Team Ninja Head Interested In A Dead Or Alive X Virtua Fighter Crossover

Yosuke Hayashi, the development head over at Team Ninja has expressed an interest in creating a Dead or Alive X Virtua Fighter crossover game. Team Ninja already has Ninja Gaiden 3 in development for Wii U, and has also mentioned that there’s a possibility we could get Dead or Alive on Nintendo’s forthcoming home console. Here’s what Hayashi had to say about creating a Dead or Alive X Virtua Fighter crossover.

“In terms of collaboration titles, there are staff on our team who just love fighting games and if there was any chance to do that we’d actively, possibly do that.

“The first 3D game I played was Virtua Fighter, that’s the IP I respect most. Virtua Fighter was the father of 3D gaming, so it’s very well respected.”


      1. u accidentally posted as anony?
        Anyways, DAT ASS bis fairly flat, it’s mostly just ass-crack minus the ass.
        Either those DoA Dev guys are all boob-guys or it must be hard to add extra polygon cushions on the back side.

    1. that would be intersting.anyway my first wiiU video game will be a super mario game or a nintendos franchise:)

      1. Team Ninja did not kill other M.

        Nintendo killed it… Nintendo came with the story and gameplay… Team Ninja constructed and put the game together.

      2. Ok, I was wrong. I never played the game myself, I watched a walkthrough and the game SUCKED, I couldn’t believe I was excited about it when I saw it at E3. The only thing I liked was this

      3. I loved that theme… It’s really a better quality and remix from the older metroid games.

        Anyway most of the metroid games… the music is remix on each game… even the prime series had music remixed from the older games.

      4. I don’t know why everyone hates it, besides the terrible voice acting it’s not to bad, it shouldn’t be a Metroid game, but it wasn’t a bad game. If it was it’s own thing I’m sure it wouldn’t get this criticism. Kind of like my criticism with Nuts and Bolts.

      5. The game is actually good. The problem was that people could not accept Samus as a character with emotions. The only thing I would say sucked was that there was a dude telling you WHEN to use your weapons.

      6. If youve never played it, you cant really say it sucks, that just shows the moron inside you, its actually a really good game, but people hate that she shows her emotions here .Funny thing is, most of the dialogue has been on other metroid games but in form of text, no one bitched them, but some how since team ninja developed thee game this time around is hip and cool to complain about it.

      7. She actually was, all through Fusion and zero mission, but like i said, it was all through dialogue. I feel that emo persona fits hr perfectly, considering shes a loner, and what shes been though. I honestly think the game wasnt bad, and i wouldve finished it if that bug wasnt in it, after that damn door wouldnt open i stoped playing and let my couson borrow it.

      8. This is NOT how Samus should react to Ridley
        Don’t use the “Oh, she thought he was dead” excuse because this same kind of thing happened in Metroid Prime when she saw that he was still alive as Meta Ridley on the Space Pirate Frigate. Did breakdown crying? NO, she was pissed that he escaped and chased his ass down to Tallon IV, eventually destroying his ass at the Chozo temple over the Impact Crater. THAT is the Samus Aran the fans know and love, not the little girl from Other M.

      9. Even though Samus talked a bit in Fusion, she did not over act in Fusion… Ridley reapeared in Fusion.

        It makes sense in Prime that Ridley was revived with cybernetics by pirates. but in Fusion and Other M Ridley was dead before the game back in prime 3?

      10. No, Ridley died for good in Super Metroid, which takes place after Prime 3. Ridley was revived from DNA left on Samus’s suit in Other M and his dead carcass from the same game was copied by the X parasites in Fusion.

      11. She wasn’t whiney in Fusion… she just talked a bit but in Fusion talking about Adam Malkovich and some other things.

        Samus only ever talked in Super Metroid and Other M and Fusion.

      12. For what you were saying earlyer on why Samus over reacted in other m (because my 3ds is not making me reply to that post) Ridley was not dead in Prime was what im saying really… many of the scans say that Ridley was revived and then had cybernetics. heres the plot order

        Metroid + Zero mission (Remake)-
        Metroid Prime (meta ridley)-Hunters-Prime2-Prime3 (Ridley defeated again)-Metroid 2- Super Metroid-Other M (Ridley appears again)-Fusion (Ridley-X appears).

