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Microsoft Says No Next Xbox At E3, Most Likely Reveal Next Year, Nintendo Laughs

Microsoft sources have told Bloomberg that the company has no plans to show off their successor to the Xbox 360 this year in an effort to combat the Wii U. Microsoft will release its next Xbox sometime next year with a possible reveal at E3 2013 in June. If this turns out to be true then it will give Nintendo roughly a years head-start with Wii U.

Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) will release the next version of its Xbox console in 2013 at the earliest, as the company squeezes at least one more year of sales out of its current model, said two people with knowledge of the matter.

The company may show the successor to its Xbox 360 at next year’s E3 conference in June 2013 and put it on sale that same year, said the people, who declined to be named because the plans are confidential.

200 thoughts on “Microsoft Says No Next Xbox At E3, Most Likely Reveal Next Year, Nintendo Laughs”

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      6. Dude Sony is a multimedia company who’s loaded with billions, Microsoft also do computers… yeah so they too are in good hands, Nintendo is doing pretty exceptional not to say. All the three companies are managing well so, relax.

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    1. Yeah I’m Laughing here also with you and Nintendo ;)

      This shows Microsoft fails because they don’t really care about their next console.

      Wii U will dominate as the only next gen home console now for about 2 years as there are no plans for PS4 and 720 to be shown next E3.

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  1. Nintendo laughs? wheres the laughing? im pretty sure Microsoft will be laughing if Nintendo cheap out with the Wii U by giving it 3 year old hardware (hopefully they won’t) and then Xbox 720 and PS4 take all the 3rd party support again…

    1. bin Laden… the Next Xbox won’t be powerful than the Wii U… not to mention the fact that they’re copying the Wii U’s tablet controller, no disc drive, and you’ll have a pay a huge amount of cash to play games online, watch TV, etc. Thank you, but no thanks.

        1. I wouldn’t call it speculation… just because MicroFAILsoft have confirmed their source from Bloomberg Television.

    2. This pretty much. The wii u will get support until the 720/ps4 release and Nintendo will get forgotten again.

      It’s nothing personal, just companies think new sells. Just like all the devs that thought the wii was a joke. Now the wii u will be the only next gen system out and all the devs are like OMG BEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD!!!!

      1. I seriously doubt that Nintendo will ever be forgotten. They still have franchise first party titles and the fullest support from third party publishers, and so on. Let’s not forget that EA is assisting the online structure for Wii U’s Nintendo Network.

      2. It must take a tremendous amount of stupidity to automatically assume that just because the 360 and ps3 were successful, that means their successors will have the same success. As Sega, Atari, and even Nintendo have proven, lightning often doesn’t strike consecutively. Don’t count your eggs before they hatch, and expect nothing. Otherwise, you’ll be the only one flabbergasted at the things that everyone else saw, but you were too busy stewing in your fanboyism to notice.

    3. It may be 3 years old hardware FOR A PC. But it’s not for a console. If you are waiting Nintendo to put out a 8-Core CPU, 16GB of RAM, 3GB of Graphic-RAM, DVD/Blu-ray/Proprietary disc drive and 4TB of storage… you better off buying a PC. It’s just like that Steam Box rumor where it had a Core i7 CPU, a GeForce GTX and 8GB of ram… it would only be a rebranded PC that would cost 2000$. Not sure if people would like to purchase that as a living room console. Pretty sure they will not.

      In other words, they need to choose hardware within a nice cost/performance ratio. Enough performance so 3rd party can make their games a beautiful as they want while keeping a nice price tag for people to purchase the console. If MS and Sony just release much powerful than the Wii U then, it will cost a LOT money and they will probably need to lose a lot of money in order to make their console sell. Don’t forget that XB360 and PS3 had a lot of 3rd party support simply because the Wii is simply… just pathetic. There is already a HUGE gap between the Wii and WiiU performance wise.

    4. Came here to say this… sort of. I don’t think Microsoft will be laughing, but it’s not so great that the article says “Nintendo laughs” but mentions no statement by Nintendo that they’re laughing or otherwise critical of their competition.

  2. They are probably waiting to see if the wii U sells a lot, just to see if they should try to copy the tablet control ….

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  3. Annnnnd…what ever Sony and MS release as their console successors will be leagues ahead of the Wii U.

    Stop trolling you loser. Nintendo doesn’t need to compete with Sony and MS. They do fine in their own market.

