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Nintendo 3DS Continues To Throttle The PlayStation Vita In Japan (Japanese Charts)

This weeks Media Create software and hardware charts are in from Japan. The Nintendo 3DS continues to dominate the hardware charts, easily outselling Sony’s PlayStation Vita. The Nintendo 3DS sold 76, 322 units whilst the PlayStation Vita only managed to sell 15,928 units. This week also saw the release of Harvest Moon: Land of Origin for the Nintendo 3DS, which entered the Japanese software charts at number two.

  1. [PSP] Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave
  2. [3DS] Harvest Moon: The Land of Origin
  3. [PS3] Naruto Shippuden: Narutimate Storm Generation
  4. [PSP] I Don’t Have Many Friends Portable
  5. [PS3] Asura’s Wrath
  6. [PSP] Nendoroid Generation
  7. [3DS] Super Mario 3D Land
  8. [3DS] Mario Kart 7
  9. [3DS] Monster Hunter 3G
  10. [PS3] The Idolmaster: Gravure For You! Vol.5
  • Nintendo 3DS: 76,322
  • PlayStation 3: 27,111
  • PSP: 15,928
  • PlayStation Vita: 11,186
  • Wii: 7,878
  • Nintendo DS: 1,639
  • Xbox 360: 1,508
  • PlayStation 2: 1,269




92 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS Continues To Throttle The PlayStation Vita In Japan (Japanese Charts)”

      1. Im serious about my comment.

        Thats why the Vita is doing worse then the PSP.

        It’s an over priced PSP with only minor changes.

        3DS is way better and cheeper at launch, also the 3DS is currently underpriced, I bought it at launch and it was the best console launch ever.

        1. You’re an idiot. “an over priced PSP with minor changes”. You’re obviously full of shit. You never even touched a Vita. Stop making shit up loser.

            1. You can’t be serious.

              The PSVita looks promissing, there’s a lot of games coming and it doesn’t change only graphics.

              It works nice online as much as the 3DS, the touch screen controls and HD graphics opens a lot of possibilities, it has a new interface with apps, downloadable games and demos from online store, AR and more.

              I really hope It does well on market, it’s good for people to have option when buying a product and it’s good for you to have competition on market, it only improves the system you own.

              1. I agree, if it wasnt for competetion during the 16-bit era we wouldn’t even have the great games we have today, just more add ones for existing systems.

        2. The 3DS is “cheeper” at launch and the Vita is overpriced ?
          I don’t know if you’ve been living on earth until now, but just to remind you… The 3DS was fucking 250€ / 250$ at launch. That is what I call overpriced. That is what I call not “cheep”. And before you call me a Nintendo-hater and Sony-fangirl: I bought the 3DS at day 1 and I do love my 3DS. I bought the Vita as well, on day 1 here in Europe and I do love it as well. And I must say, the Vita was worth every single Euro I payed for it.
          I’m not going to comment on that “minor changes” thing you said, because you should have noticed that you’re talking complete bullshit and seem like you never even touched a Vita. Actually, the 3DS is a DSi with minor changes. I mean, it even got smaller. And again to remind you, I’m not hating on Nintendo, I love my 3DS but it’s just the way it is.

            1. Sorry to crush your dreams and imaginings, but I can’t even cook. Sad, but true.
              Plus, your comment showed me that you know the things I said are true and that you’re just unable to accept them. If this wouldn’t be the case, your answer would be a bit more creative I guess. And by creative, I mean that you probably would be able to defend your own opinion and view on the whole thing.

            1. I sure do.
              I mean, everyone knows that Sony “FAnGGOTs” buy a 3DS at day one, because they hate it so much. Also, everyone knows that they own almost every Nintendo platform. /sarcasm
              Seriously. What’s wrong with liking both sides ? I don’t know about you, but I’m not into videogames because I like “wars” and taking sides without any reason, I’m into them because I like videogames; no matter which company or platform.

              1. your in a Nintendo blog, ALL Nintendo trolls will bend over on command if Reggie or Iwata said so, so expecting them to admit that the Vita is at least a decent console is like asking for Bush to show ACTUAL proof that anyone in the middle east was involved with 9/11, it’ll never happen.