        I may have made mistakes on missing some games ridley appears but I have not played Metroid 2 and Super Metroid (I know the back line as Other M says)

      13. My point is that Samus had no idea of knowing that the Space Pirates were reviving him. As far as she knew she killed him on Zebes and was completely surprised to see him in Metroid Prime. As I said before, Ridley died in Super Metroid, not Prime 3. If you pay attention to the cutscene in Corruption, you would realize that you never actually see Ridley explode like the other bosses. He just releases the wave of Phazon and then the scene cuts to the Phazon growth in Samus’s body.

      14. Super Metroid is one of the only Metroids i havn’t played… so i geuss im missing out.

        I thought Ridley never appeared in Super Metroid so… i’m missing out then.

        Ridley appears in Fusion also as Ridley X…

      15. I haven’t played Super yet either, I just read the internet XD. I’m guessing that the games on the Wii Shop Channel will be available on the Wii U so i’m waiting for that to come out before I buy the game.

      16. I’ve seen it, all of it, and I hate what I saw. I’m not wasting money to play it.

      17. I think your one of those people who think only kids play FPS only because Black Ops follows that FPS.

      18. 1) How are you going to judge a game you haven’t played
        2) Prime was the best metroid series

      19. 1) I watched a walkthrough and didn’t think the game deserved my money.
        2) I agree, Prime is the best.

      20. You’re kind of right, this game wasn’t good enough but a diffrent gameplay and history don’t kill anyone, but if they try to do this again, the metroid series will get shattered.

      21. A true fan would play the game. It was my first metroid game and completly finished it. Got hooked on the series. tried Prime, but couldn’t finish it( 85%). Got too boring and repetetive at the end. And i like samus more flexible like in other M.
        Othe M’s hate is overrated. It’s one of the best games on Wii.

      22. You really need to play the first ones in the series before you start saying “a true fan would play the game”. Although I though Other M was a great game, it didn’t reach the Metroid standards.

      23. I havn’t completed Prime at 100%… it’s impossible for me finding everything… that hunt towards the end took me for ever.

        Really i just wanted to know how it proceeds in Prime 2 and i just looked at primes 100% ending. So i cheated 0_- At least i know how prime 2 continues.

        Once again i never completed any of the prime games 100%… i looked at the extended ending… then try again for 100%.

      24. Looks like someone hasn’t watched the Game Overthinker’s video regarding Other M.

    1. You suck >:I That game actually showed Samus’s personality and her thoughts for once. Admit that the story was a bit short but everyone is just a picky bastard >.> People cant appreciate a good storyline now-a-days.

      1. Wrong again! It’s MY Nintendo news. ;)

        And yeah… More fighting games… *sarcasm*

        I kinda burned out on fighting games after Mortal Combat. I need more depth than that.

      1. Well put. This one started out as a commemeration of a collection of martyrs in the Catholic Church, some aristocrat decided to associate it with courtship in the middle ages and now it’s just some bullshit advertisers use to squeeze more money out of us.

        The idea is bullshit to me. I don’t need a special day to tell somebody I love them, I’ll do that anytime. And I’m not big on giving people presents, either.

      2. Especially when the holiday is basically an excuse for women to get expensive gifts from their boyfriends, men are not made of money you know.

      3. That’s exactly my point. If you want something, tell me and I get it for you when I can, don’t give me a god damned deadline. I have bills to pay.

  1. I really didn’t think Metroid over M was that bad. To be honest it wasn’t as good as the previous installments but never the less it is better than some of the crap i have played

    1. There has been some seriously bad games before… Way worse then what you played -_-

      Have you played any of the Imagine games by ubisoft… there one of the worst but to be honest… I’ve seen worse.

      Who else saw Ngamer’s (Now Nintendo Gamer) rage on Jungle Kartz? It was one of the funniest rages i’ve ever seen in a magazine. XD

      1. Yeah i think i may have caught that one. To be honest it was a new approach with controls and story and it wasn’t the best but at least they know for future games. That’s why it wasn’t a direct sequel. Nothing beats the pile of crap that is called Over-G fighters!