      1. Reggie Fils-Aime stated they are not competing against them on CES 2012 Interview. He said that Nintendo doesn’t care what they do. He also said that Nintendo is doing their own things and working to drive Entertainment further.

        1. Nintendo is no competition… except kickin’ ass and takin’ names. Let’s hope the Big N pushes the envelope further.

    1. if you’re expecting the PS4 to be “leagues” ahead of the Wii U. stop. it will only lead you to disappointment. when you find out the PS4 is close in power to Wii U.
      not being a fanboy, just thinking realistically

  4. Yeah,because that 1 or 2 year headstart really made all the difference with the XBox 360. Oh wait, no it didn’t. The Wii and PS3 still bypassed it (at least Wii did, not sure on PS3). So don’t get too cocky about Nintendo having a year’s headstart.

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  6. I wouldn’t get too excited. As someone posted before new stuff sells just cause its new. Unless the next xbox is a commercial failure for some reason it will sell a ton when its released. This isn’t technically bad news since the Wii U will have had a full year of sales under its belt already and will be way ahead. The only worry is how it will affect the Wii U in terms of software developers and keeping the consumer base interested. The new xbox will be ‘all new and shiny’ to the general buyer and might steal a lot of nintendo’s customers and hurt sales.

    We’ll just have to see how it rolls out I guess.

    1. The problem is that’s not gonna happen… unless you want to play games online for a highly expensive price.

      1. siegfried von schroder twin

        Oh! I have hope Nintendo will be OK for 1 or 2 years ahead of the other next consoles anyone else agree?

  7. You know what’s funny?

    Even if Nintendo will be eclipsed in terms of power, I’m pretty certain it will STILL beat the pants off Sony’s and Microsoft’s successors. The Wii managed to do it.

    Hey, I can play the unreasonable history argument too. You guys want to claim that Microsoft’s and Sony’s successors will be significantly more powerful without any real backing to your claim, then I can likewise claim that if Wii U truly will be weaker than the other two eventual consoles, then like its Wii predecessor, it could still beat them. Badly.

    And a lot of game devs know this now. We’re starting to see a large number of devs (David Jaffe being one of them) realizing that graphical power is no longer a priority. Now, it’s all about which system can allow the most interesting way to play games. Here’s the main note here: IT’S ALL ABOUT WHICH SYSTEM CAN ALLOW THE MOST INTERESTING WAY TO PLAY GAMES. This is why Wii U has the touch screen. This is why ‘Durango’ may or may not have a touchscreen. It’s no longer about graphical prowess, people. Stop living under your traditional rocks and wake up. I like to make a large note here and say that Shigeru Miyamoto was the first major game developer who actually stated that we were reaching a saturation point with regards to graphics. But it’s not because we can’t MAKE more powerful graphics, it’s about the fact that NO ONE REALLY GIVES THAT MUCH OF A DAMN ABOUT IT NOW. The “saturation point” here isn’t technological limitation, it’s people’s demand for it, and it seems people’s demand, including game developers’, are starting to run out. Blame it on the PCs for all I care. It’s because of PC’s constant grab on the highest graphical fidelity that’s why no hardcore gamer will ever respect the graphics on a console. They can, however, respect the different ways to game on a console (the traditional controller was of course one of them, and motion controllers and even touch screen controllers are other kinds) If even game developers are starting to adopt this different-ways-of-gaming mentality, then you can bet we’re gonna go in a very different direction with regards to gaming. Buckle up.

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        1. I purchase my consoles for the exclusives that appeal to me as a gamer. so in other words yes the ps3 had more power then the 360 however the 360 had mass effect, gears of war and halo 3 so i made my choice. i admire nintendo for hanging in their with wii, it was an experiment with a target audience that were people who had never played a game in their life and it worked, a little too well for fan boys like you. and now they have directed their attention once again at the more hard core player base with the wii U. i seriously don’t give a shit how much more or less powerful the wii u is or will be to the competition because that only gets 3rd party developers interested in investing in the console. it’s those 3rd parties that get me interested in investing in the console.

      1. Its too bad u dont have any interesting games to play on your system…no wonder u have all this extra time to destroy the joy of others. Obviously ur not enjoying the company of others, especialy females. Either way im glad ur here because it gives u something to do and verifies everything we know… Ur pissed the facts show nintendo is a success, and ur gonna cry like a bitch on other sites about it. And for the record, if u could even see ur dick u would realize its black because u cant reach to wash it.

