Ubisoft Announces 2012 Lineup, Includes Assassin’s Creed 3 For Wii U

Ubisoft has announced its 2012 games line-up and you’ll be super-excited to know that Assassins Creed 3 is scheduled for this year, and it’s coming to Wii U. There’s barely any details available about the game but expect to hear plenty about Assassins Creed 3 at this years E3 event which takes place in June.


    1. 3 X sweet!!
      But i hope exclusive wii U games. Because many people will not find necesaary to buy a wii u if the same games are available for ps3 and 360

      1. So they shall game with their consoles. :) Its never going to be a Nintendo exclusive title. ;)

      2. I dunno dude. I think with it being a new consol it could turn into a system seller, though your right to a point, maybe they will make it exclusive. I doubt it though.

      3. Dude WiiU is going to have tons of extra gameplay that ps3 and 360 will not have. It would be kind of dumb not to buy a WiiU

      4. Gearbox said their game has upgraded graphics and unique features. (Aliens)

        Ubisoft is releasing PC/Wii U only game. (Ghost Recon Online)

        Ubisoft is releasing an Exclusive FPS to Wii U. (Killer Freaks)

        It’s kinda dumb to avoid Wii U.

      5. it almost defo wont be exclusive but definitly will have wii u exclusive features :D

    2. Just like it was supposed to come out on the 3ds but got cancelled lol What a great professional company they have my support. Yeah 3ds cancellation ftw!

    1. Is it weird that you icon looks like a strange houseless snail? It looks like a cross between a houseless snail and a toad to me.

  1. If only 3rd parties were smart enough to make all their games exclusive to Nintendo so that they’ll only need to develop for one console and make the same amount of money because Sony and Microsoft would go out of business :P Wait, lets be glad they DON’T DO THIS!!!

    1. I wish Microsoft would go out of business, st least their console division… tablet controller, no used games, online passes, kinect support…

      1. Not that I disagree with you, but they have a massive online infrastructure (that the fans pay for annually) that supports all the FPS addicts. That alone probably keeps them afloat, not to mention Microsoft has fuck-tons of money.

    1. If Microsocks decides to show their new Junkbox… it will fail because it will suck and Nintendo Will dominate E3 once again.

      Nintendo will dominate 3 years a row now… best of E3 2010 was Nintendo with 3DS… best of 2011 was Nintendo with Wii U and Wii U again with Wii U.

      The Microsock fan to a Nintendo fan.

      Microsock fan: Can’t wait for the next Xbox!

      Nintendo fan: The next Xbox will be a fail.

      E3 2012. Junkbox gets shown and Wii U dominates.

      Microsock fan: Microsoft sucks now because it’s a Junkbox.

      Nintendo fan: Join us! We have a better console… Trash that Junkbox.

      Microsock fan turns into a Nintendo Fan.

  2. Great news! I’m sure these multiplatform games will play better on Wii U. The graphics will be slightly better, but the controls are gonna be easier and comfortable.

    1. They are going to play better.

      The only thing that worries me is the way their releasing games first on PS3 and Xbox then Wii U months later. Their doing it with Ninja Gaiden and Batman… I hope Microsoft fans relise their playing with a Junkbox :/

      1. But I think Wii U will get tons of exclusives. One way or another a new console from a big name like Nintendo will change the market, It’s diferent, have a new type of controller and above all it’s a NEW console, the other consoles will get older instantly. So even if these games will reach the Wii U later, people will be getting the Wii U for the exclusives.

      2. Wii has lost some momentum… Rather, it’s saturated the market. For people to convert from PS3 / xBox, they have to see what it can do.

        It’s going to be like the 3DS. Nintendo fans will Grand-Slam sales the first week, then sales may drop until folks realize WiiU is getting all the big-hitting games they like (COD, Batman,GTA, etc…) as well as offering added innovation exclusive to Nintendo.

      3. 3rd party is powering the Wii U greatly because of it’s unique features, better graphics and it’s online.

        I really want to know if Origin is going to power Wii U online… not that i want it a lot.

        Also i want to see the final form… and most importantly…. the release date and launch titles….

      4. we all want those things man! What I would like the wii U to feature is crossplatform multiplayer, at least with pc. it sucks when you’re playing the same game as someone else but can’t join the party just because people are playing in diferent consoles… why? if the game offers the same features and is on both consoles?

      5. I don’t think cross platform with PC would work….

        MW3 on PS3 does merge with PC or Xbox because it’s running off PSN.

        PC runs off a game server for online.

