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Nintendo Discusses Working With Other Developers On Future Zelda Games

Last year Shigeru Miyamoto mentioned in an interview that he would like to see Retro Studios develop a new addition to the Zelda franchise, while this was just an idea, Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma has told IGN that working with other developers is something the Zelda team at Nintendo is learning to embrace.

“Nintendo’s developers will continue to work on a number of different titles, and I think that we will have to rely on outside companies for graphics and other elements that require massive resources,” Aonuma said, specifically addressing the idea of future partnerships. “I’m satisfied when the cooperation between Nintendo and other companies becomes something meaningful for both parties.”

92 thoughts on “Nintendo Discusses Working With Other Developers On Future Zelda Games”

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    1. Well it’s not confirmed so don’t get your hopes up just yet, it makes more sense that they made a new Metroid for the Wii U based on who they hired…

      1. I’d rather have Retro work on an original IP. Give them freedom with a blank sheet and see what they’re capable of.
        Anyways, the quote seems to be about outsourcing artist and graphics and that’s great. However, I sure hope no-one except Ninty works on the gameplay department.

  1. *Grammargruß* goes here.

    Remember the ‘CD-i” games? That… That… was the fault of ‘other’ developers!
    But it’s Retro, so it’s fine!

    1. Well, i love Minish Cap, that was made by outsiders (But Capcom are ridiculously amazing (and the same without the “amazing” :P))

      1. STFU Leave him alone you fucking troll its his opinion so if he didn’t like it he didn’t like it! not everybody sucks nintendo’s dick like you

    1. Honestly, I thought it was going to be really good from all the 10’s and such, but I felt it wasn’t as good as Ocarina of Time or Wind Waker…especially the music…it was still a pretty good game, it just could have been better.

    1. Zelda with Assassins Creed elements (which has Zelda elements in it in the first place)? I’d buy that in a heartbeat. Good luck holding a grudge against a corporation… and missing out on amazing games. Your loss really.

    2. Yeah, because Assassin’s Creed Revelations, Rayman Origins, Beyond Good and Evil HD, and Red Steel 2 are lame. I’m with you man, I hate good games (sarcasm). Get your shit together.

    1. +1

      ever since i saw that fan made jpeg of what LttP would look like with updated graphics, ive been wanting an over the top zelda again, but darker, i love what capcom did with zelda, but i want a different zelda now.

  2. I would be interested in seeing what Retro could come up with on their own, now that they have experience in what makes great games. Plus it would give Nintendo a new IP

  3. People are glazing over his biggest point; Nintendo has outsourced Zelda games before, and they’ve been very successful. He said he’d be very happy to have another Oracle of Seasons, Four Swords, Minish Cap, etc. sort of thing, though it’d be more limited (with Nintendo overlooking it more) if it were a console release. That’s, in my opinion of course, the biggest news from the entire interview; they’re hoping to replicate the awesomeness of the GBA Zelda games (regarded as the best handheld Zelda games out there, and, regarding Minish Cap, the best top-down Zelda game in general).

    1. Yeah, but the thing im wondering what company it would be and what engine they would use. I think heavily modified Unreal4 would be GODLY. Ooo modified Cryengine3 would be AWESOME!! My heads swimming from the possibilities! Imagine the next metriod! I want a 2d side scroller personally, but the level of graphical fidelity will be outstanding regardless of perspective. HD Nintendo baby :D!!

  4. Anyone who read the entire article on IGN will learn that Retro would have very little involvement in a zelda game. They specifically said “we didn’t get a sense of whether some sort of collaboration with Retro is already underway, though it is interesting that Aonuma focused on aspects of development rather than referring to full-game development. ” People need to unknot their knickers and relax. Zelda is and always will be a very heavily nintendo controlled project

    1. thank you. also i’d like to mention we need Retro in order to pull Metroid out of that hell pit called other m

      1. I find it funny that someone actually took it seriously. You’re also contradicting yourself by saying “are u idiot?” with wrong grammar.

  5. I might sound crazy, but I think Rocksteady Studio(makers of Batman: Arkham City) should develop a Metroid game! Well it isn’t that crazy considering Nintendo partner with Team Ninja.