    2. In what way did the wii win?? Is it because it sold a lot? Who the fuck cares haha. The Xbox 360 and ps3 were better consoles than the wii period. Who the fuck cares how much the wii sold….are you proud that wii fit is the number one wii game sold….haha. Seriously it sold so much cause it was cheap and kids loved it ha. I do not understand how people can say the wii won??? What did it win?? The causal game market? I would rather play batman, skyrim, gears, uncharted, halo, kill zone, metal gear, all sports games, darksiders, crysis, Alan wake, forza and a whole lot more than what…..Mario and Zelda? So tell me a console that can play blu rays, fantastic online service, great and diverse game library, and almost three time more powerful… would rather have a console that’s dated, no third party support, and laggy ass online and cannot even play a DVD. What the fuck….how can an inferior peace of tech win? And do not say gameplay rules all….cause of you lLook at the GOTY nominees there was only one wii game this past year. So nintendo fans please shut the fuck up and respect when is better than yours… just can’t capture the kid market….

      1. Whoever the f*ck your name is, it is YOU who need to shut the f*ck up. This is Nintendo ground and you’re invading it like a goddamn Sony/Microsoft fanboy. You’re also a failure for not respecting Nintendo, its systems, and supporters like me. You’ve once again fail to understand that Nintendo is not your ordinary run of the mill “kid market”. You should know the fact that Sony and Microsoft are capturing the kid market– or as we call it– CASUALS. Microsoft is also capturing the casusal market by using an invention called “Kinect”. Sony realized the fact that their PlayStation Move is a failure.

        Right now, Nintendo is changing the system in a very big way. It’s gonna be like 1994 when they’ve decided to quit using the squeaky clean image aim directly at not only casuals, but for hardcore gamers including franchise titles. The Super Mario Bros. series are franchise series… The Legend of Zelda are franchise… even the returning Kid Icarus, Super Smash Brothers, Donkey Kong, Metroid, StarFox, Pokemon, etc.

        What’s the point of having another DVD or Blu-Ray player on consoles? When it comes to Nintendo consoles, they don’t need one. I too don’t need one either because I already got a home theater system with Blu-Ray player. But you can watch stream movies and TV shows from Netlix on the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

        1. Yes bypass all my fucking point you Nintendo fanboy. How am I a fanboy? I have a wii and a 3ds…but I laugh at the fact that Nintendo fans talk so much shit about Microsoft and Sony because the wii sold more. That’s ficking stupid, Justin beiber sells alot of fucking albums but he is def not the best singer in the world. It’s like the vita, it clearly is a superior system and it’s launch lineup is better than anything the 3ds had but it’s a failure??? Wtf haha. Ninty fans are so blind and cannot give credit where credit is due. These systems Microsoft and sony make are great high end consoles but because they do not sell as much Nintendo is better, fuck you and that logic. Are you saying you would play only the Nintendo first party stuff thIs generation? Than all of xboxs and Sonya third and first party support like bishock mass effect and uncharted. I would say fuck you you biased troll. Give Sony and Microsoft credit, they have delivered experiences Nintendo has not…so please shut the fuck up and play some great fucking games. Mass effect 3 came out….or would you rather play Mario party 9? Get the fick out Here you cunt.

          1. God damn troll… Not only your spelling’s bad, but your comment sucks ass! U mad because Nintendo is revolutionlizing the way we play video games. It’s YOU who should give Nintendo credit. If it weren’t for the Big N, Sony and Micosoft’s console would have ceased to exist.

  8. most people are sad about this, I for one am happy. This means that 1. Nintendo gets a head start and 2. I don’t have to shell out 300 bucks or so for a new Xbox yet

    1. i own all 3 current platforms simply for different exclusives and i plan on owning Wii U as a definite as for the new Xbox and ps4 i will wait and see what developers plan on releasing games on them before i jump for joy. i just don’t see why every one is bagging the power of a console? Wii U’s head start means all those developers are going to pitch their games on that instead of wait another 2-3 years and hope the competition does better

    1. Nintendo: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL


      Sony: Well… at least we have more time making our PS4 rather then rushing it because Microsoft will show off.


