Rayman Origins Was Actually Profitable For Ubisoft, More Games To Come?

Despite initial lacklustre sales for the superb Rayman Origins on Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and 3DS, Ubisoft has surprisingly announced that the game was profitable for the company. Ubisoft wouldn’t provide exact sales figures for the game, but they did say that there’s a chance that the game will be a long-term seller for the company.


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    1. Yeah i’m actually glad. I was afraid that a quality game hurt them and they wouldn’t do something like that again. Glad to see it helped them and that might encourage them to do more

    1. Did you play the first one? An absolute masterpiece, that was. Too bad I never finished it… I’m glad I got past the mosquito level though, even over a decade later and I’m surprised my 6 year old self was that good! I can’t even get past the third level nowadays! Games these days have made me soft.

      1. the first one was as awesome as it was impooooosible, i used to play through the forest and music levels, but then in the mountain level, i gave up

  1. I’m going to buy at least one copy: 3DS, Wii or Vita. Maybe for a home console and a handheld (multiplayer / portability).

    1. The handheld versions don’t have multiplayer, but if you already have a Vita then I’d recommend that version, if just for the fact that it’s out first.

    1. Dude… VITA sucks.

      What does Vita mean? how weird is it when you say, im just getting my vita ready.


      Anyway it was a stupid name, even sony fans hated the Vita name Rumor.

      1. Vita means Life. it’s an Latin word. its close to Vitality in english which also means Life. I don’t know if it’s weird in english, but in portuguese (which is my language) it sounds good, since its close to Vida (Life)

  2. Considering it’s a 2D hand-drawn game, development costs were probably lower than most Ubisoft games, so it’s easier to pull a profit, even if you slash the game from $49.99 to $19.99, [plus sales that didn’t go into the millions] so theoretically, it could still happen. Plus, they haven’t released the 3DS version which will probably be $29.99-39.99 as well as the full-priced Vita port & not $19.99 as the console versions now sell for (thus more profit on this one title). The other factor is this game didn’t need a “handheld” version done in conjunction with the console port (such as the “Sonic & Mario Olympic” games, which have a console & a handheld version requiring 2 development teams & double the cost on the same “title”). Rayman Origins didn’t need this, thus adding to the profit margin again. So, a sequel is pretty easy to justify. Plus, if the game DOES have legs & sells over time, then THAT many more people would buy a sequel upon release as compared to the lackluster “initial” response to the 1st Rayman Origins.

    I bought it for $19.99 for the Wii & a sequel down the road would be just fine by me. The multi-player is pretty damn good.

  3. it just goes to show running shooting jumping off rooftops and throwing grenades isnt the only way to make money

    1. I sent an Email to Sickr yesterday. He has not responded… Sickr has not really answered anyone at all recently… especially at the comments. Sickr….

  4. I thought it’s the rule for video game companies to not release the next game is its predecessor sold poorly? It’s also suppose to determine the true quality of the brand name.

    1. Dammit! Oh well. I was going to say the Xbox 360 versions has achievements but I might want it on the go with the 3DS.

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