Nintendo Returns To GAME With Pandora’s Tower Limited Edition

After a long absence Nintendo has finally returned to previously troubled UK retailer GAME. Nintendo has announced that GAME will be stocking the limited edition version of Pandora’s Tower which it claims is “very limited and the last print run”. GAME has priced the limited edition version of Pandora’s Tower at £50.


  1. 1 month remain for e3 conference or 2.i wish nintendo could do the wiiu a little bit more powerful .anyway rumors who say that the wiiu is powerless than ps3/720 i think patcher is behind of all that ”disaster”

  2. Really? That’s quite a suprise, but I doubt anyone will be buying it from them anyway since it is £36 on Amazon…

  3. Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr which one is this? Because I went in today and they told me they weren’t getting it at all.

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