      And thats the story why Nintendo is laughing at Microsoft and Sony (In my point of view)

      1. “Microsoft’s Xbox 360, bolstered by the Kinect motion-sensor accessory, had its best year of sales in 2011 — the console’s seventh on the market. Announcing the next model too soon risks hurting orders for the current lineup, and new consoles typically lose money for their first few years. The Xbox 360 is profitable, giving the company incentive to keep it on store shelves for a longer period.”

        Quote pulled from the source. I should think Microsoft would be the one laughing right about now…

  9. I love the Nintendo fanboys run amok, thinking Microsoft doesn’t care. I am excited for the Wii U; but I want to see what the other companies would release. I wanted to see Sony’s and Microsoft’s answer to the Wii U. While it sucks they won’t be; I’ll wait until the other consoles come out and see which console can come out on top.

    Microsoft is most likely doing a smart move; they released the 360 first and then the PS3 and Wii came out with stuff the 360 should have done; a disk-less tray and built-in wifi. They might just watch Nintendo succeed or fail.

    Though, if it succeeds and they come in too late, then their plan failed. But, we need to see when the Wii U comes out and when the other consoles come out.

    All in all; I wish the 8th Gen consoles luck.

  10. LOL everybody already knew the Succesor of the Xbox 360 won’t be released this year.
    So the WiiU already had 1 year head start.
    And if they will reveal the Succesor of the Xbox 360 on the E3 2013 you already know that it will be released between 2Q 2014-Q4 2014
    With this said the PS4 will be released 1-2 years after that(this is what some one at sony said)
    so i bet on a Q4 2015 release.
    But if whe believe everything what they said.
    When Xbox Kinect came out they said: This will extent the live of the Xbox 360 for one other generation so about 3-6 years
    when PS Move came out they said something similar.
    After the Xbox 720 rumors Sony said that they will release a console after the WiiU and the Next Xbox within 1-2 years
    What does this basically says?
    Xbox 3 will come out between End 2013-2016
    PS4 will come out between End 2014-2017
    WiiU will come out between 21 September 2012-21 December 2012

    Nintendo will probably upgrade again in 4-6 years(depends if the WiiU sells enough)
    So the WiiU2 will be released near the PS4 launch.
    So if Nintendo plays the cards right hardcore fans will return to nintendo.
    And the WiiU will actually sell bad in the first 3 months after that they WiiU had been proven by the hardcore fans and there will be much hardcore games and after 3+ years Casual fans will slowly return.

    1. Your comment is invalid. Furthermore, the PS4 will be released in 2016. Sony’s 10-year lifespan with the PS3 still continues. However, their sucessor won’t have a huge leap over its current gen system.

    2. interesting.But we have 1 problem.starfox andventures had good graphics but assault had bad.i want a starfox for wiiu with more powerfull graphics than the other games.i miss so badly that game series

  11. Yes now I can get both wii U and 720 thank you microsoft for giveing people like me more time and nintendo laughing guys its not that serious its just games :D

  12. Looks like they want a year to see what Nintendo do with the Wii U tablet controller, so they can copy it. Hopefully they don’t pull a Sony, when they showed off that boomerang looking controller for PS3, realise people don’t like it and revert to the traditional dualshock controller with a few upgrades. Whether they copy Nintnendo or not, they will fail, again.

    Leave luck to heaven.

  13. If they follow Nintendo’s plan of announcing their console a year before release, that could give two years before the next Microsft console. That would be even better for Nintendo. The only thing that would kill the Wii U is if it’s current gen. They have to up the gaming world. Make it something you can’t get elsewhere. The remote is cool, but the games and hardware are way more important to the XBox and PS3 crowd. You won’t get them to convert without serious upgrades for hardware. They’ll baulk at a current gen system. I may baulk, too.

  14. I don’t know why you guys are “laughing.” This could be the best move for Microsoft. They don’t even need a new console soon. The 360 is fine for now. Wii however is far too behind and so Nintendo is releasing their new console EARLY! Sony doesn’t want to release a new console soon either. It’s too early. With this strategy, it’s possible that Xbox and Sony fanboys just won’t buy a WiiU and they’ll just wait for their console. By that time, the tech may be better, and they can do something huge with their console that Nintendo doesn’t have, and it could actually put them in the lead. It’s a viable possibility. Don’t let your guard down just yet.

