Nintendo Unleashes New Mario Party 9 Launch Trailer

Nintendo has uploaded two minutes worth of glorious Mario Party 9 footage for Wii. The video was created to celebrate the launch of the game in Europe, which takes place this Friday, March 2nd. Mario Party 9 is due out in North America on March 11th.


  1. Can’t wait for this. Looks to be the kick up the arse the series has needed since the fourth game.

  2. Mario Party was my childhood. I still remember some of the best mini-games I’ve played on Mario Party were from the first 3 games. This looks completely different but I’m looking to still buy it.

  3. I liked the main changes of this Mario Party. It makes people cooperate more during a match. Of course there’s still the “who’s the Superstar?” prize and all, but the idea of defeating different bosses the biggest news. It would be awesome if there was a “game over” option that happened when none of the players managed to beat them up, it would make the game look like an turn based RPG. This could be a good MP game for the Wii, at last!

    1. Same, plus I’m a bit skeptical about the group traveling. If it gets good reviews I’ll just wait for it to get dirt cheap.

    1. Wii U is going to be Wii Compatible if you want to know.

      This game is really if you have friends… I primarily play alone so…

    1. Now who the hell is going to buy that? i know some people still have there snes but the snes is dead there going to get alot money

      1. They’re only making like 600 copies, it’s not too far out there to say there are 600 people who would buy a new SNES game.

      2. I still have my SNES, but I wouldn’t buy it. The classic games are already expensive, cause they are rare. just imagine how much this one will cost being already a collector’s item and a limited edition?

  4. I don’t like the idea of having all characters moving up at the same time. I always like being away from each other for the random attacks and stuff. The mini games look fun though.

  5. Maybe, I only have one Wii Plus and I’m not in college anymore. Depends on my living situation this fall with Law School

  6. Disappointed that you can’t travel alone, but it seems like it it could still be fun.

    I expect a lot of screwing over

  7. I don’t quite know how to react to this. Either way, I’m still going to buy it. I’m a slave for Nintendo.

  8. I don’t think I care for the idea that all the characters ride in one vehicle. It would be much better if that were just a game type or just an option, and that you could also play the usual Mario Party way, with everybody running around the board. We’ll see.

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