The Last Story Developer Mistwalker Is Working On Several New Projects

Mistwalker, the famed development studio behind The Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon and more recently The Last Story, has revealed to Siliconera that the team is working on several projects. We already know that Mistwalker has three projects in the works for iOS, but let’s hope some of these ‘other projects’ involve either the Wii U or Nintendo 3DS.

“We are working on several projects. We appreciate your interest.”


      1. I hope you die.
        The world would obviously be a better place without “people” like you. :-x

  1. It Would be awesome! I played both mentioned titles Blue dragon and The Lost Odyssey. They are both great games and one of my favourite RPGs for X360 and now I’m looking forward to The Last story. I think everyone would apreciate another Mistwalker game for a Nintendo systems.

    1. ar U KIDDING |\/|E?
      iTZ IZ 0|\|LY FRE33 4 sEA MOSNTERz, aLIENz AnD zOMBIES… cUZ u KNOW, TEH NOrmallL PE0PLZ R 2 MA1nSTreeeM

  2. This page is JAM like hell! Is this a new way of trolling?
    Anyway, Mistwalker, please make a Wii U game! Or at least 3DS..
    I don’t mind isn’t a TLS sequel. No chance to play Lost Odyssey is already a miss X(

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