    1. @Johnny Salas – I strongly beg to differ. Nintendo isn’t far behind so put the blame on the company. Nintendo have created something innovative that Sony and Microsoft wish they have on their console. The PS4 won’t be powerful than PS3 and will aim directly to both casuals and women. Microsoft had made their mistake by 1) Taking out the disc drive and 2) Can no longer play used games. Get your facts straight, Microcock sucker!!!!!

      1. HAHAA! I stopped taking you seriously, when I noticed your bad grammar and immaturity. But whatever, I’ll bite. First of all, I’m not a Microsoft fanboy. I have all three current gen consoles, and Nintendo has been and always will be my favorite. Second. We know NOTHING about the PS4 and 720. Everything you’ve heard is just rumors. But more than likely, the PS4 WILL be more powerful than PS3! What kind of assumption is that!? Why would they even bother releasing a new console if it wasn’t better than the previous console!?

        1. What you’ve failed to realize that it’s not a rumor at all. The PS4 won’t be a leap from the PS3 and it WILL aim directly at casuals and women. Read this quote–

          “It’s hard to say right now.I do not think we’ll have a console with a lot better graphics than the PS3 currently offered.I believe the future will be to offer consumers better and more accessible experience .The aim will be to make more people enter the world of video games and try to design titles for women.”

          James Armstrong
          -Vice President of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe


          1. There ya go! Now I can take you seriously again! I get what you mean now though. I read that before, but ummm, you’re reading into it too much. That’s been their stance ever since they copied Nintendo and brought in the move. I mean, I hear them say that all the time. It’s what all three of them are saying. That doesn’t mean they’re totally gonna ignore the hardcore. They might try harder to win the casual but it’s stupid to think the PS4 will be a casual console. The thing still has a lot of time till it hits shelves. They could totally change their mind on their more casual focus, (If it is even more of a focus.) if Nintendo is successful. This bring me back to my original point. They might just watch Nintendo, after the WiiU release, see what it’s doing right and wrong, and totally copy what Nintendo is doing while improving as well. Then all the Sony and Microsoft fanboys will come out of hiding and Nintendo will wrongly be the laughing stack again. It’s bullshit, but it’s possible. This is my primary concern.

    2. You know what I don’t like, when people say “Nintendo is releasing the Wii U early”, there not releasing it early they are releasing it 6 years after the Wii, Nintendo always releases there consoles 6 years after there current one, I think if Sony and Microsoft release the PS4 and Xbox 720 in 2014 they are releasing it late.

      1. Oh ya. I totally get what you’re trying to say, but times are changing. We’re starting to reach a point where technology for consoles are growing more advanced, much more slowly. Especially graphically. The Wii was very far behind its competition, so it makes sense for them to upgrade. But the competition doesn’t really need an upgrade, so they can wait. I’m not saying that Nintendo releasing their console early isn’t a smart move. Actually, I think they should have released it already. (Provided that they had a good launch prepared.)
        But ya, I suppose if you think your way, you could say that it’s the others that are late.

        1. That’s the difference between you and everyone else. Nintendo is the leader of innovating video games. No excuses about it.

          1. Nope, I’m on this guy’s side too. Nintendo is one of many innovators in video games. Microsoft’s Kinect is an amazing innovation, like it or not. The 360 and PS3’s online infrastructure was ground-breaking, as was their graphical capabilities. Nintendo lacks in online functionality and graphical power — no excuses about it.

            The XBox360 launched a year sooner than its competition and look how well it’s doing. 2011 was its best sales year yet; the Wii peaked in 2009. The XBox will outsell the Wii in 2012, I can guarantee you that. Whether or not the Wii U does well is up in the air.

                    1. How the f*ck Nintendo is late, Toby? You’re as in denial as your boyfriend Michael Pachter. Nintendo is never “too late”… They’ve learned their mistakes about online gaming on the Wii, but it’s gonna change when they release their new console… including the Nintendo Network.

          2. Of course. I should have stressed that this was my entirely my own opinion. Also, everything I’m saying is only a possibility that people fail to realize. I don’t actually think Nintendo is doomed. I’m just trying to get you all out of your cheerful state, if it’s possible that there’s nothing to cheer about. Cheer about the 3DS. That’s successful NOW! The next gen consoles? We have no idea which ones will be successful. It’s all a mystery. It’s foolish to say that Nintendo is winning this far in advance. Anything can happen. I have faith in Nintendo though. Their geniuses. They’ll pull through.
            But ya, I agree with you about Nintendo being the leader in innovation. Not sure what that has to do with anything though. lol..

