and whatnot).

  3. Europe looking better and better everday. I’m starting hate western gaming more and more them half ass FPS Military sims game with no creativity what so ever have did this to the western gaming market JK LOL

    1. The 2 main FPS’s are Battle Field and Call Of duty which come out once a year… just because their big games it does not mean thats the only games that the west make.

      Assasins Creed, arkham city are not FPS’s and are massive.

      FPS’s are just big because you get a better view of what the character sees…

  4. I’ve been convulsing for another MH since Tri. Capcom is already doing good with SSF 4 and RE so not doing this would be another huge mistake og their lives

  5. I’m just wondering why does lots of people hate Capcom?

    Just because of one game everyone hates them.

    If Nintendo made one bad game would you hate them? no. so could anyone give me a reason why you hate capcom.

    1. I love Capcom how can someone hate the company that give us MM- RE- SSF ect? Capcom give me so much joy. They have to do some real dickhead crap for me to hate em

    2. I think people hate Capcom because they release so many versions of one game in a relatively short time.

      1. Reason ppl hate Capcom:
        1.Pre-installed Dlc
        2.Cancelled Megaman legends 3
        3.Cancelled megaman online
        4. Charging 4 cheats
        5.RE M on 3ds Can’t erase data
        6.RE 5 was a Fps
        7.MVC 3 No megaman
        8.They Fired that guy who made megaman
        9.They made megaman Fat
        10.Marvel vs. Capcom 3 The wonder years edition

      2. lol, that’s a pretty long list. Super Mega Street Fighter IV: Ultimate Edition should probably also be in there XD

  6. Maybe they are just stating their hopes? This doesn’t hint at anything, and if Monster Hunter 4 comes out this year, I’m sure Capcom would push that one out of the gate even for the West before MH3G.

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      We don’t care about the 3D… we care about the gameplay.

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      1. Yet they shove the 3d gimmick right in your face all the time hell its in big bold letters in the box art. tekken wont have 3d so they should title it Tekken No gimmicks edition

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  7. I haven’t played any Monster Hunter game, however I’ve seen Youtube videos and it seems to be quite interesting! I would definitively give it a try if they release it, seems to be amazing!!!
    As a side note, this site was much better when there weren’t any trolls… Oh well…

  8. I’ve heard about it days ago, great news.
    Personally, I will wait untill MH4. I like the series, but I won’t buy the game because it doesn’t have online.
    Since I’ve played Demon’s souls and Dark souls I’m very addicted to co-op online on RPGs of this type. That’s why I will wait to MH4 and Heroes of Ruins that is comming for 3DS this year with a HUGE online gaming system. =)

  9. Looking forward to this, haven’t played Tri in ages and won’t ever be bothered to complete it. This will be good because my friends with 3DSs love Monster Hunter, and I am definitely looking forward to MH4 as well.

  10. Don’t get your hopes to high alright cause there are actually many games like monster hunter that capcom has made but never came west, However Considering the fact of how successful Tri G was at Japan just wait a little while longer until we hear the official word of capcom but until then, this article means nothing

  11. I really hope this game comes to the west. Capcom has done a fairly good job of supporting the 3DS. Now if only they could fix their mistake of cancelling MML3. Back on subject though I would love to see more Monster Hunter 4 and hopefully that game will come to the west and have online multiplayer.

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