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Here’s Some Amazing Footage Of Aliens Colonial Marines Running On Wii U

Epic Games has released a video to showcase forthcoming games which will utilise the company’s Unreal 3 Engine. Among the games on show is Aliens Colonial Marines, which is running on the Wii U. The footage for Aliens Colonial Marines for Wii U starts at 0.34.

41 thoughts on “Here’s Some Amazing Footage Of Aliens Colonial Marines Running On Wii U”

    1. It’s one of the few things we’ve seen running on it so why wouldn’t it be a big deal? Does it look a lot better? Nah but most footage I’ve seen is from PC anyways or at least I’m assuming is the PC version but there are several things you can’t really tell. Is it running in 1080p? How about the frame rate? You can’t really tell but if the game looked the about the same but running at 60fps it would deffinitely play better and look smoother. Is it made for wiiu or is it a port? frankly as long as its a good game port or otherwise its a good game to add to the library of a new console

    2. Wii U has a screen on the controller, Upgraded graphics and new gaming style.

      Gearbox (Developer of Aliens) Said that the texture resolution is higher on the Wii U version. Also they said they can do cool stuff on the controller, so new gaming interaction.

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  2. Pingback: Aliens: Colonial Marines Wii U gameplay video spied in Unreal Engine 3 promo reel, first Wii U game footage since E3 | Nintendo Gamer

  3. In honour of the first Wii U footage released I will bring this back (also because people were asking for it)

    Leave luck to heaven.

  4. This looks amazing! Epic Games have done a helluva job creating that video. The Unreal Engine 3 runs smoothly on the Wii U! 105% EPIC!!!!!!

  5. It could be other system footage, but thats probably what its going to look like anyway, so its not like it really matters.

    1. Super Train Station H

      It matters in the sense that even since E3, the critics have been drilling the “fact” that Wii U will be LESS POWERFUL than the current HD systems that launched 7 years ago, so the notion that Wii U could be even slightly MORE powerful is laughable to them.

      This proves them wrong.

      1. No, it is sad that it seems to be only slightly more powerful than seven year old tech….wouldn’t you agree?

        1. Considering the Wii is more than 12 year old tech, and was successful, no I don’t agree. Nintendo is catching up. No “too little, too late” bull because it’s a big jump for them. Other’s jumps won’t be as grand.

  6. Looks great but I’m going to wait, I’ve been disappointed by the other Alien games so I’ll wait and see before buying

  7. I Am The Yeti. You Are Scum

    People need to remember that during the first year or so of a new console the games aren’t going to look jaw dropping. Remember when everyone was complaining that the 360’s graphics didn’t look next gen at all?

  8. The video suggested that was a game to be released on Wii U using Unreal Engine, but they didn’t say that was Wii U footage. Nintendo hasn’t even let anyone show the Wii U version of their games. That could be any other version, including PC, for all we know.

    1. It could be any version as you said but why even put wiiu on there if its not. Guess we still have to wait til E3 to know for sure

    2. Whoaaa, your absolutely right becuz at E3 they’ve already shown footage of the game but it was’nt Wii U footage. Nintendo is keeping everything locked up until E3 so why should we believe this is actually footage from Wii U or maybe since it’s an exclusive to Nintendo, they probably slapped the logo on there. Good thinking, this article almost had me

  9. Livin' Ain't Eazy When You Cheezy

    Wow! Exciting stuff. i can’t wait for E3!! GDC was pretty boring Nintendo-wise

    1. Keep in mind that GDC is something aimed at developers and not gamers. Apparently the Wii U is present at GDC, but it’s only being shown to developers. The show floor is open to anyone, but behind closed doors is where everything is happening like the CryEngine 3 demo or the Unreal Engine 4.

      Having said that, Nintendo did announce partnerships with other companies, so it wasn’t a complete waste of time.

  10. They used Xbox 360 footage for the Wii U part, we’ll most likely get are first footage at E3. Either Nintendo told Sega not to put actual Wii U footage but Nintendo wanted people to know that ACM is coming to the Wii U.

  11. It looks current gen :/ I was hoping for a little more wow factor. Maybe it’s on a different system… I hope!

    I have to say, I love the Wii U concept. I’m stoked for it, but if it’s current gen hardward, I’m going to wait for XBOX 720, which will be out in another year. I love Nintendo, but they have to catch up at some point. I hope hope hope hope hope Wii U kicks ass. I want it to be the best console ever. But I don’t want to drop $300 on dated hardware and a digital infrastructure that is beyond weak. I still have never successfully connected to Wi-Fi with Smash Bros.

    1. You should really pay attention. That clip had Anti-Aliasing and was running at 60fps. If it’s not Wii U footage, it’s PC.

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  13. Seems interesting. Not mind-blowingly different from graphics of the Xbox 360 and PS3 but it’s still early and we have until E3. Unfortunately the wait for E3 seems like it’s taking forever.

  14. Alright, so this looks FANTASTIC, if this is where video games are going then I want in! But… With that demo using the iphone for a PC controller, who would seriously want to do that? I know I wouldn’t.

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