            1. You’re truly a f*cking troll. Always end with “lol” like a rapid Sony fanboy that you are. You’re afraid that Ninentendo’s 3-dimensional handeld have sold over 4 million units in North America.

    3. FOOL, the WII U is as powerful as games need to be. If graphics were any more realistic it would take to long to animate and develop. Why are animated films all cartoony? Cause realistic graphics would take forever to animate.

      1. I get that. I know exactly what you mean. Even if Sony and Microsoft release their consoles far later than Nintendo, I don’t see them being much more powerful, graphically. What I mean is, they will be more powerful as far as how many characters they can have on screen at once, or things like that. To be able to make a game larger than Skyrim with even less glitches. I don’t think Nintendo is doomed at all no matter what the competition chooses to do. I think we’re all headed to a point where they’re all going to be just as powerful as the other. This is ok with me.

  15. I have no intrest in getting the Xbox 720. The only games of any significance on it is Halo 5 and 6. Nothing else.

  16. Umm, I love all systems but seriously, no one laughed. Fanboys laugh, professionals (like Nintendo, Sony & Micosoft) Keep it all business & move on. That’s an ill-named article. Anyways, moving on…

    1. garbage garbage garbage all you little kids to poor to afford real consoles buy. nintendo kings of cheap trash! ps1 beat n64 ps2 xbox raped the powerful gamecube why ppl buy things when there cheap. and nintendo makes sure they get cheap garbage. if xbox price at 100 guess what it would kill the shitendo. nobody cares about anything but garbage thats why america is land to thirft stores. now go buy at goodwill where many ppl buy while i go buy name brand clothing and shoes like lacoste where only the few elite proud go. enjoy playing your broken online. i cannwait for miyamoto to die am glad am 15 i’ll be there to laugh at shitendo death.

      1. Why the f*ck you are whining like a bitch, f*cker?! U just mad because Microsoft and Sony had made huge mistake copying Nintendo innovation and originality. I could tell you a lot of things, but I’ll be ending up just like you… a loser and a complete waste of effing time!!!!!! This is Nintendo’s territory. If you want to whine and bitch about Microsoft and Sony, do not go to this blog and make an ass of yourself!

      2. I cant wait for you to die im glad im only 13 and i’ll be there to laugh at your death.. btw nintendo rocks and you know it

  17. I think Microsoft knows that it’s next system is not ready to beshown. Showing it along side Wii U would create a picture that might clause them to lose in the long run. Listen to all the developers talk about the Wii U it going to be something stocking!! And Everything is shaping up for Unreal Engine 4 to be shown on Wii U. If Microsoft try’s to shown early tech against the Big N this E3 it would be chewd up and spit out!

  18. So microsoft plans to release a system next year but can’t even announce it until next year? Who is in disarray Nintendo or Microsoft Pachter huh?

  19. To those saying the 720 won’t have discs thats ridiculous. games are 50 GB now that would be impossible with today’s hardrives.

  20. Interesting. Is it just me, or could MS and Sony be thinking that they DON’T need a new system to fight off the Wii U? Underestimating Nintendo can be fatal. Even if they get games like CoD and Assassin’s Creed 3, another HD system will slow down sales for the other 2. Even if the Wii U is more expensive, if they release the right games and the right features, it may create a roadblock for MS and Sony.

    Also, what are the chance of Nintendo releasing the next Smash Bros next year by the time MS, and maybe Sony, release their next systems? They told us they would start the game after Kid Icarus was done, but the game could be very well be ready to ship for all we know since it took them forever to release Kid Icarus.

  21. Well I can’t tell if this official or not. Anyways it doesn’t really matter that much to me. The number one thing I’m looking forward to seeing at E3 is the Wii U. Yeah it would have been exciting to see other new consoles but Wii U has me interested the most. E3 can’t come soon enough.

  22. Wii U will remain on top for many years to come
    Xbox 720 (tentative) will be released winter 2013 and remain close 2nd.
    PS3 will lack in sales and PS4 will be released soon after. PS4 will knock Xbox 720 in sales numbers once it releases in 2014. Sony will accomplish this by unveiling a HUGE unexpected surprise.
    Wii U will still remain on top.
    Xbox 720 will not have a disc drive. It will have Xbox Media Online (tentative) only.
    PS4 will support both.
    Wii U will be disc only.
    E3 2014 Microsoft will showcase their handheld.
    E3 2014 Next Gen system by unknown rookie company is showcased. Released late 2014.
    How do i know this? let’s just say i know.