                Ps3 and 360 Trolls aren’t any better though.

          1. the 3ds is a dsi with minor changes? -_- really? well for starters, the 3ds only costs $170 now. and now your dsi comment. the 3ds obviously has 3D, in wich dsi does not. the 3ds top screen got bigger, while the DSI has 2 of the same size. The 3DS has a HOME button on it, the dsi does not. plus the amazing game linup the 3ds has coming.

    1. Even though i’m a nintendo fan this has become a place for fanboys and trolls. Considering not coming on the comment section anymore and just look at headlines every once in a while. Bye, know you guys won’t miss me. Hope someone smacks some sense to you fanboys.

      1. I applaud the Anonymous person, the one with both systems. You truly have a brain that some people here have yet to even develop.

  1. Nothing new. 3DS failed hard at start too. I hope both consoles get stronger, really. No fanboyism allowed.

    Pokémon B2W2 for DS makes me rage so hard. I want to see 3DS losing lots and lots of money because of that. Fuck Nintendo.

        1. Game Freak has never changed platforms in the middle of a Pokemon generation. We won’t see a main Pokemon game on the 3DS till 2014

      1. This is untrue. Gold and Silver was developed for Gameboy, yet Crystal was developed for Gameboy Color as it was the newest console. Nintendo made a very poor decision for allowing it to be put on the DS over the 3DS. Everyone knows Pokemon sells, and it will MOVE consoles. Everyone except Nintendo.

        1. Gold and Silver were developed for GBC. They can be played in monochrome with a GB.
          It’s not like the jump from GB to GBC is as big as from DS to 3DS.
          GBC is a Game Boy with colors, 3 times the memory and double processor speed. It’s more like the jump from DSlite to DSi
          3DS is a completely new platform and a Pokemon title for it would have to be built from scratch

    1. Why rage? You’ll still be able to play it on 3DS, and with enhanced visuals just like with the prequels. Besides, they’re most likely using the same engine as before given it’s the same generation.

      Regardless, it will sell better on DS. I mean, it’s ONLY the second best selling franchise of all time on the best selling hand held. <_<

      1. +1

        DS games work on the 3DS, so who cares?

        I also realized that a part of the pokemon fan base can’t enjoy it on the 3DS due to the 3D damaging the eyes of kids under 7. So they know that fans of all ages can purchase the game and play it whether it’s a DS, DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL, or 3DS.

      2. most of us bought 3DS’s to play 3DS games, thats the reason why most of us Rage. you dont buy a blu-ray to play DVDs…. do you?

    2. What a dumbass, you know it’s the developers choice to make pokemon and for DS yet your blaming nintendo and saying they should lose tons of money. I hope you lose money in the negatives and be reduced to a hobo KH nobody

  2. It seems the vita sold less. You have 15,928 for the vita in the article but in the chart that’s the number for the psp

    1. What do you mean?

      I don’t want to feed anyone as I’m going off to play my games on my laptop (Spore is the game i’m about to play if you want to know).

  3. don’t forget that the 3ds is significantly more cheap than psvita. if it was $170 as well then sales would skyrocket.

    1. Well the 3DS is underpriced thats why its selling so much.

      I was one of the people who bought the 3DS at launch.

        1. Underpriced by how good it is.

          I bought it at launch and i loved it.

          When the price dropped happened i said to my self that the price is way to low for the consoles quality.

            1. Dude. he isn’t blind.

              I got the 3DS at launch and now its way under priced because of it’s brilliant quality.

              You are just blind for not seeing that the 3DS is way under priced. I was very happy and proud that i got the 3DS for $250 at launch.

          1. The only point I can think of is that Nintendo have made a better selling console that is cheaper to make and are still making a profit despite the massive price cut, while Sony lose money on every Vita sold.

    2. Oh and also the PSV is already in the dust because it sucks, i played it recently in my local gamestore, it’s an overpriced PSP with minor upgrades.

