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Assassins Creed 3 Dated For October 30th

Ubisoft has confirmed today that Assassins Creed 3 will be released on October 30th. Ubisoft has already mentioned that Assassins Creed is currently in the works for Wii U and is scheduled to be released sometime this year. Hopefully we will also be seeing Wii U in October.

77 thoughts on “Assassins Creed 3 Dated For October 30th”

        1. Why give it a break when the games are awesome not to mention how badass online multiplayer is.Your welcome to go play another game or something.Its your choice, no one is forcing you to play it.

  1. Yes! The Wii U should be out be then I hope. It will most likely be a hit with Nintendo’s audience many of whom have neve played an AC game before.

    1. Sadly, no, They might push the Wii U release or even release the game before the console release (that has happened before).

    2. Not necessarily. It could be out after (meaning the Wii U version will be a launch title and come out after the 360/PS3 version)

      It could be out, but this does not mean it will be before/after AC3

  2. I imagine this means AC3 is one of the third-party launch games for the Wii U, I guess Nintendo is really pulling out as many big guns as they can. While the Wii launch worked alright even with the vast majority of good launch games being first party, they might just be looking to make up for the failure that was the 3DS launch.

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  3. ride a 10 speed everywhere guy

    in the w hole history of nintendo home consoles release its always been between august-november between there. so i hope u have the idea on when its gana be released i hope it be sometime b4 it gets cold so i dont have to camp out in the cold weather lol yeah im gana camp

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        1. ride a 10 speed everywhere guy

          well like i said if as long as its not cold i wouldent mind. but i really wana throw the wii out the window so bad lol

  4. The Wii U games look great :D Just one problem, most of them are sequels :/ I’ve said this before, the games should be released in combo packs. For example: Batman Arkham Asylum+City, Darksiders 1+2 and Resident Evil 5+6 (if it is being made for Wii U). The combo packs could be available at launch and could cost just $10 more than the regular games. I myself am looking forward to Aliens: Colonial Marines.

    1. that’s a good idea. most of this games i’ve never played the first one, I would buy a pack for sure!
      I’m looking for Killer freaks from outer space! and I’m sure nintendo will have at least two games on day 1.

      Hey mike, i’ve added you on my 3DS days ago when we were talking about Animal Crossing, i think you didn’t get my code, here it is if you want: 3093-7111-1331. =)

      1. Yeah… they released 3 trailers now… one was a teaser back at E3 then another trailer back in august? and one recently.

        Still I’m waiting for E3 June to see what the launch title will be! :D come faster june!

    2. ride a 10 speed everywhere guy

      yeah and every mario zelda and metroid games are squeals but people buy them and play them over and over but i know what ur sayin

    1. yh same here :D last year, the zelda anniversary orchestra in london was on the day of my bday :D so that was my present, this year, i will get wii u for my bday

    1. no, if you’ve played assassin’s creed 2,Brotherhood, or revelations the end of the world is mentioned( im not going to spoil anything) which in Assassin’s creed 3 Desmond must stop. the reason there is a new AC game every year is because it’s all leading up to 2012.

  5. You Nintendo fanboys are pathetic. You’re all freaking out because the Wii U is getting ports of current gen games. Until I see some games made specifically for the Wii U, I will remain skeptical about it. By the way, any of you stupid fanboys who troll my comment should know I will be buying the Wii U at launch no matter what.

    1. Sigh… go away Dawsum you troll.

      Assassins creed 3 is going to be released the same time for all consoles… and Killer Freaks is an exclusive -_-

      Go back to PS3 or Xbox forums and post anti-nintendo stuff there not here.

      1. Your an idiot. Did you not read that I was buying a Wii U at launch? I’m just saying, Nintendo fanboys can be so dumb sometimes. But Sony and Microsoft fanboys are even worse, mainly because most of them are twelve year old brats who gobble up Call of Duty and Battlefield.

      1. Wow! I officially hate you. Why would I kill myself? Stop being an emo and trying to get people to kill themselves, that is just WEIRD!

  6. Hopefully, there will be at least one good first-party launch title. I know Nintendo promised this, but they’ve lied so much in the past, I don’t know what to believe from them anymore.

  7. How many titles at launch? I hope their isn’t a one console per person on launch day i need to get 2 em and a crapload of games

  8. ride a 10 speed everywhere guy

    ok so what do u guys think about retro studios makeing a game like golden eye 007 for the wii u and 3ds tell me what u guys think and my 3ds FC is 5284 1480 8979 im playing resident evil revelaiton lol and mario kart 7 and tekken 3d all day so hit me up guys……………..yeah i know that sounds kinda funny lol

  9. I wish Gears of War, Halo 4 and the Uncharted series would come out for Wii U! I know they never will. :(

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