    1. FINALLY… I tip my hat off to you, Mr. E. Thank you for that reliable comment. Even MicroFAILsoft have told them officially they won’t unveil their next Xbox console at this year’s E3.

      1. It will, but I don’t think you’ll be able to buy big titles online for download. Microsoft is going to not release any discs at all and you’re going to have to download the games, at least if we shall belive the latest rumours…

  23. a headstart is always good for the company that does it, but for the others it’s a chance to see what the other did wrong and improve on it. don’t count sony and microsoft out.

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  25. A. Way I see it, Nintendo is only just getting up to Gen 7 as far as system specs and graphics go.
    B. Not saying it’s a smart decision but by doing this Xbox is actually giving the market a break which will probably make “Xbox 720” sales a lot more considering there’s 1 less console for the holiday season that will give it much competition.

    1. @Gabriel Cuddy – Sorry to rain on your parade, but I have to disagree with you. What you’ve failed to recognize that Nintendo is getting up to the 8th generation. Did you see the bird and Zelda graphics demo? If you didn’t see it, I suggest you should try it again.

  26. If a head start could give crap-box a chance in the market… I don’t want to know what it will do for the Wii U o.o This will be pwnage for Nintendo

  27. 1/ I didn’t get the point where Nintendo laughed.
    2/ Microsoft not presenting their console this year doesn’t mean anything, and certainly doesn’t mean that Microsoft are “failing” or “losing”. I’m XBox fan, but I’m kinda glad that they don’t do stuff just to compete against the Wii U. I’m better off with 3 companies that don’t give a fuck about each other, and that’s the way it is at least for Nintendo and Microsoft.

    1. that meens that microsoft will wait to copy the wii U when its fully complete and nintendo loughed because they know that microsoft will copy

  28. siegfried von schroder

    HAHAHA i told you that microsoft will knock you off losers! HAHAHAHAHA!Nintendo is the biggest thieve company ever existed in the world

    1. Roy’s boyfriend… I think you need to get some glasses. Microsoft had mad an announcement that they’re not showing the next Xbox at E3 until next year. Nice try, troll Nazi!!!!!!!

  29. hmm… i can wait to see a new xbox it will eventually be seen so no big deal as far as that goes. plus with nintendo being the 1st ones to putting a next gen console out on the market soon why not see what nintendo has to offer before requesting another platform.

    in these times were living in i like to keep an open mind an try a variety of games/consoles so as i digress my point is let each company show the gamers what they have to offer instead of focusing on the negatives an somewhat force each company to fight for fan loyalty or patronage

  30. Would the real Xbox fanboys please stand up! Please stand up! When they release their next console expect it to be 500+ to battle PS and those that purchase better prepare for the BLUE RING of DEATH. Hahaha. First victim: Patcher.

    1. See? Nintendo knows how to construct a console. Sony and Microsoft are both getting complaints about “RROD” and etc. Nintendo has never had anyone say that about the Wii, everyone’s Wii is still working to this day, and mine even is rocking Prime Trilogy :D

  31. “On par” only means “the same” if you are excessively literal and/or a
    golf fanatic. In the common vernacular, the Wii U being “on par” with
    the PS3 merely means that it easily matches it, not that it is exactly
    the same. Here are some thoughts for you people to put your doom-and-gloom
    into perspective:

    You quoted only one developer (and ripped the
    quote out of context so that I don’t know what the developer actually
    said, but never mind). There are dozens of other developers. And many
    of them are saying that the Wii U exceeds the PS3 significantly in both
    graphics and performance.

    The Wii U is being built with 2010
    hardware. IBM even said that the CPU and GPU is the same one that powered the Watson supercomputer, which is the same machine that was on Jeopardy a while back answering every question miles quicker than its human competitors and eventually winning the whole thing that season. The PS3 and the 360 are using hardware from 2004-2006 . It’s pretty easy to see
    that there must be *some* increase in power.

    As far as the specs go – why put so much weight on this one quotation?

