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Activision Says Elite Needs To Be In The Next Call Of Duty

It’s pretty much confirmed that the next Call of Duty game is Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, and Activision now says that its subscription based Elite package will form an integral part of the game. Undoubtedly Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will be heading to Wii U this Fall, so expect Activision to try to furiously promote its subscription based package to all Nintendo fans, in a desperate attempt to capitalize on the immensely popular franchise.

“All we’re really saying about it at this point is integration is the word of the day. It needs to be in the game. It needs to be tightly wrapped with game features. And that’s our focal point. We’ll be back at some point to talk about that game, and when we do, we’ll reveal a lot more. Long term, we’re making Elite and the game synonymous. If you want to play solo or single-player, you might never notice Elite. But the moment you dip your toe into multiplayer, you’re part of Elite. It’s just up to you whether you take full advantage of the features or not.”

– Activision producer Noah Heller

40 thoughts on “Activision Says Elite Needs To Be In The Next Call Of Duty”

    1. That is true but Unlike in the North Amerivan Videogame Crash of ’83 when some can play in the PC before Nintendo Fix the thing for console… here would be different, because the problem are not the Console Producers but the Develover, In fact we need a crash in reverse, so Big than put a brake in the yearly FPS(Goldeneye and perfect dark were Five years of Differnece both, both Smash were Plataform Only) and show Third Parties than their new practices will kill them…

      And them Maybe Nintendo and Sony(Microsoft is so Reliant In Third Party Except for Kinect and some other games) will make new game ways(increase the gender diverty, free service and only the apps have the value,etc).

      But Again… We need to see how this Evolve

      1. Fuck you Xbox hater fags. xbox360 is dominating sales for the secound year making sony its bitch and shitendo a joke. xbox are even selling decent in japan. sony fantard learn there lesson as their company is dying and after vita they’ll be history they cant even make ps4 there going to use ps3 as a next gen war lmfao there finished…checkmate on those little fags. Now on to nintendo watch your backs xbox to fuck around wii u next. Microsoft is preparing their doomsday weapon the xbox720 which will have: 8 and pc cross play intigration
        2. kinect intigration with voice control and more.
        3.tablet control with andriod and ipod features and kinect play sd to blu-ray disk
        5.10x more power than wii u
        6.more like pc
        7.fighting piracy
        8.the number 1 system seller the xbox live will be revamp to cross-use with pc.
        also rumers saying microsoft is planing to buy out sony.
        Nintendo might have money in bank but after wii u they go bankrupt they’ll have to pay all that back to stockers,publishers etc so destroying them can be acheived quickly…sickr u dumbass plus all that cash wont do shit once ppl switch to ous. be thankful bill gates didnt push harder to buy out nintendo but what about there secound party huh fags.

        1. Give me 3 articles saying Xbox 720 is more powerful then Wii U.

          There is no specs leaked or anything about the 720.

          Also what you said are all rumors, no evidence.

          Also Nintendo will not become bankrupt with Wii U because their money would last up to 40 years if they lose money at their current rate.

          How about you give evidence to your comments before making them up?

          I don’t know if the PS4 or 720 Is going to be more powerful then Wii U because theres no specifications confirmed by Microsoft. We don’t even know the Wii U’s specs and how powerful it is as its still under development.

  1. I sure hope they won’t seriously limit or exclude people in/from multiplayer if they don’t have CoDE. Something like that would seriously effect sales I believe (or at least it should,) especially Xbox gamers who would have to pay for XBL and CoDE.

    1. I have MW3 and I don’t have the Elite sub.

      You just have to wait longer to get the DLC’s if you don’t have Elite membership. It’s usually about a months you have to wait after the Elite got it.

      But really, thats what made MW3 annoying.



    No really, thats what made MW3 very annoying. Activision… don’t put this in Black Ops 2 other wise I will hate you.

    1. Yeah I’ll always hate saying it, but Wii U does need CoD. It would be better for Wii U controls, you’d actually need to pay attention instead of mindless button presses. But the unfortunate truth is no matter how much hate the games get, at least 1 will be released EVERY YEAR and makes more than the last (I’ll never understand how that works.) Maybe it’s release for Wii U will showcase how powerful the system is.

  3. i hope the cod makes it to the 3ds this year cause its to many Japanese games ea and activision needs the 3ds crowd cause there is a lot of them

  4. I like to play call of duty from time to time but in a way the franchise made this entire generation worse.

    1. Microsoft is working with developers on a top secret project. There goal is to make the next console as close to pc as can be. Microsoft will come out winning. we dominated this year again. Ipad more powerful than vita,3ds or ps3 but our online has better interface than all. the kinect will be improved and have ar and more secrets to be reveled. xbox proved time and time again and if e3 any indication is that we cater not to gamers but the human race. the japs are starting to stop being racist and buy the xbox. microsoft have american tech savy and are working with top men at apple and will have windows 8. Sony has no life left sony going to die. vitas failing and they can’t afford a console aww. Nintendo is releasing a weak ass shit and they won’t be cheap thus epic fail. microsoft next box will be price cheap to destroy nintendo cheap tactics of selling system dirt cheap to minoritys. xbox is also thinking of ”relesing Some Rare games not used”…holy crap killer instinct 3 banjoo more rare games!

      1. We don’t KNOW how powerful the next console is going to be so why do we need you commenting saying fake stuff?

        Also, In Japan people don’t buy the Xbox because their primarly buy stuff made in their country and everyone knows Xbox sucks anyway, PS3 is way better.

        I mean! Xbox you have to PAY to GO online? How shocking is that?

  5. Really activision? Really? NOBODY CARES ABOUT ELITE! its stupid and it dosen’t “need” to be part of the game as you say, its better off not being there at all

  6. Rare is shit now. Kinect is stupid. All microsoft has is Halo and Kinectimals. Sony and Nintendo has better exclusives

  7. Call of Duty is just too bittersweet:
    Its a popular *pick up and play* game that is just esy to use. Pracatacally everyone has played them, and you can a majority of people and freinds to play. and zombies

    The down side: DLC, its just stupid to pay for extra content that shouldv been in the game in the first place. The lack of creativity, cuz i honeslty think MW3 is the same as MW2, no engine change, no formuleic change, just a few additions and minor HUD changes. I honeslty think Treyarc, activision and Infinityward are just 3 greedy people that really dont rely on consistancy, cohearance or regard to wat the gamer wants. They know wat they *need….wich is a shooter of course…but thats not bad……unless your next game is almost identical to the last one you made. Black Ops tried to make it original witht he COD points, but even that was a gimic.

    Nintendo doesnt need FpS, they already been there and done that with N64. It wants a fresh take on games, not mindless shooting, yelling and killing. Keyterm: MINDLESS, when have you ever played a MINDLESS Nintendo game….Zelda? Mario? Metroid? almost everything in nintendo requires creativity, thinking and just sheer complexity. Even the FPS Metroid had consistency

    Call of duty on the WiiU is just mixing oil with water, nintendo doesnt need call of duty, but they can have it. But they really dont care. Nintendo is too good for them

    1. I’ll bet Nintendo can come up with something to top them all- maybe it won’t sell as well because it’s not released on so many systems, but they could make an exclusive with creative weaponry like Prime or even Conduit. I honestly hope one of the new projects they’re working on can show how FPS can actually be creative.

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    1. No…

      What we need is Activision to shut up and not stick Elite subs on Black Ops 2. DLC’s are enough.

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