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Valve Working On ‘Next-Gen Gaming Hardware’?

You may remember a while back I posted a rumour that suggested Valve were working on their own next generation console called the Steam Box. Well, despite Valve debunking the idea, one of the their computer engineers has tweeted that he is in fact working on next generation hardware for the company. To further add fuel to the fire Valve has posted some new jobs which reveal that the company is seeking electrical engineers to work on “new types of input, output, and platform hardware.”

37 thoughts on “Valve Working On ‘Next-Gen Gaming Hardware’?”

      1. Also, some time ago there were rumors that the new Nintendo online network could be powered by Steam or Origin. Maybe this engineer position has something to do with that network?

        1. good points guys didnt think of that. Hopefully it will be something positive like the Ninty Network. A 4th console would be too much!

          1. And even if they didn’t have good points; would it REALLY matter if it is news about (potential, in this case) competition? It’s not as if when this would not be posted there would be more Nintendo news. There would be nothing, and this is quite nice to know I think.

  1. Actually, this article is somewhat related to Nintendo. If Valve is planning to enter the video race, that that can have some type of effect on Nintendo no doubt about it.

  2. i think you’re getting this all wrong, when he said “im working on next gen gaming hardware” i think he means he’s making games for it

  3. i think you’re misunderstanding, when he said “im working on next gen gaming hardware” i think he means he is making games for it, not making the hardware

    1. no i dont think they will make their own console.valve had announced that they will help nintendo (again) for the wiiU.

      1. yh exactly, theyve never praised a console before its release before, they always complain about new tech being the same as before, and this time they actually complemented wii u as very innovative, either way it would be financial suicide to make a new console in this economy

  4. Hmmm. People this going to be a eleventh gen console most likely. Think about it. How along was Half Life 2 Episode 2 released? And when was Half Life 2 Episode 3 released?

    This is going to compete with the Nintendo Expressive Virtual Enterternnent Recreation (NEVER), the PS7 and the XBall.

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  6. STOP!! everyone who’se believing this just dont!! its not going to happen, the most basic economics will tell you that it would be retarded to make a new console right now, especially in this economy. MAYBE they’re making a new PC for gamers OR more likely they’re just making GAMES FOR NEXT GEN CONSOLES. read the quote, that could easily be what he’s saying

  7. Official announcement vs. a tweet by a random employee? I think I’m going with the former…

    Anyway, Valve have the monopoly of PC gaming anyway, I doubt they will ever even bother with making hardware unless it is a gaming CPU made for Steam.

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  9. I really hope this is not true. We don’t need a 4th console. I hope they are working on something for Nintendo.

    Leave luck to heaven.

  10. Okay, guys, if he were really working on games, he would be working on SOFTWARE. NOT HARDWARE. Especially in this growing digital age, games themselves would be less “hard”.

    And you wouldn’t normally hire an engineer to make games. Engineers would be a bit too overqualified for a job like that, I think.

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