    “The specs are very good. It’s a challenge for designers, but once
    thought through it can add value, and that’s what’s ultimately
    important. Our guys in Nottingham they are very happy with their tests
    on the dev kits and they’re excited about it.”

    Valve:”Wii U seems
    to be a lot more powerful than the previous generation,” they claimed.
    “It sort of fits better into the scalability in terms of graphics
    performance and CPU performance, so I think it’ll be a lot easier for us
    to fit it into our scalability model.”

    THQ:”The Wii U is much
    more powerful than the other HD consoles, so the Wii U doesn’t have a huge
    problem doing 1080p for the majority of its games.”

    THQ: “Expect the
    majority of third party Wii U games from most publishers to have true
    1080p, additional content, and smoother frame rates than what the PS3/360
    versions offer.”

    At least as far as the graphical capabilities are concerned, hardware is reaching an all-time high for power. The closer you get to photo-realism, the less
    visible difference each new advancement actually makes.

    Remember we became gamers not because one system has graphics better than another, but because of the gameplay and the fun and overall joy video gaming brings us. A hardcore gamer is a person who plays EVERY single type of game out there, not just Call Of Duty. I play Mario, Pokemon, Street Fighter, Tekken, Uncharted, Mario Kart, Modnation Racers, I Even Play A Little Tetris, Or Some Sonic CD, or even some Metal Gear every once in a while. I can gladly call myself a hardcore gamer. People need to stop being so close-minded.

    The only time in the console wars that a system beat out another in overall sales because of it being graphically superior to the competition was between the Super Nintendo and the Sega Genesis. The Genesis had a faster processor than the Super NES (7.32MHz vs. 3.10MHz), yet the Super NES was able 2 display more colors on screen (32,768 colors simultaneous vs. 512 colors on screen for the Genesis). Audio-wise, the Super NES was supplied by then business partners Sony Corp, who allowed Nintendo to use their SPC700 chip, which has a much clearer and crisper sound than the Genesis(Even with all its crappy doody accessories keeping it on prolonged life support).When the Super FX Chip was coupled with the Super NES it could display polygons, allowing for 3D graphics, nearly unheard of at the time. Back to what I was saying, consoles who sell the most in the console wars are usually underpowered compared to the rest.

    The Xbox 1 and the GCube were both more powerful than the PS2, yet the PS2 lives on. In fact Sony is still making them, at least until there is no longer a demand for it. It is the best selling home console of all time, even though if you count up all the iterations of the Game Boy line and the Nintendo DS line, they easily surpass lifetime sales of that machine.

    Even the Wii was the least powerful of the 3 this generation. “Oh motion controls will never work.” Uh huh, yet the Wii outsold just about everyone, and motion controls as a feature was so successful Sony and Microsoft came up with their own motion controllers.

    At this point Nintendo is still finalizing the Wii U. we know that power and abilities wise it will at the very least, match the PS3 and 360 point for point for features. The Wii U is THE only system that will be able to output visuals in native 1080p. Food for thought, the PS3 and the 360 cant do 1080p out of the box. Both top out anywhere between 570p and 720p, then upscale to 1080p, which is why in some games you see an increased amount of jaggies. The Wii U wont have that. Trust me. It wont. Because the Wii U can output full 1080p natively, there is no point justifying its “oh its got the same graphics as the other two consoles” mentality. That is a realization that there is a real monster residing under the plastic skin of Nintendo’s new console, just waiting to be let out. E3 is literally around the corner. With what looks to be a stellar launch line-up, a combo of innovation and good all around features, the 8th generation of video games looks to be a blast. Now we wait, and see. That is all we can do.
    P.S. The real money theieves are Apple, because every fucking year they release an update to their iPod, iPhone, Mac, whatever the hell and expect you to upgrade and pay for it with a crappy app store with so many shovelware titles on there it makes the Wii’s shovelware lineup seem that much more better (even though it kinda sucks ass, I mean they even have a Build a Bear game for the thing. Makes no sense).

    Also some people cant afford the newest game or game console. The DS and the Wii are like the iPod: They’re simple, intuitive, easy to use, and appeal to everyone. Backed by franchises that have been around for more than 20 years, and you have a blockbuster. For all we know, you can put Mario on dog poo and I guarantee it will sell a shit-ton, like millions of units. People eat up Nintendo products like no tomorrow, and they millions. Nintendo has over 10 different franchises. Add up the multi-millions they make from each……………….well we all know the rest.

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