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GTTV Promises “Huge Exclusives That Haven’t Been Announced Yet” On April 27th

Game Trailers TV is promising to reveal a whole bunch of exclusive games that haven’t been officially announced yet. The show hasn’t provided any hints regarding what we should expect to see, but it’s certainly exciting nonetheless. The exclusives will be shown on GTTV on April 27th. What would you like to see?

“The next episode of GTTV will have some huge exclusives, all for games that haven’t been announced yet. Watch this space!”


16 thoughts on “GTTV Promises “Huge Exclusives That Haven’t Been Announced Yet” On April 27th”

  1. I really hope Donkey Kong 3Ds is amongst them. I’d love it if Nintendo made a new DK game. Donkey Kong would look great in 3D.

  2. Great another reason for STUPID brand loyalty, and turning gamer’s against each other. Exclusives are fucking dumb.

  3. That IS the day we’ll be getting news from Nintendo’s IR Meeting, So i wouldn’t rule it out as a possibility. Could just be a coincidence, though.

  4. I wish it was about mother 3 but i highly doubt it the chance of that coming out is likeme getting attaked by a polar bear and grizzly bear at the same time :c

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