The Pokemon Company has announced that it will take action against companies and individuals who use the Pokemon name without permission from the company.

I reported yesterday that a scammer has managed to get Pokémon Pocket Edition on the App Store. The game has already hit the iTunes top ten but the consumers who are purchasing the game are unaware that the game doesn’t actually feature any content, instead it’s just a simple Pokemon gallery. Here’s what the Pokemon Company has to say on the matter:

“We continue to combat the unauthorised release of games, applications and merchandise that trick our fans into purchasing something that does not meet our quality standards.”

“Fans who encounter questionable products should report to us immediately so we can keep other fans from falling victim to these scams.”



    • Just so you know i don’t support what these guys are doing, but I think the Pokemon is over-protective of their property. Plus this song is BEAST


  1. I like the picture given with this news post, it’s as though we’re saying “Fucking stop scamming us and making fake Nintendo games or we’ll set Reshiram, Zekrom and Kyurem on you!!!” :D


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