      2. I meant about other M ( Correction from last time I fail at typing when eating haha) That Jungle Kartz game doesn’t deserve to be spoken about

      3. Im sure the preview of Jungle Kartz by Ngamer was “Oh no! they didn’t make a game with badly draw animals did they? frankly they didn’t… my word they did, they actually spelt karts with a G*****m Z. Those idiots, those crazy fools! don’t they relies this means war?

        I’m sure thats what they said…

  2. Why is everyone blaming Team Ninja for ruining Metroid when it was Nintendo who ruined it… anyway Other M was good but not as good as others…

    Nintendo made the story and gameplay… Team Ninja constructed and put the game together… UNDER STAND THAT PEOPLE!

    1. The next Metroid game should be made by Retro Studios. They know how to handle the series in 3D, plain and simple.

      1. I never said their next game should be Metroid, I said the next Metroid game should be made by them. There’s a difference.

      2. It’s got to be ether Metroid or Star Fox.

        Ether way round… do metroid then star fox, or star fox then metroid… Retro really will do well with those two games.

        Did you know that Metroid Prime is the highest rated Nintendo FPS made, it said in guinness world records gaming 2011.

  3. Meh.

    I’ll have “Dead or Alive Dimensions” tomorrw, so all I need is a Nintendo 3DS version of “Dead or Alive Paradise” and I’m set!

    1. Hey, don’t know Virtual Fighter – most of the fighting games we have today learnt a thing or two from Virtual Fighter, particularly with regards to the physics (natural movement of the characters and their hair, interaction with the environment, etc…)!

      1. Sony will be bankrupt soon hopefully, they just lost 2 billion and are tens of billions in debt, so fuck them and fuck you two cunt whores.

      2. Sony won’t go bankrupt, they’re just going through a rough patch at the moment…

        And there’s no need for the atitude dude – I understand that you may not be able to afford a high-quality product like Sony (after all, you get what you pay for!), but there’s no need to take it out on everyone else because of your financial circumstances!

  4. I have an idea for Metroid; get rid of it, it’s garbage. Put more time into making new IPs or make another good Star Fox game or make a new F-Zero or Earth Bound game.

    1. Are you serious or whag? Metroid should continue but make other games along side with it. Metroid is one of Nintendos first game franchise back in 1986 and made lots of games and a big fan base and you want then to scrap… -_- play it before you hate it.

      1. I have played it, and I hate it. The irony. Oh yeah, and PS Vita tomorrow!!!

      2. Wait? It thought it was 22nd!

        Or are you in america or Europe or what ever?

        Which Metroid did you play because Other M was completely different to any other ones.

        My opinion, Prime 1 + 3 and Fusion were the best. ^_^ BTW havnt played Super or Zero mission yet.

  5. Out of all the recent crossovers, I think this is the most appropriate one. Both series are 3D fighters that are kind of similar in gameplay, unlike Capcom X Tekken.

    1. True.

      I Mike S started an argument on Other M when he has never played it yet.

      *Sigh* Just because Team Ninja is on the title it does not mean you hate it because Nintendo made the gameplay and story…

      I bet Nintendo choose Team Ninja to make other M because Team Ninja makes never ending Cut scenes… it took for ever to finish the cut scenes in Dimensions.

  6. Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution was my favourite fighting game on the PS2, VF5 was fun but I sorta lost interest in it for some reason. I’m looking forward to VF5FS coming out later this year on consoles, though it’s a shame it never made it to the Wii.

    I could sorta see a DoA/VF crossover work, but…Sega and Team Ninja seem to have conflicting fighting game ethos’? I mean, VF are really, REALLY focused on delivering a balanced deep game, and rewards wins in-game through customizations (way better looking ones than Tekken, imo), whereas DoA focuses on a really fun and accessible game with atleast some layers of depth within the system. It’d be interesting to see how such a crossover would turn out.

    Interestingly, Namco approached Sega for a Tekken/VF crossover a while back, but it fell through and Capcom got their attention instead…

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