Nintendo has revealed to Siliconera that there will be hundred of Kid Icarus: Uprising AR cards available. Nintendo wouldn’t reveal exactly how gamers will get hold of the AR cards, but presumably they will be distributed online. Kid Icarus: Uprising launches on Nintendo 3DS on March 23rd and comes bundled with a free stand. The game also includes six random augmented reality cards for you to battle with.



  1. I’ll probably be able to get aorund this and not get sucked into this with Kid Icarus.
    But imagine when this ineviatably happens with Pokemon – I will be so broke!

    Nice to see them sticking with it though, even if I don’t see it panning out into a big way on non-first party titles.


  2. ThIs is FANTASTIC news Sickr!
    Thanks for having such a kick-ass site, I totally tell my friends to follow you on twitter.

    These cards are going to be sweet, and sealed the deal for me. I’m definately pre-ordering now.


    • So… 8/9 of the cards you collect will be the only ones while the 1/1 remaining will be the copies of the others?

      I hope it’s not random… my luck of cards is soo bad.


  3. I have said many times that Nintendo needs to release AR cards for purchase. Much like baseball trading cards, you buy a pack and if you have doubles you just trade them with somebody else. It can be anything from a Koopa Troopa to Bullet Bill to Re-Dead to space pirates from Metroid. The possibilities are end-less!


    • I thought this too, but for a strange reason the e-mails with the code for the 3D game was in my spam folder. Almost nothing gets in my spam folder but that one did, almost missed the game if i didn’t accidentally check my spam folder.


  4. i really hope they’re useful, i think its neat that we got the mario, kirby, samus, ect. AR cards, but its kind of lame that all you get to do with them is pose them, i hope these actually do something for the game, if not, ill be passing on the cards.


  5. I don’t get why Nintendo keeps showing this everywhere. Yeah, obivious reason is to get us to buy it, but its just showing too much of it! By the time we get it we already know almost all of the story, the only thing left to do is collect the weapons. I’ve resorted to biting myself, locking away my Wii, and blocking the Nintendo site to stop myself from uncovering more!


  6. They just forgot one thing… we could just scan and copy the cards to give to eachother. I just hope the ones that come with the game aren’t at random or else there would be no in fun in collecting them.


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