    3. It has been proven that although price did help, the 3DS still would’ve done well at $250 due to the software. Since there was no software at launch….well we all know what happened

      1. You all failed to ignore me, thats what a troll wants to see what you say and get you mad. it’ll be so easy just to ignore trolls :)

  4. I think this will continue until they fix the problems. In Japan they complained that the touch screen and pad wouldn’t respond. They also couldn’t sign in to psn. I was just at my local gamestop here in Texas and somebody returned the 3G one because it wouldn’t charge at all. Sony needs to fix the problems it’s having or we may see another rrod event. I also didn’t like the control layout. I couldn’t press x without having my hand move the analog stick. I want a vita but I think I’ll wait

    1. You can plug the cord in backwards, in which case it wouldn’t charge. It’s not a flaw with the system just someone not thinking…

        1. It may have been the system. They returned it because it wouldn’t charge at all. I’m sure they tried multiple times to plug it in. And yea why would Sony make it that way? Sounds counter intuitive

    1. you must’ve been born yesterday, go do some research and look up how much the dsi and ds lite were selling when the 3ds launched, it was a Huge gap. now, that doesn’t mean that the 3ds sucked, idiot.

    2. Did people forget the DS was outselling the 3DS at launch, I’m a huge Nintendo fanboy, but seriously guys its way too early to judge the PS Vita, I love competition so lets not just hope for it to die out.

  5. It just keeps kicking ass. Let’s hope it can keep this up. Btw, there’s a game called “I don’t have many friends” lol! Sounds like a game staring me. :(

    Leave luck to heaven.

  6. In other news the vita is doing great in America and EU, getting several top 10 spots in both territories, with an average of 2 games sold per vita.

    But really. Vita is great, 3DS is great. There are things that only the vita can do an only things that the 3DS can do. There are games only 3DS has and only games the vita has.

    So a true gaming fan would need both.

    1. I don’t know how to read into the vita game sales really. In my opinion the buy 2 get 1 that almost every store was doing really obscured the data of how well the games actually -would- have sold. The people who bought 2 got one for free, increasing data by 50% and the people who were going to get just 1 bout the extra one to get the free game, increasing their data by 200%. Its really difficult to tell how well the games would be selling without it.

      1. It sound like buy 2 get 1 free is the only thing helping it ATM. Sweeten the bait and you will get a bite

  7. Man, that sucks for the Vita, it would be nice if the sales of both the 3DS and PS Vita do well b/c this way more badass games will come out for those consoles. At least the 3DS sales improve w/ the price drop, so if the same thing happens to PS Vita, it might increase in sales too.

  8. I have both vita & 3ds they’re pretty cool actully. Can’t wait for naruto storm 3 seriously its the best fighting game I ever played :D

  9. they marketed the 3DS wrong, people thought the only new feature is the 3D. so that’s nintendo’s fault. plus they brought it out too early, there were like no games out at launch that they planned. and even now they keep changing the date that the games come out. animal crossing was supposed to come out last year in summer or something. THERE’S STILL NO RELEASE DATE! i’ve never been this disappointed in nintendo, ever. it’s like they’re totally messing with us or they just turned stupid.

    1. I know.

      MGS came late

      DOAD came late

      Star Fox came late

      Those were my most anticipated upcoming games that were MENT to be launch but they failed to be launch.

      Nintendo and the game developers need to be better then that.

  10. Lol i am posting this on a vita! The vita is Awesome but it is not what people want. People want 3DS and i am so glad i have one too!!:)

  11. vita sales will begin to rise as soon as persona 4 golden comes out, as well as more good games, although I doubt it will beat the 3ds in overall sales

  12. This is great news if developers and publishers look at the info. I want a ton of great games to flood the 3DS. Imagine a Bioshock 3D or Final Fantasy XV on 3DS or Wii U. I don’t know if either of those that I mentioned are likely to happen but it would be awesome. My biggest dream for 3DS is for a Final Fantasy VII 3D.


    lol seriously though, next month itll be its 12th birthday and its still selling.

  14. PS vita as a console is great, 3DS as a console is great. The reason 3DS is doing much better is the games. Nintendo’s throwing out some MAJOR titles in Japan. It’s keeping people away from Vita so far. That may change, if Vita starts getting good enough RPG’s.

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