    1. Yes, but other m was god fucking awful and Nintendo knows that. plus they’ve also got tons of other third party developers whose owners are closer and more likely to ever be involved in a Nintendo project.

    2. that would be AWESOME! A darker zelda is what fans have been asking for since twilight Princess. One can only hope though.

  6. I believe Nintendo already worked with other developers in the past. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Capcom develop the GBA titles?

    1. they did, Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons for GBC.
      Minish Cap and Four Swords for the GBA
      and Four Swords Adventure for the Gamecube.

    1. No… Just no. ES and Zelda is completly different types of games. If Bethesda worked on it it would probably be to western for a Zelda games…

      1. Umm zelda is pretty western… zelda is like a medival based fairytale. there are castles, knights, elves(hylians, korkiri), orcs (bublins). its not like zelda is some sort of ancient japan ninja game. if you notice Link uses a sword instead of a ninja blade.

        1. it doesn’t have to be ninja to be eastern. yes you can draw similarities but the gameplay as well as the art style are super-de-duper japanese. though i do love me some fallout

        2. It’s deff both eastern style but with western lore etc but I do agree bethesda wouldnt ruin Zelda shoot I bet half of them are fans of Zelda to begin with.

    1. no it isnt.

      first party = game published by company for their console by a developer they own (Nintendo owns Retro)

      second party = game published by company for their company by a developer they dont own (the pooptastic other m is an example of this

      third party = game published by another company

  7. That’s really good, cause this is the first time Nintendo is dealing with HD graphics, they need experienced people working on titles like Zelda that requires great looking graphics. Ofcourse they are not allowing other companies to change concepts, gameplay and stuff.

      1. Because graphics can be a good thing if well used, and the Zelda franchise, in my opinion, is one of the best using graphics.

        Graphics aren’t only about poligons and resolution, that’s just the basic form of them, they are an art work, its nice when they reach new aesthetic standards.

        I like to think that graphics are ideas and concepts materialized, they create a window to another visual worlds, then you can experience something diferent than you do in your real life. If they are creative and well executed, better the involvement with this new world.

      2. Look around man everything is in HD. I love Nintendo i still say nothing has surpassed the look of WindWaker, but i like HD. I like the fact that nintendo is going HD. Its not going to reduce the the level of detail of the games, the worlds, or the characters nintendos created. If that was case SMG would’ve been terrible, its res is far superior to Mario64 yet its every bit as good as its older brother from the 64days. That Zelda demo was a taste of whats to come, and i for one can’t wait for HD nintendo games.

        1. Sure! I also like HD. It’s not a quality assurance, many games for ps3 and x360 suck no matter what the graphics look like. But it’s cool adding more graphical power to games, so you can do anything you want with the game’s visual.

  8. capcom? they made the megaman battle network games perfect and a zelda game like battle network would be good enough to make me buy it

    1. Um no. Plus Capcom already made some Zelda games, great ones I might add. They were vastly different from the Battle Network series which is a good thing. Not a big fan of Battle Network.

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  10. I’d love other companies to collaborate with Nintendo on the Legend of Zelda series. I’d like Capcom to make another handheld Zelda game. I’d also like to see Monolith help out again with future Zelda titles as they did with Skyward Sword.

  11. They should let Capcom make the prequel to Minish Cap…after all, Capcom did make the Minish Cap in the first place, and I have no complaints whatsoever, It really is a fantastic game, and slightly underrated.

    1. Hmmm… The legend of emo, nope, not a good idea. I like square enix but I like my zelda dark like MM and TP not depressing. Maybe makes naruto ultimate ninja storm and is awesome. Zelda would be awesome in anime style not realistic like FF.

  12. As long as Nintendo has a strong watch over it and Miyamoto gets to look over his creation I’ll be perfectly fine with this, it’ll be cool to see different types of Zelda games, but don’t change the formula and create a game like Banjo-Kazooie where I wait many years for an actually sequel and get a lego racing game……yes I’m still disappointed by this, its a good game, but seriously come on the first teaser got me expecting something else!

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