        It won’t work… Because they run off different game services.

  3. Great news for those who still like this series. Personally I thought it was on a downward slope since 2 but hey, I’m sure there’ll be people who’ll enjoy it

  4. I passed on Brotherhood and Revelations because I was tired of the story. With 3, however, they can start fresh. If they go back to Etzio, then I’m skipping this game, too.

  5. Not a fan of Assassin’s Creed, but anything that helps Wii U sell is fine for me. I’ll actually pray that COD games always sell for Wii U just because they are inexplicable cash cows.

  6. When first saw the list, I was happy to see a new Prince of Persia, but I know now it’s the VC version of the original game.

  7. Didn’t they mention an exclusive AC game for WiiU that came after revalations but before this game? I guess I could of misread something also.

  8. hey since people have mentioned it what will the difference be from batman arkham city PS3/360 and batman arkham city Wii U? also i am exited for lego batman 2! maybe on Wii U?

    1. the difference will be that it will most likely come with all of the dlc, better graphics, and unique things that you can do only on the wiiu version. like tilt the controller while gliding or switch items and look at the map on the touch screen etc.

  9. gawd i just wanna play the wii u right NOW. if they implemented bf3 with 64 players on it i would be even more excited even though i already own bf3 on pc

    1. I had a dream recently that i was playing with the Wii U… It was some crossover game with epicness… I was playing in the shop and there was many people wanting a go with it… I hated the dream ending :(

    2. Battle Field 3 with 64 players would be awesome… really the console capability is not the problem… it’s the internet requirements that would be intense.

      So it would be difficult to have 64 people hosting off one person.

      I can see internet getting better and lots of people on one lobby soon.

      1. They will improve internet with many people through time.

        My wireless internet is better just because of a new hub… Only slightly faster due to wireless.

        Yesh… my internet is slowish as it downloads at 2.63Megabites but has a decent Ping speed of 40.

  10. Hold on, no Ponies? No Imagine games? No fucking Raving Rabbids?
    That’s weird, were they high when they came up with the idea?
    Or they are just trolling us like when they said the same thing with the 3DS?


      Killer Freaks is almost like killer raving rabbids but… thing i hate most is Imagine because they suck. BTW i’ve seen my friend playing it and it looked so bad… bad graphics no point in the game you don’t achieve anything… yesh i can’t beleve kids cope playing with it… next time i see a kid playing it I will take the game off them and give them a real game like Zelda or Ghost recon -_-

  11. I’m glad to see this. Ubisoft has always supported Nintendo well. AC III looks to be awesome. Damn it! I’m sick of counting the days to E3. I wish I could fall asleep and wake up on that day, but I got to go to work and eat an whatever. FML!

    1. Ubisoft ALWAYS Supported Nintendo Well?

      You forgot about Imagine babyz and that trash that Ubisoft spammed. *sigh* -_-

      1. At least they didn’t pack up all of their franchises and move to the other consoles, like most other developers.

        They’ve always supported Nintnendo, for good or for bad.

    I was hoping for a high profile game to come to the Wii U and I’m so glad that Assassin’s Creed III is confirmed for the Wii U. Between this confirmation, Batman Arkham City, Ninja Gaiden 3, Darksiders II, and Aliens: Colonial Marines I am so excited for the Wii U.

    1. High profile games confirmed. :) especially the games you mentioned… as well as ubisofts Killer Freaks and Ghost Recon Online.

      All we need next is a release date!

  13. Meh Ill just get it for my xbox seeing how I have the others for it. I wouldent want to play a game like this using a Wii remote or a tablet. If they could incoroerate the classic controller then that wouldent be bad the.

    1. If you want… it maybe best to wait for a bit longer to see more on Wii U because their releasing a final form in June E3.

      I still am wondering how Black Ops 2 (Or the COD after that) is going to work on Wii U tablet… but they will find a way around it like with Ghost Recon Online.

      Imagine if you could control an Aircraft and still see if enemies are coming to kill you.

      Try and look at this Ghost Recon Online footage on Wii U and think about it… Ghost Recon online is coming for PC/Wii U.

      And this game is not released yet for any console… it’s still under construction. It’s showing what you can do with the Wii U. So the example with that is controlling a Droid :D

      1. Well I really dont care much for FPS like CoD and Battlefield in the first place. Lol you could do that aircraft thing with just a TV screen, just like a mirror on racing games.

        Ill still get a Wii U for 1st party stuff but 3rd party will be for my 360 or PS3.

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